Prepare for Change Healing Team is inviting you to a Healing Offering on Zoom


With Paula Rowe

Saturday January 22, 2022 8:00am Pacific / 10:00am Central / 11am Eastern US/Canada

We as Divine children of the one true source of light have always had this great healing tool with us at all times.

Why are most people afraid to fully breathe?

Paula Rowe is a certified Breath worker.  She has trained with and assisted Leonard Orr (Founder of Rebirthing International) in and out of this country.  Paula also trained with ​Sondra Ray’s Loving Relationship Training Program, where she became a very successful teacher, transformational coach, and lecturer.  Breathwork is and always will be her most loved modality of healing work. In 1993, she traveled to the Island of Curacao where she taught a Two-part Breathwork intensive with the schoolteachers of the island. This experience changed the way the children were being taught their history and elevated the consciousness of the school system. Her private practice evolved to many clients from Europe. She was residing on the Beach in S Florida at the time. Paula then moved to Miami, and met Diane Aliana Torrey who founded Light Touch Healing, the two of them opened a center in the Miami Springs area. Eventually they combined their gifts and combined healing which became The Espira Breath Experience.

The true nature of the ancient power of the breath is being revealed, Breath is life, life is Breath, and Breath is from the direct heart of All That Is. Pure Divine energy of infinite worth. Re-remembering the way home, from the place of divine alchemy in the inner sanctuary of our own body.

Lets Breath together and Unify in the power of the Breath. Our breath is waiting for us to awaken to its dynamic force of purging out all false realities within.

Please join us for this breathwork session with Paula.

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If you would like to participate in our upcoming session, or if you have topic idea or a guest speaker in mind, please send an email to [email protected] so we can help make it happen!

If you have not previously attended one of our public offerings on zoom, please familiarize yourself with our protocols listed below.


To maintain a smooth, distraction-free Zoom call, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the Zoom platform.  If this is your first time on Zoom, don’t worry. We were all new at one time and we can walk you through the basics.

  1. Please mute your mic upon entering the room. This helps eliminate background noise, feedback, or other distortions that can disrupt the flow of communication.  Please keep your mic muted until your turn to speak.  If able, have your video on.
  1. If you have a concern or find yourself emotionally triggered by something stated, please type a note in the chat box and a volunteer will assist you by opening a breakout room. This creates a separate safe space for you and a volunteer to talk in private.
  1. Questions or comments about the topic of discussion should be verbalized and not placed in the chat as it’s quite distracting for the guest speaker.  When verbalized, everyone benefits! (Links are OK to share in the chat for all to see).   If you would like to contribute to the discussion, please use the raise hand button within the app and remember to lower your hand as soon as you are acknowledged to speak.  If your hand has been raised and you still have not been acknowledged, please mention this in the chat so a volunteer may assist.
  1. Please limit your comments/shares to about 2 to 3 minutes maximum so everybody may have the opportunity to contribute to the discussion. Mute your mic when finished speaking.
  1. Be respectful in your communications and do not interrupt others who have been acknowledged to speak. Use the zoom reaction buttons to raise your hand, react to a comment, to support a speaker, or vote.  Please, do not speak until your name is called AND do not speak over others who have been acknowledged to talk.

 Recording and your Privacy

Prepare for Change strives to protect the privacy and security of all participants in our zoom calls.  Most of our conversations are not recorded.  However, from time to time, we may have a guest speaker or a topic that we wish to record and post on the web site for the benefit of all members.  You will always be notified in advance of such an event.  If you do not wish to be recorded on a zoom call, simply turn off your video.  You also have the option to change your name as it appears on screen or to use only a first name.

Thank you!!

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Rev. Kat Carroll
I've been interested in all things related to metaphysics, parapsychology, spirituality and anything related to space since childhood. I'm the kid who used to let the Jehova Witness and Mormans into the house so I could ask a million questions. I've always wanted to be of service and ended up working as an EMT and later in law enforcement. A family job transfer lead me to Washington State for 5 years where I went back to studying spiritual phenomenon and meeting some fascinating people. I've had several initiations, was taught energy healing and became certified in Reiki III over the final 3 years. I had a larger awakening and understanding of how it Reiki worked, remote sensing and more after returning to CA in 2001. I love researching and now writing and being a spokesperson for benevolent contact with NHIB through the practice of meditation. I experienced a spontaneous healing and not long after the "quickening" of 12/21/2012, began having more paranormal experiences, including seeing the UFOs, and orbs that fly over at night. I'm also a volunteer /Admin for ETLetsTalk and love teaching others how to make that connection that I know will one day lead us out of the darkness and into a brighter future.


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