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Table of Contents


  1. What is a Med Bed?
  2. Med Beds
  3. Technology
  4. Availability
  5. Funding
  6. Cost
  7. Timeline
  8. Rollout
  9. Launch
  10. National
  11. Production
  12. Professional Staff
  13. Medical Staff
  14. Centers
  15. Training
  16. No Cost for Training
  17. Team
  18. Treatment Preparation and Expectations
  19. Initial Appointment
  20. Sessions
  21. Preparation for Sessions
  22. Priority
  23. Homelessness
  24. Expectations
  25. Treatment Abilities
  26. Health Benefits
  27. Regrowing Organs
  28. New Bones & Healing
  29. Surgery
  30. VAX Damage
  31. Heart Patients
  32. Addictions
  33. Surgery Repair
  34. Chemo
  35. Allergies
  36. Dentistry
  37. Overweight
  38. Vision and Hearing
  39. Scars
  40. Schizophrenia
  41. Autistic
  42. Ortho
  43. Depression
  44. Improvements
  45. Perfect Health
  46. Vitality
  47. Issues from Birth
  48. DNA
  49. Additional Physical Changes
  50. Hair
  51. Eyes
  52. Height
  53. Gender
  54. Memories
  55. Tattoos
  56. Smoking
  57. Knowledge
  58. Mental Trauma
  59. What is Excluded?
  60. Ascension
  61. Timetable of Treatment
  62. Max Three Times
  63. Beliefs
  64. Free Will
  65. Age Regression
  66. The Technology
  67. Limits
  68. Pets
  69. Benefits for Pets
  70. Lifestyle
  71. Lifestyle
  72. Lifespan
  73. 100+ Years
  74. Frequency
  75. Concerns
  76. Claustrophobia
  77. Access to Med Beds
  78. Testing of Med Beds
  79. Number of Visits for Results
  80. Future of Healthcare
  81. FDA
  82. Home Use
  83. Prosperity





  2. Med Beds. They use a technology to transform your body to its optimum health by using the original codes in your DNA. This technology has been tested. With this technology, our society will move to focus on wellness rather than illness in the medical field.  There will be no reason for any industry to profit from illnesses.  With the Med Beds, every human being will be able to freely restore health and live a healthy life into older ages than we’ve recently been able to experience.
  3. Technology. This technology has been available for 50 years and is perfectly safe. The Secret Space Program has successfully used it over the last 50 years.



  2. Med Beds are being set up in specialized healing centers.  Initially they will be available away from the current health care system. When the med bed technology is disclosed, hospitals and big pharma will be phased out.  This is because our medical system will not longer be based on illness but on wellness.

The technology will be completely funded by the white hats/military.

  1. There will be no cost to use the Med Beds. They will be available to the public free of charge.  The cost of the Med Beds will be paid by the military and white hats.


  2. Each country will have a central center for people to book an appointment. The first appointment will be a consultation which will involve a medical history and full body exam.  Then the patient’s information will be entered into a quantum computer in which the computer will decide the urgency of the patients’ medical needs.  A nearby center will be scheduled based on that assessment.
  3. Launch.  Anticipated LaunchCurrently, it is anticipated that appointments will start mid-

January 2022. That date may change due to military activity.

Initially, the Med Beds will be heavily controlled by the military for a time period, so the        technology does not get abused.  There will not be any preferential treatment because of status in society.  All people will be treated fairly and beds will be available first for the people who are in critical need.

  1. National.  When the Med Beds are released, a national call-in line will be set up for people to book appointments.
  2. Production. Med Beds are being replicated using advanced technology. It’s estimated that 1,000 Med Beds per day can be produced for distribution.


  2. Medical Staff. Med Beds are an advanced medical technology. At first Med Beds will only be available to specific healing centers and will not be available to purchase for your own clinic or home. Like all advanced medical technology, there is quite a bit of training needed to safely use the technology. It also takes a substantial amount of knowledge regarding biological, medical, and disease. For someone with no medical training, it would take at least 12 to 18 months of training. When they are first rolled out, the Med Beds will only be used by professional medical staff who have been trained by military personnel.

The clinics will be run by the medical departments of the military alongside benevolent beings.  Those who will be using the beds as practitioners will be asked to work by invitation only. Later, there will be courses and job openings available for medical professionals.

A person cannot operate this medical technology without medical training. For instance, if you have a patient with heart failure or with severe injuries from a car accident, you need to know first aid and how to treat the patient prior to entry into the Med Bed.

