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We’re at the point in the shift where the upward curve goes parabolic. Imagine you’ve reached Everest Spiritual Base Camp – now it’s time to begin the real climb. Everything you’ve done thus far has prepared you for this point. You look up, take a deep breath and step out. Or rather step deeper in. Each day must consist now of the inner climb: in your meditation practice, in aligned diet, nature, bodywork. It’s all about integration and every single moment offers that tremendous opportunity for your spiritual mastery.

Gaia Shifts Through 5D Gears

Let’s be clear, if you’re not climbing then you’re either standing still or slip-sliding backwards. Now is not the time to be fooling yourself. We don’t have that luxury.

Gaia is gearing up. You can clearly see it with the volcanoes, earthquakes and storms building around the globe. But this has precious little to do with manmade climate change as the controllers of society would position. The great galactic cog has turned: cosmic radiation is streaming into the solar system at a time when the Solar Logos is lowering his magnetic shield. Gaia is doing the same, as we move inexorably towards the completion of the Pole Shift.

The Stargates are Opening for DIVINICUS

The Stargates are opening as our heavenly ET helpers progressively strip out the 4D technology in the ether. If you’re tuning into the field, the REAL source of planetary news, then you’ll feel the massive shifts and unwindings that are taking place. There are no two ways about it: you’re either in the truth of it or not. There’s no place for just dipping your toes in the water at this juncture. It’s high time to dive into centre stream.

Does this all sound full-on?!

It’s meant to! It’s necessary to inspire a deepening of spiritual commitment now. It’s necessary for the climb to begin. You’ve done the practice. Now’s time for the real transition: the forging of the Merkabah, your divine new DIVINICUS form leading into the New 5D Paradigm, anytime between now and the culminating Event, where the sun goes dark for 3 days before firing the Solar Nova Trigger.

For those tuning into the quantum field, the dreamstate before reality crystallises, you’ll be well aligned with what unfolds. The physical body is becoming progressively more wave like. The soul will be downloading from the huge influx of energy. You’ll be blissed, ecstatic, uplifted, reborn. This is what awaits us at the Everest Summit.

Becoming the Divine Co-Creator

So forge on my friends. Dig in. Let every moment become that of transcendence. You’re walking through the old 3D/4D construct, with its shenanigans and craziness. But only pay attention to what truly affects you or binds you in karmically. Unwind out – then you’ve dispensed with that illusionary charade, you’ve stripped off that veil.

Keep centering in the truth of the moment and equalising with it so you can expand out – you’re becoming the dream in every given moment, that which SHAPES the moment, for now you’re becoming the divine co-creator.

And it’s okay to pause as well. This is tiring work. Even meditation can be draining as you’re deepening your focus through the layers, opening new channels and downloading light. So it’s fine at times to take your foot off the gas pedal too. Take some well-earned comfort – some of your favourite soul food, connection with kindreds, a night cosied up with an inspiring movie. Let your rest become purposeful deep rest, ready for the next phase of the climb to begin again.

The 5D Being – our Daily Bread

Each unfolding, each unwinding brings you a step further. But it’s not about waiting for the end Event. It’s a paradox: we know it’s coming, there is something to move towards, BUT – it’s each heavenly step in that direction which counts.

You’re doing the work where each shift brings a magnificent benefit. It’s not measured in terms of some physical outcome in the 3D. Things will be transforming, yes, but what this is about, is the forging and integration of soul.

You witness it in the interrelation of reality, the patterning: in signs and synchronicity, in numerology, nature, and sacred geometry – this is the weaving landscape that creates a life in 5D, a life that is truly worth living.

This is the daily bread of DIVINICUS the 5D Being, as she’s breathed into life within the Galactic Family of Light. This is the heavenly call right now.

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  1. By a respected teacher, who once explained to the class how the solid form of planet Earth was formed, presenting that image in a clear and beautiful way, our class of graduates received the following text from this teacher, when we joined together for the last time at the end of our training.

    He calls it “A modern quote to keep up your sparkle and courage”

    “Search for the reality of practical life. But search for it in such a way, that it doesn’t obscure the Spirit that works in and through it. Search for the Spirit, but don’t search for it in sensual lusting, in sensual egocentricity. But search for it, because you long to apply it to practical life, in the material organisation of life.

    Use the old adage:
    The world of Spirit is never without the world of form, of matter.
    Matter is never without the presence of Spirit, in such a way, that you say

    “We want to do all the material work in the light of the Spirit
    And we want to search for the light of the Spirit in such a way
    that warmth is generated in our heart and soul, for our practical work”

    written by Michiel Rietveld, founder of Academy Kraaybeekerhof Driebergen in Holland.

    In respect to this inspiring text, I wrote on my blog:
    Our willingness and ability to try as best as we can, determine our success without failure being a part of it. Isn’t that fun? No need for judgment. And that’s what I sense as a relatively new “higher” form of freedom in expression, a re-discovered autonomy, welcoming us, although “stumble and fall” may also be part of it. It'll probably be the case. We’re human beings and we can only try to be the best version of ourselves. By going that path we gain wisdom when we pay attention. More or less with bruises and scars.

  2. All this love and light stuff is simply letting the forces of evil completely off the hook. The ones who speak of love the most are often the ones who only practice it as a virtue signal. The real love comes in keeping an open heart to everyone. That doesn't mean you have to take shit, because giving honest feedback is part of our evolution. So simply turning a blind eye to all this and just going to the mountains to meditate will do pretty much jack shit. However it will make the meditator feel better, it's like candy.


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