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I’ve previously stated this but it’s so important I’m stating it again. 15,000 people die of starvation every day, and that number is conservative. That’s close to 10 million deaths ever since Covid-19 began (660 days x 15,000 deaths per day, which is about 22 months, since February of 2020.) That’s nearly twice the number of deaths from starvation compared with Covid-19. Over the last 10 years, at 15,000 deaths per day, over 54 million people have died from starvation. So, when someone promoting the experimental drugs tries to blame ‘those horrible anti-vaxxers’ for being murderers and so forth, the real murderers are the experimental drug pushers, because all the resources that went into trying to inoculate the global population could have been put to use to end world hunger.

Now the agenda of course is to not only make the entire world get the first experimental drug, but then make the world take booster shots, and then make the world get regular shots in perpetuity after the booster shots. All the resources… all the time and effort… wasted on Covid-19 experimental drugs when the real pandemic has been world hunger all along.

So, when someone starts with experimental drug propaganda, just let them know that they have been the real murderers the entire time. And when they try to show a video of someone dying of Covid-19, they can be shown a video of children dying of starvation.

The logic of experimental-drug-pushing politicians is, “It’s alright if children starve to death, but they absolutely must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19!”

Send this to your politicians. Make this go viral.

Thank You.

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