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“Since the Glasgow Climate Change Conference of late is perceived as non-productive by Climate Change hotheads in Britain, I’ve done a bit of research.
I’m receiving news from British activists who are often also fans of Transition Network, a UK charity formed in 2006, at Totnes, a town in Devon.
This charity is based on the idea that action is needed now, to save the environment. Plus, an attempt to give the common people a chance to improve the environment where they live, with greening and cleaning, presenting workshops, encouraging the formation of local Transition Networks.
The panic and fear, caused by the Climate Change report, published in 2003, has driven many a Britons’ participation to a level of feverish activities, as missionaires of what’s equal to a religious belief, creating a strong consensus reality in towns like Totnes, and Glastonbury.
Both are hippy trippy towns, where many who are lost in the desert of their lives, are drawn to like flies on a corpse in decay. Hippie folks are meeting in their favourite pubs, blowing their minds, and artists find inspiration. Although often nothing comes of it, just like those eternal students, end of the 19th century, and early 20th, never leaving their study, saved from participation in the daily life practice, of work and socializing.
For the present day Climate Change activists, in Totnes, Freedom Alliance campaigners, huge demonstrations were happening, last weekend.
British protesters show banners with “You’re burning our future!”
Many slogans in an accusing tone. Gretha Tunberg is carried on hands in Britain.
In the town where I lived, groups of Climate doom and gloom stood in the central shopping street, every Saturday, in 2019, pushing their fist against passers by, with a leaflet in it
When I was targeted, I shook my head, before the fist touched me. Better not start a discussion. The eyes looking at me, were in shock, terrified, confused. How was it possible that I didn’t welcome this beautiful attempt to inform me?
Two residents had made huge banners, hanging on their frontwall, with the texts “We’re in a climate emergency” and another flag showed one of David Atterbury’s quotes, equally doomy.
I’ve witnessed this eager submission to a consensus reality, in Britain, during my 5 years of travelling.
Visiting Glastonbury and Totnes, also in the many years before, during summer holidays, leading to my choice to find a place to live in the countryside of the South Western part of this island, with it’s great diversity of landscapes. And space! 6 x larger than my country of birth! Hills! Rock and red earth! The granite of Dartmoor, an ancient landscape in Devon.
Compared to the Netherlands, here’s less panic, and preaching of that gospel. Although the school system is following the Climate Change agenda quite strong. Children start crying when a dead butterfly is found, made to believe that it’s their doing.
The use of common sense has flown out of the classroom’s window. Transition Network has its roots and shoots here too. But the control on each other’s lifestyle, the use of materials, and our recycling, is far less stern, without turning our backs to each other. In general.
Britons have a tradition of not saying what they think, in the moment when it counts, so that the turning of backs to each other is exercised much. That level of social environment is ignored often, which is hilarious.
The need to belong to a group of like minded people is strong, not only because the urge to prove that you’re good is strong, causing fakery in attitude, and double standards. It’s intriguing to see how conditions of poverty, many live on the breadline, absence of parental reigns too, and poor education, shape moral sense, if ever there is a trace of it.
When they can make profit off you, it’s all sweetness, and praise. Over the top. As soon as there’s nothing to gain, you’re wiped off their memory stick.
It’s also due to the “tradition”- loving top-down policy in the British government, nurtured by a class system that still rules many British minds, and keeps change in the freezer.
Naturally, the younger generations begin to walk away from this regime. But not the upper class part of this society, privileged by being sent to expensive boarding schools, where freedom of expression is fiercely kept under control, creating a numbness that later in life serves as the absence of empathy. Members of the Tory party are an example of it.
All this is a sketch of Britain’s present society, and what is left of its past as World Empire, which shaped also the motive for Brexit.
With the return of its sovereignty, Britain had a chance to pick up the pieces of that past, some thought. That was a sincere hope, in some.
A perfect example of delusional musings during romantic walks through memory lane, projected onto the 21st century. Drama is the daily vitamin for many on that island. The telly and the tabloids show proof of it.
To all Britons I’ve met, life was much better, once upon a time in the past, before Thatcher’s regime. When I checked my impressions for verification, they were in awe by the accuracy of my perception. Even more so for being a foreigner.
Which has lead to control over the lower classes, whose ancestors served wealthy families during Britain’s years of glory, as a World Empire. Servants lived in damp cellars or attics, strictly seperate from Lordship and Ladyship’s part of the house.
That history has left a slavish attitude in the present population to this day. It’s why they ‘re not allowed to speak their mind in freedom, see?
As a servant, in that Victorian era, where Charles Dickens writes about, one had to obey and submit to the whims and excessive lifestyle of those who became rich in no time, without their morals keeping in step with it. Ahem, let’s return to the topic of Climate Change.
Transition Network doesn’t believe in Agenda 21 and Rosa Koire’s campaign to expose it, with her book “Behind the Green Mask”.
I’ve been in touch with Rob Hopkins, the founder of TTN, who labelled me as a conspiracy theorist, and removed all my posts from the TTN virtual community. His argument was “We don’t allow opinions that contradict what we believe in”
Now, 15 years later, many more of us begin to connect the dots, regarding the machinery of world control, isn’t that true?
To all Britons I’ve met, life was much better, once upon a time in the past, before Thatcher’s regime. When I checked my impressions for verification, they were in awe by the accuracy of my perception. Even more so for being a foreigner.
Britain IS a proper island, meaning, that the skill of informing oneself is less lively, compared to the continent.
Also, due to the fact that living in a survival mode limits one’s freedom of thoughts and hours of leisure, for pondering and wondering.
These are my observations, grown out of an experience of travelling for 5 years in Britain. Most tumultuous years, as some of you will know.
Thank you for reading my musings, wishing you a safe journey and good health, in the changes that are shaping a victorious end of the trouble we’re in. I’m sure of it.
Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, and leader of the 1997 anti-whaling campaign at sea, explains in this interview, how Climate Change is a hoax, an imagery threat to all life, presented by the wealthy Western world. India, China, and Russia aren’t following that Pied Piper’s tune.
RAIR Exclusive Interview with Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore

