Medbeds are Coming | Victor Takacs

One of the most sinister things, among many, the Satanic Cabal has done is hijack technology. Furthermore, they have hoarded it for themselves and restricted our access to it. In no aspect of our society has this been done to our detriment than in the field of medicine.

The total selfishness of these evil reprobates can never be overstated. Forget what you know. While it is true that we have made seismic advances in technology throughout both the 20th and 21st centuries, those advancements pale in comparison to where we should be today.

For instance, when Nikola Tesla supposedly died in the early 1940’s, the FBI swooped in to take his papers and possessions. Doctors who could cure cancer via sound frequencies were silenced, destroyed, fired, killed, etc. The Satanic Cabal invested in and essentially controlled big pharma to their benefit. In order for big pharmaceutical companies the world over to be profitable, technology and research that provides cures for our most common ailments was hidden from us.

As tragic as this is, no one is to blame except those who fomented such a tragic plot line for humanity. How were we to ever know?

Well we know now. The good news is that the Great Awakening is going to revolutionize medicine. That which has been hidden shall be hidden no longer. The best is yet to come! For instance, med beds are coming!

In order to understand medical beds (medbeds) and their fantastic healing capabilities, take a look at this video.

View here:

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  1. I'm not so sure about these things after reading this article

    Normally, I dismiss articles like that without reading them, but I didn't this time. What he had to say is a bit chilling. Especially after I'd just seen these images from Switzerland

    It seems the evil few are determined to turn things against humanity and wipe us out one way or another. Meanwhile, 'god' is apparently still on vacation – as usual.

  2. Having researched Rife therapy ,originally administered through radio waves, when I first heard of medbeds , a number of years ago ,it connected a few dots for me .Lo and behold ,here we are looking at the future of medicine to, for the most part, eliminate the Rockefeller initiated drug system established at the beginning of the 20th century.What seemed magical is becoming a reality .What a beautiful world is soon to blossom . Thank you for this

  3. Thank you, Derek, for a comforting article with an announcement of medbeds, advanced healing modalities, on this day where 20 years ago our bodies shook in shock and horror, with that event called 9-11. On this present day of 9-11, in my neighbourhood, ambulance sirens were audible at times, a very weird experience while I remembered, and let my thoughts dwell on what happened in New York, two decades ago.

    My neighbour, who lived in a wheelchair, was struck by a heart attack, last Wednesday night, and reanimated by an ambulance team, taken to the hospital, placed on a brancard with all sorts of instruments attached to him, and over him.

    I've never experienced something like this so close, and I noticed how it took careful managing for the ambulance team, lifting him in the ambulance. I watched it through my window and noticed how many people were up and around. Even a fire brigade truck was present.

    I awoke by the sound of screams of panic and had no idea what was happening. I couldn't locate the screams and didn't want to run to the neighbours, with the impression that maybe someone was having a nightmare. It happened at 3.00 am at night, and it took me some time before I continued my sleep. The day after the energy felt heavy, in my home, and later that day, I met the parents of my neighbour, who told me that their son had died in hospital without gaining consciousness.

    I sort of knew that my neighbour would travel on to his heaven, and offered the parents my condolences. After a good night sleep, I woke up with a sense of great relief, for it felt like my neighbour had found peace, in the heaven he arrived in. When he was lifted in the ambulance, I've asked supportive angels to accompany him. Now, he can walk again, free to move about.


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