Dark Moon Reading 2 Jan 2022

By Katharina Bless

The Moon/Sun conjunction in Sagittarius is accompanied by Venus retrograde and Pluto. In my last post I elaborated a bit more about Pluto in the current position, please check this out if you have not read it. It will help you to understand better what is happening now.

The new year with this start will bring a lot of changes and especially the old paradigm will fall in it’s entirety. With the AC in Cancer, people will suddenly start to feel more and be attuned to what is happening in a different way. Since the consciousness level on the planet is rising, for many it is like a thick wall starts to crack, chains are breaking and the flood of held back emotions start to find a way to express themselves.

Retrograde Venus has opened the heart of so many and they feel like waking up from a dream, better from a nightmare! Many might look in disgust at the glitter and glamour of the hollow propaganda, see through the promises and realize that they will never be fulfilled. The real desires of a human being come to the surface and the game around does not matter anymore.

New light shining

What the last couple years have brought, is a great awakening and thanks to the drastic measures of the Cabal, even people who were very close to those games, suddenly start to think and realize what is happening. So many beautiful souls are out there putting their lives in danger to speak the truth and inform people of what truly is happening. They learned to “follow the money” to find out who are the puppeteer pulling the strings and start to cut them one by one.

Mercury has moved into Capricorn, that helps to discriminate better and see clearer. Imagine a forest in the cold winter with snow and most of the trees don’t have leaves anymore, their stems and branches show the skeleton and real structure of the tree without all the beautifying leaves, flowers and fruits. The naked truth.

This is what many can see now and more and more of the masses have realize it too. Saturn in his own sign will support this clarity and Jupiter has moved into Aquarius, to show that things are moving forward into the direction of liberation and new beginnings. Uranus will turn direct on Jan 19th and then we have the forces of Aquarius unleashing massive energy that was withheld quite some time when Uranus was retrograde. Which explains also why things could not turn around last year! Both years, 19/20 had a long phase of retrograde Uranus from August onward until January of the next year. So we are now in the last days of this retrograde phase.

Dark Moon SkyView astrology for the second of January 2022

Since Jupiter already has entered Aquarius, the light is already coming through and it reminds me of the silent walks in Germany where in all major cities and even smaller villages people meet and walk with candles to protest against the current measures of the tyranny! They see, they are awake and the negative forces try very hard to go against them. I cc here a text that I received from someone close to me living in this area of the world:

Politics reacts panic-stricken and brutal to Corona strolls. Is history repeating itself?

Wolfgang Koydl 30.12.21/Weltwoche (Magazine from Switzerland)

There is nothing more harmless than a walk. Really?

The downfall of the GDR began with walks, now people in the Federal Republic are walking through the streets – in protest against the Corona measures.

The state power, most recently in Munich, reacts like Honecker and consorts: panic-stricken and brutal.

The police used helicopters and personnel carriers. They took personal data, photographed, imposed steep fines.

All illegal. Because unlike demonstrations, walks are not forbidden in Corona Germany.

The state does not care. They are driven by the fear that the Corona policy of the last 24 months will blow up in their faces.

What if it turns out that neither lockdown nor vaccination have done any good? That the vaccines are causing damage?

People are doubtful, demoralized, angry – a dangerous mix.

The culprit, as Aristotle already knew, is the one who made them angry

The dam has broken, it can’t be repaired. The trine from the moon/sun conjunction to Uranus is the gift and the karmic aspect to the north node shows that no matter what is being done, the new world will manifest. It starts very visible this year and the draconian measures will end very soon.

We have to be aware, that these events are not in a linear time line, they are connected to the consciousness level of humanity. But the more those really bad and negative people are leaving the planet, the more light will shine. In my last little blog I wrote a little story about that, have a look at:

Image from Stellarium (free program): dark moon Jan 2, 2022

Please take care of yourselves, the light has won… always remember that, but we need to clear up the dark and evil things and also face it to heal them. Look at the emotions coming up now, don’t run away. Be honest to yourself and know, that we are not able to take the dark into the light! Did you ever hear of the biblical story of the camel and the eye of the needle? I think that’s where we are now. Throw the cross away, the Christ consciousness didn’t what people to exhibit a cross with a death body on it, the Christ consciousness is celebration, love and light! Stop being a martyr and believe that your sacrifice is pleasing “God”. What “God” would that be who is suppose to love his children and then punish them for eternity for their sins?

Let go of the old twisted believes and and fear, the Creator is not to fear and not made in the image of humans! Don’t project a father image that is human made on the being that is so much more than the human brain can comprehend!

Many blessings for this new year 2022



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