A professional will need to know how to read certain anomalies which the bed is picking up. Many people will not understand the MEDICAL technology.  This is not technology that someone can simply push a button to operate. It’s not like that at all.

  1. Centers. My understanding is initially they will be in the main centers scattered throughout each state and not available for purchase. As far as I know your application will depend on need, already available services. There will be opportunity for other technologies while waiting if they are needed.
  2. Training. Do you know if there will be a training schedule for either Med Beds or the lesser tech available for those that haven’t been indoctrinated at a university? There may be a short supply of doctors since many of them will be brought up on charges for crimes against humanity.

Basically, health care workers or people with medical knowledge who are truly of a higher vibration will be approached first. Initially medical professionals will be selected by invitation only.

People will be trained in all the types of Med Beds as each center will have multiple types of beds.  Each staff member will need to be trained to operate the Med Beds.

  1. No Cost for Training. The military and benevolent beings will provide the training. There is no cost for the training initially. The type of training will be relevant to your individual background. For example, an assistant nurse will require more training than a brain surgeon.
  2. Team. If you want to have a Med Bed Center, you’ll need six operating rooms and seven Med Beds; two in one of the rooms that would need to be extra-large.  There will need to be a pre-procedure room and a recovery room. Both with about 30 beds each. Also, an overnight ward with about 27 rooms, each with four or so beds. There would also need to be approximately 15 to 20 counsellors plus any other holistic staff. You also need support staff like receptionists, cafeteria staff, cleaners, laundry staff, wardsmen, etc. Then come the doctors and technicians who will be operating the beds. In addition, you’ll need many nurses for pre and post care. It’s an enormous task which is why for quite some time, Med Beds will be controlled by the military and alliance.


  2. Initial Appointment. Procedures last anywhere from a few minutes to 15 hours depending on what you’re having done. So, when you call your national center, they will set up the initial consultation with the center near you. When arrive to the consultation session, the medical staff will go review your medical history. At that session, you will have a full body scan usually wearing a type of hospital gown that only lasts a few minutes.  Then they will discuss the findings of the scan and the details of your results.  You’ll discuss what you want done and that information will be entered in the computer. Then the computer will decide on where you will be placed on the list, and you will be notified of your treatment date, time and place.

On the day of your treatment, when you arrive, you’ll be asked to change into a gown and given a light sedative.  Then when you get on the bed, a sleeping gas will be released.  This gas will keep you asleep for the duration of your treatment. When the treatment is complete you will be moved to the recovery area and seen by medical professionals.  You may also be seen by counsellors depending on what type of procedure you have experienced.

  1. Sessions. The majority of issues will be healed with one visit. More complex cases may require up to 3 sessions.
  2. Preparation for a Session. Everyone is given a sedative before going in the bed then put to sleep for the duration of the treatment whether it’s a few minutes or 15 hours.  Claustrophobia is not an issue.
  3. Priority. The unvaccinated will take priority over vaccinated. People who have suffered side effects from willingly injecting poison into their bodies from vaccines will be treated after those who did not vaccinate. Tons of information has been available regarding the potential dangers of vaccines for some time.  Everyone was able to do their homework and learn about the potential harm.  Those who were born with severe illnesses and have diseases with other medical issues will access the Med Beds first. Everyone had a choice of whether to get a vaccine.  The risks were available for everyone to choose for themselves.

Even though there will be priorities for the unvaccinated, it is anticipated that all individuals needing treatment will be promptly treated.  There is no need for concern as to being treated in a Med Bed.

  1. Homelessness. There will be humanitarian teams who will reach out to the homeless for treatment. No one is left behind.
  2. Expectations. You will also need to realize, with Nesara/Gesara the world will change as we see it now. There won’t be homeless, panhandlers, poverty, suffering, or starvation. EVERYTHING will be changing.


  2. Health Benefits. Med Beds can correct patient medical issues to restore an individual’s body to optimum state.
  3. Regrowing Organs. The beds can replace or grow limbs and organs.
  4. New Bones and Healing. For those who have a prosthesis, the prosthesis will be removed by the bed and dissolved so beneficial healing can be carried out.
  5. Surgery. Surgeries in the Med Beds will give immediate results. For example, a baseball pitcher needing surgery can get into a Med Bed and be ready to pitch very soon after the treatment. In actuality, they will be ready to pitch before they wake up and get out of the Med Bed.


