Thanks to our member and friend Devon:

Here’s the email address for an order of Ivermectin.

[email protected] <[email protected]>

Sender: Anil Gangwani .

This is what my British connections received, for a possible placing of an order:


We have Ivermectin available in strengths 3mg, 6mg and 12mg in different packaging styles ( number of pills per box) . Prices are mentioned below:


Ivermectin 3 mg (IverLast 3 mg ) tablet price of 1 box of 100 pills $ 3.  [ Each box has 100 pills ]


Ivermectin 3 mg (IverLast 3 mg ) tablet price of 5 boxes $  15

Shipping charges $ 35 (for Britain!)

Total  = $ 50 USD


Iverbest 6 mg tablets 2 boxes  of 100 pills $ 10 ( packing 10×10 )

Shipping charges $ 35 (for Britain!)

Total $ 45 US Dollar


Ivermectin 6 mg (IverLast 6 mg) tablet price of 10 boxes of 20 pills $ 20   [ Each box has 20 pills ]

Shipping charges $ 35 (for Britian!)

Total = $ 55


Iverbest 12 mg tablets 3 boxes of 100 Tablets ( 300 pills )  $ 20     ( Packing  25 x 4 )

Shipping charges $ 30 (for Britain!)

Total $ 50  USD


Covilife 12  mg 4 boxes of 100 pills ( 400 pills ) $  20          ( Packing 10 x 10)

Shipping charges $ 35 (for Britain!)

Total $ 55  USD


Iverlast 12 mg  tablets 15 boxes of 20 pills $ 40      ( Packing 1 x 20)

Shipping charges $ 35 (for Britain!)

Total $ 75 USD

This is a generalized quote mentioned above. You may ask for changes in quantity and shipping according to your requirement. Products will be shipped from India. Prices are negotiable for bulk quantities.


1) You will have to make a wire transfer to the bank details below.

2) Attach the receipt on payment and inform us of your shipping details too.

3) Once the money is credited to our company’s account , we will dispatch your package and let you know the tracking and other relevant details.

4) It takes about 25 -28 days for the package to reach you. The transit time delay is due to covid 19 related delays in flight frequency.

* Please check your country’s import rules before placing the order. We deal Free on Board basis and do not take responsibility for the customs of the destination country. We take measures to make the package as discreet as possible.

Payment Modes: Advance Bank Transfer




Account Holder Details


Account Number : 259722146542

Address : Shop No. 403, 4th Floor, Panjwani Market, Teen Nal Sq., GANDHIBAG, Nagpur- 440002 , Maharashtra, India.” (end of message)

This should give you, and others who are interested, a chance to order Ivermectin. My British connections have received the products. Apart from the fact that the Indian sales-manners are pushy, they think that we’re all very rich in the West, and can spend our money on whatever we wish for, there’s always a risk with long distance orders, as you may know. The prices aren’t bad, and always there are shipping costs, depending on where you live. This is what I can share with you. I won’t be able to follow up with whatever advise or any other info. Those coin rattling Indians in their market stalls are very happy to assist with further details 😉 Good luck and be safe, blessed be, Devon.

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  1. I and family members have ordered from Buy Pharma. Excellent communication by email or message and zero problems during the last year. If you use VPN, turn off to order.

  2. Cecille Chan Yes, the FDA is in cahoots with the USPS to intercept international shipments of Ivermectin because it is a prescription only medicine here, so , no prescription equals illegal. I feel that some might still get through, if packaged properly and listed differently on the paperwork. I had a vape device from China get held up for two weeks once, because they kept listing it on the paperwork as a "Pitcher" which is 5 times larger than the box the vape unit was in lmao. They can be quite foolish in other countries about how they skirt import surcharges and the like.

  3. I wouldn't trust this at all. It's the perfect scam. Doing a direct Bank transfer is financial suicide. There is absolutely NO RECOURSE if you don't get what was promised. What haven't these people ever heard of a CC? The whole sales-pitch is phony as hell. You would have to be a serious idiot to believe this pitch.

    • Hello Staunchone, as the contributor of this post, I should've included that several orders of people that I know personally, were completed, with products received in good conditions. It's due to the fortunate recovery of Indians from SARS-Cov-2 with Ivermectin, that this remedy is produced in large quantity, and since the Western world hardly has access to this remedy, these coin rattling Indians in their market stalls are both smart and sensible. They really do think that all who live in the Western world are rich, and it's why their manners are (perceived by us as) pushy. Their sales-manners are typically Indian, but it doesn't mean they're cheating. They've got an almost childlike manner of approaching customers, which I find hilarious and comical. It's in essence a culture clash.

  4. The pricing is good. I ordered mine from a Canadian pharmacy and they charged an arm and a leg plus an international $5.00 fee for the credit card company. The product was shipped from India! The Canadian Pharmacy was simply a middleman gouging me for more money. If you have friends in Mexico, they can also get you Ivermectin for a few cents a tablet. Was it from this site I read the USPS are now starting to destroy incoming Ivermectin tablets?


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