More thoughts submitted from our friend Health Researcher:

A huge amount of alternative media is made to be false on purpose. This is done in order to discredit the alternative media so that the mainstream media gains credibility. It’s all by design. The cabal are professionals at manipulation, so regarding the media, they have been underestimated. The cabal will go to any length in order to control the narrative. There will be people who appear to be ‘the good guys’ telling you ‘inside information’ who are nothing more than cabal agents.

The mainstream and alternative media will probably be the last thing to go, because the media is the cabal’s Ace card. They won’t let their Ace card go until the very last nanosecond of this war.

Personal testimony is the surface population’s Ace card. Personal testimony means that the public themselves become the media, which is for the most part the only type of media that is not infiltrated by the cabal. This is a direct threat to the cabal’s narrative, which is why so much censorship has taken place on social media to stop personal testimony. However, personal testimony has become an unstoppable force because there are many other means of communication beyond all the social media that’s owned by big tech. Of course even personal testimony can be infiltrated by the cabal, whereas the cabal can pretend to be members of the public giving personal testimony, but this will not be effective enough to stop or manipulate to much of an extent what has irreversibly gone into motion.

Trucker strikes would be the other Ace card for the surface population, organized through unstoppable personal testimony.

The cabal have been controlling Earth for eons of time. This time around though, the cabal have perhaps ‘bit off more than they can chew,’ because the world’s population is too great in number to effectively control. Plus, there are the operations of the light forces to consider.

The cabal don’t have unlimited resources, and are probably being stretched too thin. Thus, the cabal are in panic mode, throwing everything they have left at the surface population. Above all, the cabal need to appear as though they have an absolute stranglehold on the surface population, which is of course NOT the case AT ALL, no matter how bad the situation may SEEM.

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  1. Thank you, Health Researcher, that's clip and clear, what you've presented here. I fully agree with your opinion, that the power of the common people can't be defeated, as soon as the common people begin to realize that they CAN make use of their own mind, and own that mind as such, speaking up as a result. Just like the British group in a public library claimed their right to be in that space based on the law of the land, with the argument that libraries are public spaces, OWNED by the general public, the common people.

    I do hope there will be a tipping point, when the attention from the general public, the followers of any narrative that sounds the loudest, moves away from mainstream media info, Facebook, Twitter, Tic Toc, etc. due to the alternative true narrative beginning to sound louder, and more often, see what I mean?

    That's a psychological predictable move, isn't it? Whatever the tune of the pied piper, the rats will follow. For it's not the tune that does the trick, it's the repetitive playing of it, that does the trick in sync with the instinctual drive to seek safety in numbers. In that instinctual drive, rats aren't different from the general public.

    I'm not comparing human beings with rats, I'm pointing at the instinctual drive shared amongst them. I'm saying this, because I notice how quickly hot temper rises up, and conclusions made quick as a flash, resulting in condemnation and angry shouts.

    I've noticed this in myself, lately, often feeling annoyed by people talking loudly in their phone on the streets, walking or on their bike, when a young woman began to talk loud in her phone, waiting next to me at the traffic light. I turned to her in fury, shouting "Damn it, stop it! I'm not interested to follow that conversation, keep it to yourself!"

    She was stiff in shock for a moment, looking very surprised. She smiled feeling ill at ease, walking away from me, continuing the phone conversation. I almost continued yelling at her, but bit my tongue just in time. My fury was a furnace, roaring for a few minutes more, until I realized its charge unrelated to this incident, and released my anger.

    • Then there's the term 'rat race' lol! The negative elites are very well-versed at manipulating instincts. The rats are jumping ship. Maybe the negative elites will be left behind on the sinking ship(s) they created lol! Life rafts may be available for the rest of us. In any case, it's a good idea to be able to swim.

      I'm seeing that the surface population is very upset, which may be why there is a grid ratio failure. The planetary vibes appear to have been become unstable. Whenever this happens, old issues of mine resurface very intensely, and my instincts turn into mutations. This is the first time, however, that I've been able to not be 'blown around in the wind,' by taking away the codes (amino acids). I updated on this on the 2012portal blog and my own blog. I wonder if going low protein only holds true for myself in this way, or if it is true for others as well.


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