  1. VAX Damage. The beds can reverse the damage caused by the vax, however those who are unvaxxed and have natural injuries, their injuries will be a priority.
  2. Heart Patients. Med Beds heal heart issues of all types.
  3. Addictions. Yes. Addictions can be healed.  But people will still need to work on why they became addicted in the first place.
  4. Dissolving of surgery added pieces. The beds will dissolve any surgically added pieces and repair the damage, returning the body to the healthy state before the issues began.
  5. Chemo. The Med Bed not only heals the damage done from chemo but returns the body to complete health removing all abnormal growths.
  6. Allergies. Allergies will be eliminated.
  7. Dentistry. All Dental issues will be repaired. And teeth will regenerate.  Teeth will also restraighten if needed.
  8. Overweight. Yes. You can return to your ideal weight.
  9. Vision & Hearing. Yes. Your vision and hearing can return to its optimum state. Cataracts can be corrected as well.
  10. Scars. Scars will be repaired and will disappear.
  11. Schizophrenia. Mental issues can be repaired.
  12. Autistic. Autistic kids can be helped with healing.
  13. Ortho. Ortho issues such as the adjustment of bones and bone correction will be handled as well.
  14. Depression. DEPRESSION will be helped gradually. Eventually an individual will have to deal with the trauma in a positive way. There will be many spiritually trained counsellors both human and non-human to help anyone with depression.
  15. Improvements. Med Beds can make someone more empathetic, intelligent, etc. Additional languages can be learned/downloaded as well.  It is important however, to have a reason to use the improvements you are requesting for download.  For instance, there wouldn’t be a reason to download all languages on this planet if you don’t plan to use them.  And a big part of the experience on this planet is the process of learning the knowledge that you need.
  16. Perfect Health. Beds will restore your body to optimum health.
  17. Heal the Mind. When you heal the mind, you heal the body.
  18. Vitality. The Med Beds return individuals to optimum health. If you are 80 years of age for example, you will have the best health for and 80-year-old. That doesn’t mean you will be as agile and fit as if you were 30. Age regression is possible to extend your life.  Not everyone will be approved for age regression.  It’s not something that is taken lightly.  It will be approved for the right purposes.
  19. Issues from Birth. The beds can correct issues that even showed up at birth.
  20. DNA. Med Beds will reverse genetic expressions that are turned off such as MTHFR, estrogen dominance, and methylation issues with the detox and cleanup of DNA.


  2. Hair. You can change your hair color and your hair growth.
  3. Eye. You can change your eye color.  Eyesight and eye issues can be repaired as well.
  4. Height. Your height can be changed however, only under extreme circumstances.
  5. Gender. Med Beds can switch gender back to your original gender if desired.
  6. Memories. All memories will return if they were subdued.
  7. Tattoos. Med Beds can remove tattoos.
  8. Teeth. Teeth can be straightened and regrown.
  9. Smoking. Med Beds can undo damage from years of smoking.
  10. Knowledge. Information downloads are possible. Any information can be downloaded to your brain including other languages.  However, part of the human experience is the acquiring of knowledge.


  2. What is Excluded? Mental and emotional trauma will not be fixed. The technology can suppress the memories but at some point, you will need to deal with the trauma.
  3. Ascension. It seems that the Med Bed only fixes the physical body, but the emotional and mental issues is something that each person will need to work on themselves. Obviously working on those issues is what makes an individual raise their vibration. So perhaps, having a machine to do that would hinder the ascension-process for the person.  That might be why the Med Bed stays focused on healing the physical body.


  2. MAX Three Times. At this time, the only thing that the beds can’t do is age regress someone more than three times as the brain cells are not great for more than two regressions.
  3. Beliefs. Some folks seem to believe that healing must engage our will and all the difficulties that implies. They may believe that they need to resist miraculous healing.

It’s everyone’s choice to believe things like this and we must respect their beliefs.

  1. Free Will. Each person has free will. For those who are negative thinkers, they might leave a Med Bed session and by the next day be as they were prior to the Med Bed due to their thinking. Some people enjoy their problems and pain.

Med Beds and the new earth are not here to change people to how you prefer them to be. This technology is here to assist health and vitality physically. It is each soul’s choice to think, feel and behave a certain way in order for that soul to experience that particular life and it’s against universal law to interfere with that choice of experience.


  2. Age Regression. The Secret Space Program has not perfected the technology to deal with the effects on the brain from age regression. Age regression is a very different process than healing. The technology works differently in age regression than it does for healing.

At the present time, if you age regress more than three times then dementia, scar tissue, neurological and motor skills issues become more likely.

