Dr. Brian Ardis talks about the current law suits that are under way globally to make the global elite accountable for their actions.

He gives important contact information on how to get medications to help with the coming variants.

Then Dr. Ardis talks about the COVID agenda timeline to reveal the deception and the plan. He talks about how the globalists are using remdesivir in a similar way that gas chambers were used in WWII. He shows the actual study evidence that Dr. Fauci was using to promote the drug and how the studies actually show how harmful remdesivir actually is and how it is being used to kill people in the hospitals.

Great video to share.

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  1. Dr. David Martin interview on 'Oval Media' can be found easily, title: 'There is No Variant-Not Novel-No Pandemic' worth watching the one hour interview. Dr. Martin was involved in investigations of these "Patents" over 20 years ago & warned then… (can be found on bitchute in English & German)

  2. Thank you, Sharibitsis, I believe this young man presents an important valuable, fast & furious testimony with power and focus. I think I'd be furious when loved ones were treated wrongly by the medical industry, and die from it. Like the father of Dr Bryan Ardis died. Right now, it feels as if the props on our world's stage are being changed, the curtains opened wider and wider, revealing powerful, determined, awake and aware ambassadors for life and love. Doctors, carers, lawyers, politicians, housewives, snackbar owners, stand up comedians turned motivational speakers.

    In this link there's a better audio quality with the same video presentation with Dr Bryan Ardis: https://rumble.com/embed/vj27vm/?pub=lu9v1

  3. FYI. Anything that says "Must Watch", "Bombshell", or "MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO YOU'LL SEE" are things I immediately skip over.


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