From Jordan Sather:

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  1. Once it was possible to get real news. Now it is impossible. Once this was nation against nation warfare and armament warfare.
    Now we have information warfare. Anything you hear can be real or fake. You develop an open ended belief system. But you don't stop talking.
    This universe is called "Maya" or illusion. The only entity that is immutable truth is Pure Beinghood and all else is his dream. NOTHING ever was knowable for God is NO-FINITE-THING-NESS or the ALL. Knowing occurs as we divide and name and separate. Left brain sound and word labels do not achieve much divine all-inclusiveness So knowing is a lot like "NO-ING". Since we live in a temporary universe and are all searching for immutable truth knowing we will get it when we merge with the creator and not before …. we should all relax.

  2. Sather got paid off a long time ago to lie to us. period. while there is merit to the topic, i give zero merit to sather who is full of his own agenda. We need to keep our radar up for ALL OF THEM. Welcome to the twilight zone.

  3. Well why should we trust you either? Maybe you have a vendetta with Charlie Ward a lot of people are jealous because he has millions of followers for instance. There is no smoke without fire and there are absolutely lots of different sources saying that Clause Schwab has been arrested at his home in Switzerland for multiple charges of fraud to do with Covid 19, for the moment his lawyer has made no comment. So we wait to see if there is further intel on this; at the moment it appears to be at the rumour stage. I am heart sick of people like yourself deciding how gullible we all are. it looks to me like you are also trying to make yourself look important and sway opinion you are our saviour stopping us from falling for their lies – who are you? Here is my view listen to everyone trust no one, keep an open mind, and question everything. As far as I am concerned he damned well should be arrested. We are going though a man made Armageddon that has been engineered and forced on us for a new world order and financial reset – we are in a war that no one was warned about, These idiots are having a war of the bloodlines and apparently like a game of chess there are white hats and black hats because there are always 2 sides with these people and then after they murder and destroy people they create order out of chaos and it is all planned years ahead . For religious reasons Satanists have to tell us about it and usually do in some very obscure way for example in a movie etc. which could have been made 30 years previous; sadly most people do not know about this (without research) so they are not forewarned. My advice do not comply with their tyranny; resist it and fight for your rights and freedoms . They have no right to decide who lives or dies and their greed and insanity is hopefully going to be the end of them but not without input from the people – we all have our part to play. Doing research about the so called elites is very good advice; know thy enemy – they do not come from the light they come from the gutter. Yes I would say do research is very good advice indeed. When you do that research you will see that these wretches have always been our enemy but they have used all sorts of ploys to hide that fact and that is why they have been so successful. They can only be successful in their evil agenda if the people lay down to them that is the biggest pearl of wisdom I can offer.

    • Rachel469, Jordan Sather would wholeheartedly agree that the negative elites need to be removed.

      No one is obligated to trust Jordan Sather, but he's someone who digs deeper than most other sources to try to get to the real deal, at least regarding sifting through the maze of intel that's out there.

  4. Jordan Slater has the same vibe about him as Stew Peters, straight as an arrow, and a good sense of humour. No sentimental journeys into Never-everland. Personally, I've had a few experiences with Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes, finding out how strategies are chosen, changed, and tried in different ways, by those who may prove to be the Pied Pipers among us. Some live a lie, some live the truth, some are a mix of the two.

    The creation of these false reports, rumours, Chinese Whispers, whatever forms and expressions of false information, could be the result of a plan, worked on by a team intent on turning the world of information, especially in the Wishing Well of Wonders, upside down even more.

    • Devon Seamoor, Yeah, the negative elites are indeed very crafty. If they weren't, they would have already been removed from power. There's no depth they won't sink to.

  5. It's pathetic how many people, especially Trump followers, fall for the hopium that these fraudsters are constantly spreading, even though the promises are never ever kept.

    I would add one more name to the list: Juan O. Savin.

    Unfortunately, the "microphone stands" who call themselves hosts of the shows featuring these guys never cross-examine them or compare their allegations against facts and reality.

    This whole "circle of friends" works like a cult: no one questions anything or anyone.

  6. I agree with Sather blatantly lying about Intel doesn't help anyone except those lying of course.
    Also most of those sites read like somebody's wish list and/or fantasy. People like (real live James Bond villian and likely german breakway member) Klaus Schwab cannot be apprehended until a critical mass of people stand up than white hats do their thing. Also the good guys will always protect operational security until they complete their objectives. One must use critical thinking for example according to wannabe insiders white hats will tell them everything because they are so super special! So, than, white hats will jeopardize opsec just so somebody can look important to their own audience? Or let me guess white hats trolling the cabal by destroying their own operations? Because destroying themselves just to troll the enemy is winning strategy? HAHAHAHA not the way it even works!


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