There were big moves last week at the top of the worlds’ secret power structure, Asian and Western secret society sources say. The moves were triggered when Queen Elizabeth II asked the White Dragon Society to “Please send our good wishes from the Venetian families to our friends and neighbors in the East.”

The Asians were asked to note the following speech by the Queen:

The speech reads in part as follows:

“For more than seventy years, I have been lucky to meet and to know many of the world’s great leaders…it has sometimes been observed that what leaders do for their people today is government and politics. But what they do for the people of tomorrow – that is statesmanship…the world has the chance to join in the shared objective of creating a safer, stabler future for our people and for the planet on which we depend…we are doing this not for ourselves but for our children and our children’s children, and those who will follow in their footsteps.”

The Asian secret societies answered (in part) as follows:

“We carry out our actions with the big picture of the world in mind…the planet is moving in a good direction. Please rest at ease.”


 This does not mean the Asians are buying into the lie that carbon is causing global warming or even that there is global warming.

Instead, the Asians proposed “we keep it simple and launch a massive project to increase the amount and variety of life including human life.”

It is interesting to note in this context, that La Palma is calming down as are the problems with the three Gorges dam. It is probably just a coincidence.

In any case, after this exchange Mi6 sent the following message: “The deal has been done, the rest is housekeeping.”

This housekeeping, of course, begins with an intensified purge of the Khazarian mafia from their last holdouts. This is taking place both in the West and in Asia. What is being removed is “The cult that is controlling Antonio Guterres in the United Nations,” Western secret society sources say.

In Asia, the two big unfinished items of business are Korea and Taiwan. The Asian secret societies promise the peaceful reunifications of Taiwan with the mainland and of North Korea with South Korea are in the pipeline.

In the West, however, the following quote from a European royal makes it clear this will be no ordinary reckoning:

“The atrocity exacted upon the Russian Imperial family by the KM and many others around the world has not gone unnoticed. A very vast endeavor to expose this heinous hate crime is ongoing to root out and kill –we repeat kill- all concerned.”

The Rockefellers financed Trotsky and Lenin to overthrow the Czar because he refused to grant them oil concessions in Russia so; it is a pretty good guess that family is now being purged root and branch.

The removal of David Rockefeller’s grandson Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook and the renaming of that company as “Meta,” Hebrew for death, is a clear sign. The subsequent removal from Meta of face recognition data on a billion people shows the change in management.

The disappearance of Zuckerbergs’ “Jens Psaki” White House spokestrans persona is a clear sign the purge is well underway.

The Rockefeller-owned pharmacidical companies behind the fake pandemic and the real mass vaccination campaign are also now being targeted. “They get a knock on the door and we say we know who you are we know what you are doing and you better knock it off,” explains MI6. “Later we will suck them all up with a giant vacuum cleaner,” they add.

The purge of the pharmacidical mafia is now undeniable. We can confirm for example that the CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla



was arrested last week. The corporate propaganda media has been hysterically trying to say this is not true. However, they are all now being forced to run stories saying that “new miracle pills” cure 89% of Covid cases and thus mean vaccines are no longer necessary.

As MI6 explains it “They are winding it down with this story about how a pill would fix it.”

In Japan, there are now zero new cases because the real cause of COVID, Rockefeller, and Rothschild family agents, have been all rounded up. All sorts of politicians and gangsters are now vanishing in Japan.  

The following news items show how the fake pandemic is being systematically wound down elsewhere as well:

“UK first to approve oral antiviral molnupiravir to treat Covid.”

The era of anti-Covid pills begins.”

“Pfizer Shares Surge After Release Of ‘Miracle’ COVID Pill That Is 89% Effective At Preventing Hospitalization”

“Italian newspaper Il Tempo reports that the Institute has revised downward the number of people who have died from COVID rather than with COVID from 130,000 to under 4,000, a 97.1% drop.”

“The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit suspended the Biden administration’s new vaccine requirement for private companies,”

The end of the fake pandemic is being sped up by the “vacuuming up” of many senior cabal agents.

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been executed at Guantanamo, according to CIA sources. His disappearance forced the corporate propaganda media to say he was arrested for sex crimes.

California Governor Gavin Newson has also now vanished from public view because he has also been arrested, the CIA says.

These removals are part of a move to finish off the entire fake Joe Biden regime, CIA sources promise.

