THE SUN has been exceptionally busy this week! Within the span of a 24-hour period on Monday-Tuesday (depending on your time zone), it released six M-class solar flares and eleven C-class flares. This is a very large number of medium-range flares, which also initiated at least three coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that are scheduled to reach Earth on March 31-April 1.

It’s not only the number of solar flares, but also the timing of the incoming wave of CMEs that has caught my attention. Those CMEs will be arriving right around the time of the New Moon at 11:24 p.m. PDT on Thursday, March 31 (6:24 am GMT on Friday, April 1).

At the time of the lunation, the Aries Moon will be conjunct (aligned with) the Sun, Messenger planet Mercury, and Chiron the Wounded Healer. In a show of cosmic synchronicity, solar flares and CMEs are said to carry downloads of information (Mercury) and healing energy (Chiron) directly to Earth.

WHEN A SOLAR FLARE erupts, it releases energy that reaches the Earth in about eight minutes. If a CME is created when the flare occurs, there’s a delay of three to four days before that extra energy wave reaches us. According to the NOAA website, “CMEs are a large expulsion of plasma and magnetic field from the Sun’s corona. They can eject billions of tons of coronal material and carry an embedded magnetic field.”

Both solar flares and CMEs can affect life on planet Earth, in various ways. When flares are especially powerful, they can disrupt radio communications. They can also heat the Earth’s outer atmosphere, which can impact Earth-orbiting satellites. When a CME causes a geomagnetic storm, we usually see incredible auroras at the higher latitudes, but technology can be adversely affected. A geomagnetic storm has been blamed for the loss of 40 of the 49 Starlink satellites that were launched earlier this year.

THOSE WHO ARE SENSITIVE to flare activity may have both physical and emotional/mental symptoms that seem to appear out of nowhere when solar flares are strong. Nervous energy is heightened, so people may be more easily reactive, even angry. Physically, there can be digestive issues, upset stomach, sleep disturbances, headaches and other unusual aches and pains, ear ringing or head buzzing, vision changes, dizzy spells, hot flashes, feeling energetically depleted or overly excited, forgetfulness, heart palpitations and thymus fluttering, and more. Emotionally, some may feel depressed or sad for no apparent reason. All of these symptoms depend on the individual, and what is needed to be cleared from the various energy bodies.

With CMEs, we have the benefit of signs that we can point to in the natural world, as evidence of their effect on our reality. Auroras dance in the skies when a wave of charged particles from the Sun interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field, causing a geomagnetic storm.

Here’s a succinct explanation of auroras from the EarthSky website: “When charged particles from the sun strike atoms in Earth’s atmosphere, they cause electrons in the atoms to move to a higher-energy state. When the electrons drop back to a lower energy state, they release a photon: light. This process creates the beautiful aurora.”

The stronger the geomagnetic storm, the more dramatic the auroras, and more likely it is that they will spread beyond their usual viewing range in the higher latitudes. With a fairly strong storm in the forecast for late this week, the SpaceWeather website predicts that “naked-eye auroras may descend into the USA as far south as New York and Idaho (geomagnetic latitude 55o).”

SELF-CARE IS VITAL when we’re dealing with so much solar activity. Electromagnetics have a very drying effect, which is one reason for the pressure headaches and other physical pains. Because of this, be sure to drink plenty of fluids (electrolytes especially) this week. You might also want to look into magnesium supplements and B vitamins to help the nervous system adapt to the heightened energies.

As always, consult with your healthcare provider regarding any symptoms that are causing you concern, as well as about the supplements that are best for you. 

THE HEALING POTENTIALS in this week’s combination of solar and astrological activity are enormous. However, as often happens, we may experience a healing crisis of sorts before the process is complete. As high-frequency energies are conducted through dense matter, there is a breaking apart of blockages, which then must be released. This can be accomplished through short-term emotional or physical symptoms.

An excellent article by Raelene Byrne explains: “Solar flares and photonic waves exert a powerful effect on our physical cellular level, causing our cellular memories to awaken and clear. Unprocessed emotions from past traumas and experiences are stored in the form of low frequency energy as cellular memories. Photonic waves from the sun consist of higher frequency energy that serves to elevate the lower emotional frequency of our cellular memories. As these cellular memories are re-calibrated to the higher frequency, we may find ourselves spontaneously releasing the lower emotions of sadness, anger, and grief, without knowing why.” (The full article, entitled “Solar Flares and Consciousness,” is online at the healingenergytools website.)

WITH CHIRON IN ARIES, we are in the process of healing whatever is interfering with our knowing and claiming our individual identity, our right to BE. The wound of Chiron in Aries is a fear that we don’t have the right to have our own needs and desires, and that we are ultimately unworthy. Symptoms of this Chiron wound include self-doubt, insecurities, and a paradoxical tendency to explode in aggression and anger. In this last symptom, it is the small fearful child within that believes it must throw a tantrum in order to get its needs met.

With that in mind, we may see some temper tantrums, or experience them ourselves, as we roll through the energies of the New Moon/CME wave. If you find yourself in a small or grand rage, find a way to move the energy: take a power walk, dig in the garden, throw rocks into a pond. The point is to get the energy to move through you and be released, so that it no longer inhibits your evolution.