  1. Age Regression Limits. You can be age regressed twice safely. The third time, the brain cells begin to die.


  1. PETS
  2. Pets. The beds work on pets as well. That includes all animals.  Dogs, Cats, Horses and any living creature for that matter.  All animals can benefit from Med Bed technology.


  2. Lifestyle. People may need some education on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that they are not dependent on technology. It’s like if you have a treatment and then you keep going back and doing all the stuff you’ve been doing, your results may start to fade.  And yes, there will need to be better lifestyle choices in many cases.
  3. Lifespan. You cannot choose to live forever. You can regress no more than three times after that brain cells begin to die. You would need a soul transfer to continue.
  4. 100 Years+. Yes. You will be able to live more than 100 years and be healthy.  In fact, it will be possible for people to be able to live for more than 200 years.
  5. Frequency. The frequency and energy patterns access the DNA and the way it organizes itself geometrically. The DNA itself is an antenna, drawing the frequencies/energies from the primordial source (field).  Therefore, each person is specific in his personal expression of the source and even the physical appearance is an expression of its individual aspect.

Being Open to receiving the blessings is VITAL.


  2. See answer in E.2.
  3. Access to Med Beds. See answer in Section E


  1. Testing of Med Beds. See answer in A.2.


  1. Number of Visits for Results. See answer in E.1.


  2. FDA. The FDA does not need to approve this technology. The FDA will be shut down. They are NOT for humanity.
  3. Home use. Med Beds will not be able to be purchased for some time after the initial roll out. As for cost, there is no word on that issue.
  4. Prosperity and Abundance for all. Expect for mankind to have health, prosperity and abundance in the near future.  The Med Beds are part of that prosperity.




Credits:  Information provided by Skye Prince from the Telegram Channel “Skye’s Med Bed Room” 2021, Document “Q&A-MedBeds”

Consolidated writing by Vicki Lea


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  1. I been through so much with the doctors here in Florida. I am nothing buy a research lab rat. From open heart surgery arota replacement, to colon cancer they said. Now they say liver cancer. I told them enough is enough. I got my more scars on my chest and stomach rhan a road map. So I agree with you. I pray a lot, belive with my heart in a higher faith. Jesus is my choice and love him dearly. Wasn't sick a day till I move to Florida. My nightmare stared 8 years ago. It's all about the money!

  2. I would love to hear from whomever is in charge to place a meeting for my husband. He has been through many operations this past year. A bypass that has gotten infected to having it removed and suffering through that process. Then to have new bypasses placed in and now he is swelling in his legs and stomach. It seem to be unending and would love to have him placed into a Med Bed.
    Thank you for your time.

    Sue Whitehouse

  3. The higher ups are hiding this advanced technology unfortunately. Feels just like the movie Elysium.. So sad because there are people who can't wait any longer!!!
    They're most likely located underground in the so called "research facilities"

  4. The information is not complete about the medbeds here. I don't know why it was omitted but the truth of the matter is, they can also change someone's sex and not just make it go back to their original one.


  5. Sadly after ultrasound tests,I have developed A disorder of enlarged prostrate with both kidneys,bladder and ureters.I am fighting to hang on for the Bed-beds treatments, along with my other disabilities of knee joints,skin cancer, under bite jaw structure and missing teeth and surgery scars…unjabbed.

    • There’s news as of Feb22 they will be available this month. I pray it’s correct, I believe it to be and know so many in need. God help us all ????

  6. I do feel sad for the people posting negative comments here. If negativity prevents a person from ascending to 5D, then those folks are going to have a problem. They need to change their outlook and strive to be more optimistic, doing whatever it takes. Help is on the way, and they just have to have FAITH! Personally, I can't WAIT to use a Med Bed, and I hope to still be alive when they become available. I am a former RN and would love to 'age regress' so that I could train to assist with Med Bed technology in some capacity – sounds exhilarating & exciting! And if that's not possible, I would love to be younger & healthier so that I could work with animals in some capacity (i.e., volunteering in animal shelters, owning an animal sanctuary, assisting with pet adoptions, teaching responsible pet ownership, anything with animals, etc.). I pray every night that Med Beds will be released to the public very very SOON, so that we can ALL embark on his magnificent journey together! I'm sure Skye & our militaries will get us there as soon as it's humanly possible!💗

    • Wow… what a ride this had been seeking truth. I am on over load. I believe we are here to live life in LOVE. I definitely can use this, as well as spiritual healing. My journey this far has alot of pain and I am Ready to heal. I would like to be a part of this… not just for me but for Humanity. My soul would be filled if I can be a part of all of this and help others, animals, and nature. #HUMANITY????

