Siris king discusses the concept of enlightenment and how do you know when you have achieved it

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  1. Isn't the experience, equal to dawning awareness, in itself also a knowing that this is the case? Isn't it inherent to the journey toward enlightenment? But, to be brutally honest, with a hint of rebelliousness wrapped around it, why does it need to be defined? Determined?
    That's putting the horse behind the wagon, to me. Once

    When I would rock and roll in 3D consumer-lifestyle, collecting all sorts of entertainment, seeking sensational triggers, hunting for material wealth, my mind would probably reason along those lines, yes. While meditating because others say that it's bringing me enlightenment, and eating raw food, looking like an ethereal transparent woman, so that I am more near the light, for why pay attention to the body when I'm on my way to my destiny and burst huffing and puffing through the door into my personal haven of light? And immediately after entering my haven, I'll take my virtual smartphone out of my virtual pocket, and let the world, down there, in peril, know I'M ENLIGHTENED!!! I DID IT! How disappointed I will be when the applause of humanity doesn't reach my virtual ears!! And for my conceited selfish ego, Hell has no greater fury 😄🙄😇

    A welcome down to earth way of saying it, to me, is this quote:
    “The enlightenment is not a desire; it is a consequence of the way of living!”
    Tamarinda Maassen

  2. Shocking! Vaccines contain nano-razorblades, which cut blood vessels and cause death.

    German police beat the doctor to death at home 4 days after the doctor posted a video explaining the cause of the sudden collapse and death of the vaccine. After a Spanish doctor's study proving that vaccines are graphene oxide, the doctor of chemistry – being an experet in carbon – announced his theory to the world and was murdered 4 days later. His statement is apparently so true that it threatens the covid Holocaust.

    Theory: Graphene oxide forms nano-sized razors that toxicologists cannot find in tests. Small blades do not appear in the analyzes. mRNA – is a fake cover for the real weapon of murder – an invisible razor that cuts the walls of blood vessels from the inside and causes death. This explains why healthy athletes die suddenly after the vaccine. The faster the blood flows, the better the razor blades cut. Graphene razors are synthetic and cannot be biodegraded. They will circulate in the blood for life until a person dies. For those who have a syringe hit a vein, they die almost immediately. For those who are intramuscularly injected, the blades reach the blood vessels more slowly. But everyone vaccinated will die in the coming years, the doctor says. The doctor accuses the Austrian government of mass murder and says that any doctor who continues to be vaccinated after this information is publicly available will become a killer. A mandatory vaccine has been announced in Austria without exception – and the doctor compares it to Hitler, who wants to kill the entire Austrian population.

    Video with english subtitles

    Video download:

    Wife's video – urge to take action now:


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