Please find below from September a link for a mom who holds an Illinois School Board accountable for harming health of kids by masking them; and receiving bribe money from tax payers to do so.

Thanks to PFC Member Angela for providing.

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  1. Great courageous woman, please, more of the same! She's well prepared.
    And speaks for many parents who feel and know what she knows, but are afraid to speak up.
    In Italy, thousands of employees have announced to go on sick leave, before being made redundant due to their refusal to take the shots. I'm super much in favour of civilian obedience, preferably in large numbers. We will begin to see more of it, for we learn by each other's example and cleverness.

    For myself, I'm thinking about learning to shapeshift, so that I can pass borders unseen, avoiding all the pomp and circumstance of regulations and vaccination proof. I know that I can escape people's attention when I have to, it's what I've discovered by hearing feedback from others about their surprise not seeing me in a gymnastics class, when I had to go to the bathroom, imagining myself moving invisible to and fro, so that no disturbance occurred in class.

    It's quite a fun thing to do, practising more of that skill, using it more consciously. Of course, please know, that this is more of a fantasy game and not a serious undertaking. Yet, haha. Pay attention to my update on this. I'm almost sure that the gates at the border, that detect living bodies, won't be silent when I walk through as a mouse 😲🐭

  2. She is my VOICE and I like her integrity, bravery, and doing her own RESEARCH to address CRIMINALS—appearing as a TRUE Divine Goddess–the essence of goodness from Sacred Source.

    • And a rightly pissed off Momma !!

      It is the usual to see these school boards interrupt the speaker for unnecessary reasons, to remind them of rules of decorum and other such nonsense, as though they deserved any respect from anyone commenting, … or to remind them for up to a minute, about how much time they have left, …. or to ask them about exactly which of the scheduled topics the speaker is speaking on. All devised to do nothing more than throw them off their rhythm, or interrupt their train of thought, or to just simply run out the clock faster so they won't have to answer any questions.
      It was so refreshing to see this woman command her presence, not let up on them, give their answers FOR them when they wouldn't give her a simple Yes or No. She really had them on the ropes and ultimately had them on the run. They never showed the school board members in this video, but if they had, … every one of them should have been taking refuge under the bench, in SHAME and Humiliation and Guilt !!


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