  7. Worked in the medical field …mostly different doctors offices for many many years. Love the medical field for healing people but knew and saw it was a scam…so I left after 37 years to train myself in alternative medicine…Holistic! I was trained in all aspects of medicine from…labs…surgery….X-rays. I am now in my 70,s and really miss helping heal people. Slight problem with COPD and normal aging issues. Hoping I can be trained to work with these med beds. I am always teaching myself daily and would love to be trained in this field..even learning SPANISH NOW. I LIVE IN Georgia close to TALLAHASSEE,FLA. PLEASE CONTACT ME

  8. I was trained in full body ultrasound; cardio, upper/lower extremities, OB/GYN, abdominal, trans cranial doppler (with/without contrast) penile brachial, abdominal & renal studies. I would like to be trained to be trained to operate the med beds.

  9. I have a failing heart…angina after having a heart attack in 2017. I have Interstitial cystitus in which the meds are causing problems with my sight, serious arthritis throughout my spine which is causing back and nerve issues….and My lungs are becoming weaker. I completed college as a single Mom…have a degree in psychology and almost completed a masters degree. I knew as a child I was supposed to help people somehow by talking to them. Due to my family background…etc…etc, I wound up in the substance abuse field for 30 yrs knowing that was where God wanted me. I even had my own outpatient facilities for 16 years from Wichita Falls through the DFW metroplex and on to Waco Tx. I am still active physically, socially and spiritually. I would love to be a med bed tech (not afraid of training). I still have much to live for. I DID NOT TAKE THE COVID VACINE and no tests…Being a serious Patriot I have tried to spread the information through the internet to all who are not awake, losing friends and acquaintances because of it…I myself am not totally there but pray for knowledge and understanding. I need help with my health in order to keep doing and growing. Thank you for consideration.

  10. Heard about this technology recently. Looking for a center with the device/ technology in South Florida. Did not see on website but heard there was a center locally. Please confirm where? Thank you

    • Med beds have not yet been released and no locations have been announced. There are people who have med bed type healing but it's not the same as this. Anybody who wants to charge you money for anything is a scammer and there is no list to get on yet

  11. My brother-in-law has cancer of the throat for the second time now. He had surgery but since it's wrapped around his Carotid Artery they couldn't get it all. Now it's growing again. It's pushing against his windpipe & had to get a trach last week. He's also on a feeding tube. Please let me know if you have Medbeds available in SW Florida. I pray he can be healed soon.

    • Sounds like he will need help sooner than later. Research ivermectin and Fenbenzanol on the telegram app for him to start right now. Medbeds are great, but some need treatments a lot sooner. Courses of both separately would be good. I hope it is not inappropriate to reply this here, but I hope he gets healed quick. God bless!

    • Check into B17; apricot seeds. Best if body is alkaline; cancer, runs on body being acidic. I would try carnivore diet and few carbs. Grassfed beef and organic veggies, green beans are low in carbs, brocolli, cabbage, I think all cruciferous veggies. Also, might try ivermectin and prayer.

  12. I hope your information is accurate and true, otherwise you are evil for spreading false hope. Your overt hostility toward those who have been vaccinated isn't well received. Remember the world was and is being lied to aka decades of brainwashing and propaganda. The majority of the world isn't awake yet and people were literally forced to take the jab due to their working, traveling, or schooling situations. I highly doubt they'll be snubbed and deprioritized because they got the clot shot. What a terrible thing to say.

  13. I’ve been bedridden since I was forced to stop teaching kindergarten due to a broken gag layer in my bladder. I’m in pain levels 8-10. Interstitial Cystitis with Pelvic Floor Disfunction, pinched pudendal nerve from pain. Constipation is maddening for me, from 5 year’s previous opioid scripts NEEDED FOR PAIN. When Covid appeared, pain doctor took my pain relief meds away from me.

    I’m unvaxed.

    Please email me when the healing sources are ready, ie: MedBeds. I’ve heard they are off shore being used for healing sex trafficked children and adults. Also used to erase memories Military of the horrific things they have seen. I’m grateful they are getting the help they need first….. soon we will all be healed.

    Text me, I’m in Utah…. [email protected].
    God bless you all so very much.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023 the Great Awakening is here! Hallelujah ❤️🙏🏼🇺🇸
    God has heard our prayers.

