Very interesting.

Graphene Oxide is the black goo. It is about getting this into your body.

Watch here:

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  1. For clarity, it's good to keep in mind that the video presenting the drinking of black goo in filtered water with graphene, is only about the use of graphene to make this available for the human body. It's not proof of Graphene being Black Goo, it's important to make that discernment.
    The Graphene in the mRNA vaccines is meant to conduct something, but black goo is absent in the vaccines. And certainly it's NOT true that Graphene IS Black Goo.
    This kind of statement is an example of jumping to conclusions too quickly, with an eagerness to WANT it to be true, but without the use of verification and without doing a bit of research. See what I mean?

  2. Since I've done some research on Graphene, and what it is, or used for, I've found that it's the thinnest possible carbon-based matter using a geometrical structure, used as a conductor of currency or something else that is unknown to me.
    But it's certain that Graphene is part of nanotechnology, and that's used in all mRNA vaccines. I believe that the function of Graphene in mRNA vaccines is to conduct something.
    There's also a strange presence found in vaccines, which is called "Hydra" by Karen Kingston, in one of Stew Peters tv interviews.

    It's a living substance of some sort, I believe it's from the family of creatures in the lowest level of evolution related to wildlife in our seas, maybe at great depth.
    Watch that interview with Karen Kingston and also with Jane Ruby, on the same subject of "alien" presence in the mRNA vaccines.

  3. Great education for understanding our position as living human beings on planet earth.
    Harald Kautz Vella . I've shared his presentations more often here, in comments, I believe. His work and presentation style is worth a PFC post in itself I believe.
    In this video, Harald mentions black goo, terrestrial and extra-terrestrial make:
    In the description it says:
    "The conversation with Adrian starts with chemtrails / contrail, transhumanism, what AI gets from this (versus what we are told we will get), black magic and the dark arts, satanism and satan, Gaia, black goo, and the alien black goo. our gaming addiction to money.
    It is not all negative and if we choose to we can all heal and find our way home. The vital important of moving back into heart consciousness.
    You can find more on Harald here: under publications, check available languages by changing the flags"

    Here's an interview with Harald and Cara St. Louis on DNA Technology, Alien AI and Black Goo.

    As I perceive it, the great quality of Harald's work is that he's been able to find the connection between Morgellon disease and advancing bio-weaponry use: chemtrails, artificial additives in food and drink, junk food processing, chemical medicines, metals in vaccines (there may be more) causing the body to be receptive for this bizarre disease.

    Harald offers treatment for this disease here, his work is extensive and thorough, with a bridge between physical existence and the spiritual nature in all that lives, including humans, us, you and me:


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