The fake “Biden” regime in the US defaulted on September 30th and has been given until October 18th before the plug is finally pulled on that evil regime, Asian secret society sources promise. The funding was cut off because the Rockefeller/Rothschild etc. crime families behind the “Biden” regime failed to meet their promise to hand Australia over to the communist Chinese, the sources say.

That is the real reason why “The bad relations between China and Australia took an unbelievable turn this week when China fired a ‘Long March 3B’ nuclear-capable missile, directly over Sydney, Australia.”

The change in Australia is reflected by the fact Premier of Gladys Berejiklian resigned as New South Wales Premier “after an investigation found she & others in the govt. were receiving millions of $ from Pfizer to push draconian vax laws,” according to Australian intelligence sources.

The fact it refused to hand itself over to communist China is also why the EU has entered the fray by cutting off trade talks with Australia, the sources say.

In any case, the cut-off of Asian funding is what prompted the fake Biden to say “We’re gonna get this done,…It doesn’t matter when. It doesn’t matter whether it’s six minutes, six days or six weeks. We’re gonna get it done.”

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By openly flouting the Satanic 666 number the criminals using rubber mask “Biden” as a front have fully come out of the closet.

Since these criminals have carried out horrendous acts of mass murder every time they faced default in the past, you can be sure this statement by Biden was meant to be taken as a threat.

This time, with little doubt, they plan to surpass 911, Fukushima and the fake pandemic of 2020. The obvious candidate this time is La Palma. The volcano there is erupting with increasing intensity and is doing so in a manner that is increasing the chances of a massive tsunami hitting the East coast of the US etc.

That is why joint military action by Russia, the Pentagon and China is necessary to finish these criminals off permanently. The underground base in Norway -where the HAARP attack on La Palma is originating- is a prime target. The Khazarian mafia headquarters around Lake Geneva is another.

In these circumstances, the White Dragon Society is calling for a meeting in Tokyo to ensure that white hats receive funding to take over the functioning parts of the US government after the Biden criminals are removed. This meeting has the support of the British Commonwealth, the Vatican (P3 freemasons), the Russians (FSB) and Asian secret societies. The meeting has been called for Tokyo instead of Lichtenstein as proposed by the “Biden” people on the recommendation of the P3 freemasons.

Also, to keep up the pressure on the Khazarian mafia, a White Dragon Society representative had a meeting last week with a Mr. K, one of the top assassins of the Japanese underworld. Mr. K is known for chopping people’s fingers off one knuckle at a time until he gets the information he needs. He then wraps the bodies in lead and dumps them into the ocean, according to colleagues. In any case, Mr. K said the Black Dragon Society faction he was affiliated with has decided to


ally itself with the WDS. The WDS subsequently gave Mr. K a list of the top Khazarian mafia agents in Japan. Mr. K promised he and his men would “look into this.”

The WDS also had a meeting last week with right-wing groups who have to ability to mobilize other factions of the Japanese underworld. This means the vaccine mafia in Japan is now doomed.

The selection of Fumio Kishida as Prime Minister of Japan was a part of this change. We can now reveal that we deliberately seemed to support Takaishi Sanae as Prime Minister in order to confuse the Khazarian mafia about her loyalties. Takaishi was supposed to be selected to cover up crimes by former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo. This included Tokyo Olympics corruption and the creation of a biological warfare laboratory disguised as a veterinary school.

The right-wing group, which has strong connections to Taiwan, also said that a massive Taiwanese underground base in China had been flooded recently “killing tens of thousands of Taiwanese generals and soldiers.” This is certainly related to a CIA report that a base under the Three Gorges dam that had been mining crypto-currency was destroyed. The Chinese government partially confirmed this by issuing a complete ban on all cryptocurrency trading.

The Chinese are also battling the KM in many other ways. The crackdown on mega-stars, for example, is designed to thwart the KM tactic of using “celebrities,” to manipulate public opinion. The Chinese are also cracking down on attempts to launder KM fiat funny money into China via US stock market hand-outs to Chinese high tech companies. They are also cracking down on attempts to turn Chinese men into effeminized wimps, as has happened in Japan and much of the West.

The Disappearance Of Chinese Megastars Is A Harbinger Of Another Cultural Revolution Underway

This information sent by CIA East Asia is almost certainly related:
Evergrande (3333 HK) and Evergrande Property Services (6666 HK) stock trading halted in Hong Kong.
“Trading in the shares (stock code: 03333) of China Evergrande Group (the Company’) will be halted at 9:00 a.m. today (4/10/2021). Accordingly, all structured products relating to the Company will also be halted from trading at the same time.
It’s highly likely that Evergrande’s offshore bondholders will be wiped out. This includes all the foreign banks that have bought multiple $10’s of billions of the bonds.