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  1. Great write up Devon! If global warming persists I'm gonna freeze to death. It's sad that perception is so controlled by those with an agenda, who have parents that are actors and associated with George Soros (if not a family member). Pigtails aside, Greta is paid to talk and hits all the buttons for youth. But not for those who understand there is another agenda. More money, more control. Why the push for electric? Guess who the biggest investors are in batteries from China and lithium from areas of the world including Afghanistan. Do you think there may have been more to the story than American troops pulling out early and being left a ton of weapons? That was no accident. When it comes to climate, people need to think outside of the box, meaning what is being pushed in TV and it's largly false data. We should be looking into what the geologists have studied for years that can show this kind of change is cyclical. Also, those who monitor solar activity: I think it's time the world did "pay attention to the man behind the curtain". Keep up the great work!

  2. When "They" are Stopped from CHem-Trailing our Sky's with harmful chemicals such as aluminum to control the Weather, & Polluting our Soil's with sprays as Round up, & Bombing Nations that don't agree with their Banking, one will see then that these are indeed the "Climate Changers"

    • Oh ha, for a change 😉 I agree fully with your comment, LaVerne. What's also throwing soot in our cauldron with world-soup, is the mining industry in Africa or elsewhere under the same conditions. The use of chemicals is so enormous, through the years, that the soil in the area around the mines gets so poisoned, that no living being can find clean food, or grow crops. Whole villages need to move away from their ancestors' land, women and children, wives of the men who work in the mines, need to eat, while the fathers receive a minuscule wage for their hard labour. These people can't even buy basic ingredients in town, they're used to growing their own food, see?

      That's how the disbalance shows up between the rich and the poor who will never have a chance to leave poverty.

      Corruption breeds corruption, it's like an Ourobouros snake biting its own tail. The financial system is porous like a termite hill. We sure are ready for a "great reset" but not the one Claus Schwab has in mind. Many banks in our modern world have offered loans to African nations, knowing that this money will never return, due to corruption, or an entirely different perception of what money is. What do you expect will be taken from these nations as an alternative payment of these loans? Diamonds, gold, and other minerals, all that can be taken from Earth's resources, and transported to the countries where these banksters and cartels rub their hands, making easy money.


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