This process has begun with the arrest of Russian analyst Igor Danchenko as a part of John Durham’s ongoing investigation into the fake Trump Russia dossier.

Danchenko’s arrest comes on the heels of the indictment of Michael Sussman for his alleged role in spreading the false Russia conspiracy theory. Sussman was a former counsel for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

These operatives are now singing like canaries about their boss Hillary Rockefeller Hanover Clinton and her entourage, CIA sources say. Since the fake “Fuck Joe” Biden regime is a front for Clinton, its days are numbered.

Their lackeys in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and elsewhere are also doomed. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison for example is now wearing an ankle bracelet with a GPS monitor, according to Australian intelligence sources. “Morrison is under the control of the Alliance. He is co-operating,” the sources say.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has also revealed herself to be a lying psychopath when she abruptly ended a press conference after being asked why COVID was spreading the fastest in countries like Israel that had been thoroughly vaccinated. She will not be around much longer, the Australian sources promise.

The arrest of Canada’s Justin Castro is also now a matter of time, say Canadian intelligence agency sources. The video below makes it clear Trudeau/Castro is a major criminal.

The collapse of the EU is also continuing. There, the Polexit drama is being followed by Czexit, as the new Czech government repudiates the Euro.

The Russians have built up their military along the border with the rogue Ukrainian regime in a show of force. However, FSB sources say the Russians are going to wait for the EU to collapse further before making any big moves.

Of course, the Ukrainian regime is located near the original Khazarian mafia homeland so its’ fate is closely linked to that of Israel. On this front, the Syrians have presented the world with the results of their interrogation of Captured Israeli Colonel Yossi Elon Shahak. Shahak has confirmed that ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) was an Israeli operation. He says “Israel directed ISIS to commit crimes under the slogans of Islam to eliminate calls for peaceful dialogue between the religions.” ISIS’ acts of theatrical terror were intended to panic the European Union as it faced a contrived refugee crisis, he told the Syrians. Overall, Shahak has confirmed what this writer has long asserted and that is that the KM -who run Israel- were trying to start a massive “clash of civilizations” that would leave Israel as “last man standing.”

Of course, Israel itself is a slave colony run ultimately by the pharaonic Octagon group headquartered in Switzerland. These are the people who replaced Pope Francis with a rubber masked fake and also run the fake Biden presidency. They also now run Thailand by keeping their king hostage in Germany.

Since our webmaster was poisoned in Thailand last week, the responsibility for the attack ultimately goes to this king. Here is what a European royal had to say about him: “The new king of Thailand is an atrocious drug addict and a disgrace to his family and all imperials and royals East and West. As we say a ‘creep’ to be done away with.”

Speaking about “creeps,” we notice that PayPal -founded by Elon Musk and Peter Thiel- once again attacked us financially by cutting off our webmaster. WDS previously put out and then secretly rescinded a bounty on these men when PayPal blatantly stole $15,000 from this writer. At the time some highly placed criminals offered to collect the bounty by killing Musk and Thiel using electromagnetic weapons. WDS declined because, on the overall balance of things, these men seemed to be doing more good than evil.

“However, we are hereby challenging them to an open debate about the future of this planet. Unfortunately, it is likely they will be too cowardly to accept the challenge. In that case, we may have to reconsider the bounty”, WDS sources say.

Finally this week, we would like to point out a recent uptick in UFO sightings. For example, this video shows what looks like a UFO exodus from Boston.

This one meanwhile shows what has been described as a “mothership.”

Maybe now that the fake pandemic is winding down the fake UFO invasion is next? Or maybe the quarantine on the planet earth is about to be finally ended? Let us see.

For now, though, we must not count on ET or, for that matter, divine help. It is going to be up to us humans to save the planet. Remember, it’s the only place in the universe we have to live in right now. Let’s clean it up.



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  1. Given the proposal to increase the amount and variety of human life, among other kinds of life, couldn't and wouldn't the proposing Asians oppose the genocidal campaign against Indo-European-descent folks as dreamed partly by Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi and partly by others?

    How may the Cosmic Central Sun and Galactic Central Sun view such a genocidal campaign?

  2. I really enjoy a one stop shopping spree where information I gather from multiple sources is verified by Benjamin.

    QEII's address to the COP26 summit was recorded and a beautiful message. It is possibly the last recorded legacy she leaves and a trigger for larger events in the world we have been waiting for.