AND OF COURSE, once we have tended to the symptoms that we personally are experiencing, we are called to have patience, gentleness, and compassion, with ourselves and with others. We are all navigating these storms together, at the same time, and some will deal with it better than others.

As we do this work, we help and heal ourselves, but we are also mending the tear in the tapestry of the universe that we signed up to be responsible for. It is this healing, the healing of the Aries assertiveness, that is much needed now.

I’LL BE POSTING about any new solar activity on my facebook page this week, as well as updates on the predicted arrival of the CMEs and more. The probabilities for more solar flares remain high today: 99% for C-class flares, 50% for M-class flares, and 10% for X-class flares (the strongest level).

Please visit my “Pam Younghans” facebook page if you want to keep informed, and for other helpful articles.

In peace and with gratitude,

**By Pam Younghans

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  1. Oh ha, when I noticed this post and read “Solar flares and photonic waves exert a powerful effect on our physical cellular level, causing our cellular memories to awaken and clear", I think I know now, how I suffered from bronchitis, starting with a sore throat, since Monday April 4th. Last time I was sick is over 40 years ago… I lost count. I've had severe bronchitis as a child, about the age of 8, and had to learn to walk again. First time I stepped out of bed I fell on the floor…. no strength in my legs! My small life began anew in a way.

    This time, many years later, I found myself exhausted, coughing from my toes up, with muscle pain and headaches as a result. Full of chagrin, demotivation and dullness, with cotton puffs in my head. I've let the cookies burn so black that the neighbour came at the door, worried. I've used a self-test and it isn't the virus. To this day, I'm free of it, also from vaccines and PCR tests.

    Yesterday I suddenly remembered the HCL aka Plaquenil tablets in my bathroom and felt it was a good thing to begin using them. Started yesterday early evening with 1 tablet of 200 mg, just to be on the safe side (the first time I use this remedy) slept the whole night through, thank goodness, felt much better, and took the 2nd tablet around 8 am this morning. In serious conditions with the virus, patients receive 400 mg daily. (who are lucky enough to have an American Frontline Doctor).

    My breathing was much better, this morning, not so much with rattle sounds, which often ends with coughing, and I could inhale deeply again! gosh, that was such a relief. When the Solar flares affect my body, which is possible, to me, it's an amazing experience how free-breathing, and taking enough oxygen through your blood circulation, affect one's mood and sparkle.

    Mine was pretty dull a few days, with no sense of humour, and that's a rare thing for me to miss that sparkle. Broken nights aren't my favourite ones, due to coughing spells. It's now 17:30 pm and the next dose of Plaquenil will be 18 pm. I'm pleased to find myself in the recovery phase and in a much better mood, enjoying the company of my 2 lovely red kittens Thorin & Meis.

    It's a slow recovery from exhaustion and pain in muscles and hair, and I am now fully convinced, that moving around with fluid in one's upper lung parts, works therapeutically, and prevents it from getting stuck and filling up more. Why I'm saying this? I've often slept in a half-sitting position, during the last few days.

    The treatment of patients with fluid in their lungs was to place them in a bed, put them into a coma and attach them to a ventilator. Worst case scenario! In normal hospital procedures, such patients need to at least sit upright, leaning against cushions, when they're exhausted, but otherwise, they need to walk around, get fresh air (but stay warm of course), and keep moving about.

    I've spoken to a nurse about this, and she told me of this procedure. She told me how the treatment of an induced coma and the ventilator left a patient often wrecked, with organ functions in decline and in a state of disorientation, emotionally vulnerable for a long time, after leaving the hospital. Those who take this patient home are made to believe that it's due to the virus.

    See how the fear propaganda works in intricate ways? First, we choose who to believe, and second, we take his/her word for it. The eternal trust in a mommy and daddy who know what's best for us.
    It's a subject I'm walking around and sit with, often, with walks through memory lanes.

    I'm so happy that I trusted my parents only to a certain degree and that much was programming! Except for the love they tried to give their 9 children in the most difficult years of breakups in church, resulting also in the break up of our family at large. We were a minister's family, living in a glasshouse. Although the tree never dies, this apple fell farthest from it, that's for sure 😉🧙‍♀️⭐🌞

    More info on solar observation close up, going strong for many years, by a daredevil of a man,
    here's Ben Davidson's YouTube Channel
    Here's Ben's video about "Ben vs Entire NASA Climate Team"

    Although I've sparred with Ben a few times, and received his disdain, for he knows better, pedantic as he is, I'm on board with Ben's NASA reports on climate change disclosure. We're made to fear for our exhalations of Co2 causing our planet to wither and die. That's a precursor, it's my logic, of an agenda, with the design of a fairy tale in which a virus causes us to hold our breath by choking on lung fluid, and consequently leave our planet due to deathly forms of treatments. such as mRNA vaccines which are in essence, for the first time (as far as we know) made with gene technology.

    Experimental vaccines that are meant to treat an artificial virus. The planet is saved that way, hurray, for the culprits have no other option than wanting to stay on this third rock from the Sun 🌞
    Isn't it a comfort to know that there's an escape route? Without first destroying Gaia? She will live.

  2. The Sun is Energy. It is God Source. It really is that simple. And it is Not as far away as they like us to believe.


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