MI6 and the real James Bond types are also on the warpath against the KM. “The Pandemic was a dirty bomb set off by the Rothschild mob of thugs. If the Jews don’t hang them all, we will” MI6 sources promise.

The “Pandora papers” release revealing offshore deals and assets of more than 100 billionaires, 30 world leaders and 300 public officials was a part of this offensive, MI6 says.

“The Pandora papers are a very firm warning from us that whilst the civilian population around the world live under the thumb of world fascism, we will only remain quiet for so long and nobody is above the law. We know all about what is going on in the world and are well able and prepared to deal with this…a lot of trees and a lot of rope are needed but we are not one bit afraid of using this,” they say.

The release of the Nuremberg trial files last week was meant as a reminder that justice for high-level criminals was sure to come this time, just as it did after World War II, Mossad sources say.

At this link, for example, you can find a list of 40 “billionaires” who will all be summarily executed for profiteering from the fake Covid pandemic.

Also, to understand we really are dealing with pedophile criminals here is actual proof of child trafficking. A cargo plane that took off from South Sudan was inspected by customs officers during a stopover in Niger. They discovered hundreds of abducted children in a cargo plane that was on the way to Spain. In the video, the officials are saying the children were destined to be sold to pedophiles or used for organ transplants. Notice the crew are being taken away in matching bracelets.


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The KM of course is fighting back every way they can. For example, they are using propaganda mouthpieces like CNN to threaten to shut down world trade unless everyone is vaccinated. “The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and other industry groups warned of a ‘global transport system collapse’ if governments do not restore freedom of movement to transport workers and give them priority to receive vaccines recognized by the World Health Organization.”

We also see reports such as this: “a supply crunch is morphing into a full-blown crisis featuring a shortage of energy, labor and transport from Liverpool to Los Angeles, and from Qingdao to Queensland.”

We further see many panicky headlines like “Gas Crisis Hits Food as Giant Dutch Greenhouses Go Dark.”

Of course, these are all BS excuses for bankruptcy.

Speaking about excuses, Senior Fed Economist Jeremy Rudd last week said “the primary role of mainstream economics in our society is to provide an apologetics for a criminally oppressive, unsustainable, and unjust social order.”

This is a sign the brainwashed middle managers of the KM Babylonian debt slavery system are waking up and rebelling.

That is why the KM is also trying to escape justice by trying harder than ever to start their long-wished-for World War III. For example, they are now encouraging the Iranian slave leaders to try to start war. That is why Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh told the major Israeli national Hebrew-language daily newspaper Maariv that “the war with Israel has already begun.”

The Iranian slave leadership is also now trying to foment war with Azerbaijan.

Of course, the Russians are not about to allow any such war to start. Instead, the Russians are making big moves of their own. Last week senior Russian politician Yevgeny Alexeyevich Fyodorov

told German patriots that if the US goes bankrupt as expected, Russia will immediately help liberate Germany.

However, before giving up on the US, please note that despite the take-over of the United States government by satanic criminals, the US is still way stronger than China in terms of soft power.

That means that as soon as the white hats remove the criminals, the US international rebound will be very fast indeed.

On a final note this week, we would like to mention a huge scientific discovery from India:

A team of scientists has, for the first time, developed a reactor that produces a substantial amount of hydrogen using sustainable sources like sunlight and water, which is a cost-effective and sustainable process, the Department of Science and Technology (DST) said on Wednesday. The INST team employed the low-cost organic semiconductor in carbon nitrides.

This is something that should make electric vehicles, with their expensive batteries, obsolete. In theory, cars should be able to use rooftop solar panels, or home solar panels, to generate enough hydrogen to drive virtually anywhere without cost.

It was India, together with China, that put an end to artificial Western oligarch moves to keep solar power un-competitively expensive. Solar power is now one of the cheapest forms of energy on earth.

Japanese car-makers and government officials have long complained it was Western interference that stopped them from switching to hydrogen power. Now it looks like India, which is more independent than Japan, is about to initiate the hydrogen age.



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  2. Extremely Urgent : August 31, 2021 – COVID GAME OVER
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    • Find out everything you needed to know about the New Global Health and Wellness Consortium that Has replaced the WHO,
      at United Network News the " Official " Media Channel
      For the Global Health and Wellness Consortium and Also How to do A Full Detox from Covid Vaccines

  3. As usual Jewish agent Benny Fullford forgets to mention that Mossad was actually behind 911, that Shertoff and his KOSHEEVATIVE writter Jewish buddies pushed for war in Iraq… if Mossad is sooo good why are the behind an illegal state created for poisoneous Zionists and obtained by Terrorism… no mate the Nuremberg trials were a scam and the folks were laughing the entire time while they were tortured.