  14. Thank you so much for this information! It is so needed by sick people. My belief is that the Benevolent Beings are Angels. I am looking forward to the Med Beds coming soon. President Trump should be back soon and that is when everything will begin to change for Greatness! The Most High God's Blessings to you and all God's people. Amen!!

  15. I wish you people wouldn't keep yammering on about MedBeds when the only thing you can offer people about them is false hope concerning the dates they'll be rolled out.

    First it was December 2020, then it was January 2021, then it was November 2021, then it was January 2022 – you're making yourselves look stupid while upsetting people in desperate need.

    Far better to say nothing about them until they are actually, literally and physically being rolled out, than scamming people for money with lies.

    In any event, I first heard about them from President Trump and he's the only one I'll trust to let us know when they're being rolled out – if at all.

    • I so agree with you . I’m a retired ER Nurse . I would love also to take the route of animal shelters and adoptions . I would also love to work at these med bed centers . I could also use those med beds for a personal abdominal surgery that went wrong, where I nearly died.

    • Me too!!!! And I have an MSN & MBA. I am sickened by what has happened in healthcare and I want to take part in healing people! That’s why I became a nurse to begin with. I stay now to be an advocate and a voice for the patients that don’t know any better. But I yearn for something more, wholistic, natural and I love the idea of vibration to heal the body!

  16. Jack Blades
    I am hopeful to be part of the future group of Med-Bed healing appointments .
    I am a 85 year old veteran with arthritic painful disabled bone to bone knee joints, extensive skin cancers over entire body and shoulder surgery for spindle cell carcinoma cancer .and a under bite jaw structure with most missing teeth, …unvaccinated.
    living in West Palm Beach, Florida 33404
    Contact [email protected] 561-232– 0647


  18. I believe that Med-Beds are a joke!! Where is the plant that can produce 1,000 beds/day?
    How can I make an appointment?
    You are giving false hope to people who really need it.
    I have ALS and am totally bed-ridden, so I would love for Med-Beds to be true. Unfortunately I don’t believe they are.

    • I am sorry for your medical condition. I do believe that there are Med beds. The technology for these particular beds was given to us by off-worlders many years ago and the whole thing stifled by the cabal/ Illuminati. Since your illness is Progressive and fast moving there's no way of knowing if these Med beds will come out in time for you but I hope they will and I'm praying for you.

  19. The hospital system has severely hurt the man known as my father and we are fighting to keep him alive at home; i and the other men and woman in my family are doing everything we can to heal, the medical system caused great harm to this man that wants to live! He is in urgent need of a med bed. If anyone can help, please email me at softail2015

    • No. They are not yet available anywhere. There are other forms of medbeds but they aren't the ones referred to here. These Med beds when they are finally released will be free of cost. Anyone who tells you differently or tries to get a down payment from you is a scammer. So don't fall for that trap. Best of luck

  20. How can I find out about med beds for animals? Will it be possible to have a mobile med bed for large animals on farms? Or maybe even as a business make it convenient for the owner and to keep the animal more comfortable in their home. Considering it may be difficult to move a sick cow or horse. These could also be used at zoos or house calls for elderly that can't manage to drive to the vet's office. Just wondering as a humanitarian project.

  21. My Aunt has Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer they think, even though it acts like colon cancer. They have made her very I’ll and frail. She took care of her elderly mother for years, Even gave up her home to do it. Now she was about to be able to be with her sons and grandkids in a new place but got ill & the treatments have devastated her body. Please help if possible. We will fly her wherever necessary. She is full of love and deserves a chance at happiness after all of this hardship. We will get her anywhere you need us to. Thank you so much for your consideration and all that you are bringing to our world. May God bless you all.

  22. My mother has cancer and dementia – to me she is to young to leave this life and I've been told if I can get her to a med bed treatment she may have a chance – please tell me if there are any setups in or around Tulsa Oklahoma – please help me to save her she is my hero. thank you!

    • My husband passed because he could not follow the Gerson therapy (which is organic eating only veggies and fruit). But I am still researching cancer due to almost passing myself of cancer….and my mom had it also. I have found that intermittent fasting has some real benefits for cancer. Fasting cleans up the body of old and poorly acting cells! Your body will consume malfunctioning cells as an energy source! This is a quick and easy way to address cancer cells. I am trying this myself combined with eating organic veggies and fruit. Sending loving prayers and may the Lord bless her and you for seeking help. God bless you!


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