From our great friend Devon:

Personally, I’ve experienced the reading of these books, since the end of the 90’s as highly educational, and rather mystical, at times. I even expect some wo enter into this material to feel rather mystified, and not sure what to think of it. It resonates or doesn’t resonates, I guess.
The manner of speaking, or choice of words, requires some patience to adjust to it, almost a sense of entering a certain mood, or vibration, where it becomes easier to grasp in due time. One thing that I’ve noticed, is that starting reading or listening to this material from the beginning, all the way through to the end, offers a natural unfolding of understanding, or completion of “getting the picture”. There seems to be a natural sequence of “teachings” in the 5 books of The Law of one.
Without further ado, I believe that each reader or listener, should experience this material for him/herself, and decide if it’s valuable and useful. Patience is certainly a helpful skill in trying to come to an understanding of this material. One could say that it “grows” on you in due time, so that making sense of it gets easier. That’s my own experience, at least.
Here’s an extensive amount of material, related to the Law of One Q&A sessions, with translations in many languages. Certain themes can be chosen and studied, which are part of the content in these 5 Law of One books.
The video in the link below offers the original first channeling recordings, with Carla Rueckert, Don Elkin, and Jim McCarty present in the room. It contains an original cassette recording of a channeling session from the Ra contact, a series of 106 sessions conducted between 1981–1984 using a form of “tuned trance telepathy.”
Through a series of questions and answers, a group of beings identified as Ra shared information regarding the Law of One, spiritual evolution, and a variety of esoteric topics through a series of questions and answers.
Wishing you good health, and a safe journey through this time of change. Blessed be, Devon.

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  1. Well well, how enlightening. I've learned that Marduk's people were from the planet between Earth and Mars which was destroyed by nuclear war. So that's the Annunaki. I understand them to be about 30 feet tall. That's because they have 16 chromosomes instead of our 8.
    They have been running many things on Earth, particularly wars. Kim Goguen tells us that they have now left Earth due to their "contract" running out. Marduk tried to stay but has been executed. So he was Ra? There was a Ra making comments on Fulford's site.
    That's an example of the level that Kim works on, if you are trying to understand her.

  2. I read the Law of One books, more than once. It is not an easy read even for me who spends almost all my waking hours reading. I also read the Seth Books. Chances are, if you ask me have I read something, I have. So here goes our Anunnaki gods. Anshar and Kishar had Anu. Anu had Enlil and Enki. Enki had Marduk or you can call him "RA". Marduk had Osiris and Seth. Seth had Thoth or Hermes, if you prefer that name. These are the sources of your "holy" writings. The Anunnakis are clearly not exemplary beings (to put it mildly), so it is a case of, "Do as I say, not as I do". The Law of One Books channeled information from Ra. The Seth Books channeled information from Seth. Then there are the Hermetic writings from Thoth. Research them and while you are at it google the Sumerian plates. There are about half a million of them and they are extant. They are also thousands of years older than your "Holy" Bible which contain many recycled stories from the Sumerian plates. Here is a good excerpt from ANUNNAKI, EVOLUTION OF THE GODS* by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (UCLA, Anthropology) & Janet Kira Lessin CEO, Aquarian Radio

    The people in this Who’s Who shaped our political, social, and religious systems. They created the institutions, archetypes and ideotypes that govern our existence from our creation up to the present.

    Here is another interesting source of information, especially for those that do not care to read. It comes from a "preacher", and not just a run of the mill preacher. He actually teaches other preachers. I suppose the people called "normies" by Clif High will trust him more than they would me if I start yapping about the Anunnakis. We live in a prison planet and religion is a control system. Do not be so entranced by the Law of One books. By all means, read them. They teach civility and love to make sure the slaves behave and stay subservient to their "gods", and not cause them any problems. I was in LA when Zecharia Sitchin gave his last lecture. The man was brilliant. I owe him a lot of gratitude. He was maligned, and probably railroaded by the same people who do not want you to see the truth about our lives. Some people think he did not have a PhD so he was not worth listening to. I chuckle at that thought with Clif High who said incredulously (!) in one of his informative videos that he could not believe people with PhDs lining up for the killer jab. They see people getting the jabs and dropping dead right before their eyes and they don't run hilter skilter out of the jab center. They continue to wait for their jab. I am sharing with you what I have come across in my own search for the truth about our lives. Since I am retired now from our healthcare cartel, I have ample time to read, anything I can get my hands on. My love around all of you. These days Kim Goguen makes more sense than everyone else as a source of information. And Oh, yes, I have read all the negative articles about her. Keep in mind that history has shown truth-tellers were and are never sanctified by our controllers. They are usually crucified. My love around all of you. Good luck.


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