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A while back, an adept I have been following mentioned that there are levels of intelligence that are aspects of oneself that cannot be understood through the conscious mind. For example, the physical body is exceedingly complex, yet a person’s conscious mind doesn’t cause DNA to replicate and so forth. The processes of the physical body operate on an intelligence level that is beyond the rational mind. This adept also stated that the animal kingdom is the same way. Animals are very intelligent because animals operate all the processes in their physical bodies. Again though, this intelligence operates on an entirely different level.

Regarding meditations, focus, will, and I Am presence are utilized. It’s through focus, will, and I Am presence that metaphysical aspects of oneself can be accessed. These metaphysical aspects operate on the same level of complexity as the processes that operate in the human body, or even more so. Very little about metaphysical processes can be known rationally, just as the rational mind fails to comprehend the many processes that operate in the physical body. Modern surface-population-science claims to know far more about the physical body than is actually known.

Just as the rational mind cannot operate the processes in the physical body, the rational mind cannot operate metaphysical aspects of oneself. The rational mind can, however, help to steer metaphysical aspects for desired goals. For example, the rational mind can decide to do a meditation and access metaphysical aspects with a chosen intent.

Metaphysical aspects of the self are extremely powerful. This is why there is so much discussion about unlocking hidden potential and ‘the power within’ and so forth. There are sayings such as, “People are more powerful than they know.” People are more powerful than they know because of their metaphysical aspects.

On a personal note, my issue with doing meditations in the past was that I was relying too much on my rational mind. I felt the meditations were accomplishing nothing because my rational mind kept trying to do the work of my metaphysical aspects. The rational mind operates on linear logic, but metaphysical aspects are nonlinear. Part of doing a meditation is to use will and focus, and then to let go to allow the metaphysical aspects to do their part through I Am presence. One can focus, and then just be, in cycles in a meditation. There are no absolutes, but this method is what works well in my case. People can experiment with this, or do what feels best.

Regarding abusive metaphysical experiences (dreamstate infiltration in my case), my rational and emotional minds cannot handle most of the trauma. If I were to try to deal with most of the abuse (both against myself and against others) through my rational and emotional minds, I would lose my sanity and probably never get it back. Even though there can be crying as an emotional release, the trauma in its entirety, if dealt with only on a 3D level, would rip me apart. Therefore, I defer to my metaphysical aspects to be able to take care of the trauma. There’s so much abuse with such severity that there’s no way for the emotional mind to be able to remotely ‘deal with it all.’ Therefore, I allow aspects of myself beyond my rational and emotional minds to ‘deal with it all,’ and there is also assistance from the Light Forces.

Even having the intent to access one’s own “God-Self” and Galactic Central Sun, Cosmic Central Sun, violet flame, fire of An, flower of life, and so forth, activates metaphysical aspects to be able to deal with what no human on the 3D level could ever deal with. Those who access such powers of course need to be careful and not ‘let it go to their heads.’ Or, let it go to one’s head in a constructive way. For example, believing oneself to be metaphysically ultra-powerful can activate metaphysical aspects (to a certain degree) through confidence. The negative elites, however, believe themselves to be the ultimate Gods of all creation, as egomaniacal psychopaths. Readers probably know what I mean by ‘not letting it go to one’s head.’

Happy awakening!

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