    If Fullford believes any of the Kazhar / illuminati / communist / Zionist Stories of the 1900s then he is doomed. The 20th century would be remembered for Jews killing as much as 80 to 150 million European and Russians, for destroying the Western World, for brainwashing the white race into extermination, for Communism (Mendelsonh Warburg Schiff), and for nearly every other corruption and disgusting Hollywood movie.

    Those who refuse to understand are doomed to repeat garbage just like Benny or are doomed to live in a construct that is a lie.

    Relevant this week was Dave Chapelle stating ((( SPACE JEWS ))). While Chapelle is still a profoundly white hating Black, he finally prioritized spotting the Jews for organizing and heavily profitting for the traffic of Black West African Slaves.

    As a reminder… at the eight of slavery only 6% of "true European Whites had slaves" but 88% of Jews in America owned slaves.

    The true question is….. When will Benjamin or other Jews who dwell in these type of affairs recognized that the JQ (((JEWISH QUESTION))) is still the most prominent question in all affairs on par with the Jesuit Pedo Occult group and way above any pseudo "mean NAZIS" (a Hollywood creation, a fake South America set of ake dictators created by CIA and Panama's school who led operation Falcon).

    When will a Jewish person like Benny Fullford understand that "THE ONLY and one force" that fought against these totalitarian Jews (they are NOT fascists) were indeed the National Socialists of the Thulegesselshaft Society, who warned the word and lost.

    Same thing for the Ethnialy Russian Romanov family. They all were projected into this dilema of the JQ.

    The fotemost problem in the world is the JP.

    ANOTHER reminder is that all Covid companies are Jewish operated, the CDC top 4 execs are Jewish, the WEF is led by Illuminati Jews (Schwartz Rotschild), and a final reminder that the USA is controlled by Zionists (Donald Trump administration was 88% Jewish) OR Communist (Biden's admin are mainly Jews).


  4. There is so much dumb confusion between patriots and communists. Russia tells the German patriots that Russia will "liberate" them? That was always a code word for communism. I suppose you guys here think a Russian takeover would be wonderful.
    The American white hats, who are gentile white, are working with the East and don't care if China takes over. Kim Goguen herself has called them out on this [disagreed with them]. Senseless westerners.

    • Germany needs Germans to liberate themselves.

      The German of 2021 is the actual holocaust survivor. After 76 years of being blasted by all kinds of psychological torturing fires, the German man is a destroyed entity that can no longer defend itself.

      Just like the French who is the direct product of the Illuminati Jews.

      The Turkish invasion of Germany, while not the worse thing ever may be the only chance for Germany to reverse the years of mental and destructive mind measures. Having its Turkish population get lit against the (((agents of the kikel))).

      Blackpilks are hard to kill once swallowed. Germany needs the Man with Green Gloves more than ever.
      Green pills for Germany!


      • The day when the Indo-European-descent virtue thieves (to borrow a term from Confucianism) find it too late for the way out of the para-communist predicament, or even regrets, has yet to come.

        • I forgot the following websites:

          (If you're able to, consider donations to their webmasters.)

        • And you are so right but they were no loger indoEuropeans or anything at that moment. By the 1800s the entire European continent was brainwashed into sad Judeo Christian lore, put in a box, and soon would be the greatest collaborators to the Judeo Masonic horror we call (((SYNARCHY))).

          THE GERMANS of 1945 remain no matter how much Jews cry the only people to have been "Europeans" at heart, fighters of Judaism / Communist (Admitted by Rabbi Antelman and many Jews), and the last well educated Scientists worldwide.

          The world… if it was a spectacle, a production put together… will be the saddest theater production ever put together in the history of Theater.

          I wish fullford would stop saying Mossad or any intel agency is not part of the Problem. I wish the post 1945 brain wash will stop but it is hard to stop the Jewish programmation and it is unfortunate that Benjamin's work is constantle plagued by bad lines, bad references or sources.


    • USSR Communism "take over" happened in the 1930's – 1940's under Franklin Roosevelt when he decided to play along with Drunk Winston Churchill & go to war with Germany.

    • Absolutely and interrestingly enough instead of laughing while being accused (it was a mockery of Justice), maybe the ligned up Jews will be publicly called Jews, told they jewed, told they will be executed for Jewing and Kvetching.

      Put me in charge of Covid the problem goes away in 24hours and a WHITE ARYAN HERO SAVED THE GOYIM from imminent death. All hail the Goddess Pyrenea! Temperance and Loyalty!



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