    London Bridges are falling down as the post states. (Operation London Bridge) The queen is shortly to be announced as deceased.

    As of 11/13/2021 –

  3. I don't know why you say something like,"""Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been executed at Guantanamo, according to CIA sources. His disappearance forced the corporate propaganda media to say he was arrested for sex crimes."""
    And then few days later an article say::
    Report: Andrew Cuomo Considering Run for NY Attorney General Post

  4. I would add an important point that Nathan Rothschild concentrated all major powers into Central Banking in Europe, it was Russia that would be the exception. Tsar Alexander (1805-1825) refused to comply. This incurred the wrath of the Rothschild to the assassination of the last Tsars 102 years later.
    In 1860 The State Bank of the Russian Empire was founded, it Minted and Printed the Nations Coins and Notes, Regulated the Money Supply, and through Commercial Banks provided Industry and Commerce with Low interest loans. It had the largest Gold Reserve in the World. By 1914 it had become one of the most influential lending institutions in Europe. By 1912 Russia had the Lowest levels of Taxation in the World. On November 17, of 1917 the Rothschild being fearful that this extraordinary example of freedom and prosperity would be replicated and would destroy their Slave system, created the 'Bolshevik Revolution' which destroyed the Country, Murdered Imperial Majesty Tsar Nicholas II and his family, and genocide between 30-60 Million innocent Russian people.

    • And we must not overlook the history of Tsar Alexander II helping President Lincoln in America's Civil War. While the South had British situated up in North Canada with 11,000 troops waiting to invade New York and also had France & Spain waiting in Mexico with another 30,000 soldiers waiting to carve up America for the Rothschild bidding. This plan came to an end when the only European Monarch not indebted to the banking empire, sends the message with the Russian Fleet to New York Harbor and San Pablo Bay in California September 24th,1863, to defend Lincoln's Union from the pro South, British and French, imperial powers. Lionel Rothschild controlled England & James controlled France.

  5. Right now everything is fake in the news the fake news uses its news to put fear into people to deture the people from what is really going on most people know Biden is not the president but go with the flow

  6. Ha ha ha I am loving this thank you for cheering me up Ben with this report I particularly loved the Climate change report. Here you have a lot of racketeering evil satanic elites who have put an agenda 21 eugenics plan together; which is based on climate warming/change (what ever suits them at the time) and the fact that all us humans are causing it – ah so here is a solution let us fake a pandemic as a reason to get the people to take a bioweapon because if we do not stop them breathing farting and using stuff which is creating C02 we will all die. What happened: they use a very narrow band of years to prove their rubbish about global warming because if they do go back centuries where there were less people using less things we would all see that the C02 levels are much higher – so no lets keep it small and what happened the truth pushed through again there has been no increase in temperature for the past 15 years ha ha ha ha ! cracking up here; and yes we will use it as ammunition to show the world how stupid this whole racket is and how you have no basis for your ridiculous green plan which is all about depriving and controlling us that 15 years of no further heating of the planet is evidence it is just a lot of BS . Whatever the planet does the planet needs to do to balance itself out it will do that naturally with no need for interference. by the satanic elite who politicise everything for maximum control and profit for themselves. Human beings are part of the eco system their C02 is not pollution it is necessary for life harmony – carbon is necessary for plant growth and for every life form on the plane to exist t. Like the so called covid pandemic this is all about control and greed and tis criminal fraud and genocide is all falling down like a pack of cards because the truth just keeps on finding a way of showing itself. Not only are people not to blame for climate change but their is no evidence of anything out of the ordinary going on with the climate . The worst pollution is caused by the very people who are attacking us at every corner with their evil sustainability agenda 21 come climate and eugenics programme. They are all insane psychopaths because they are inbred and it is time they were brought to task for this whole evil abomination of a racket they have conned the public into believing. I do not know how they managed it because I can see it all for what it is very easily. So ???WTF But I would say they are about to get their comeuppance and a hefty bill they will not like for it and deservedly so. I am only sorry that so many innocent people have been deceived injured and killed. Thanks for the report

    • I don't see how moving forward in their man made "Climate Change" agenda is funny. I am not one to add more Lies on top of existing Lies.


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