By Ice Age Farmer,

Even as Biden and Trudeau announce food shortages, farmers are being paid to STOP farming. Chickens are now “illegal animals” in more municipalities, requiring a permit, “due to bird flu.” The EU is culling livestock as they run out of animal feed, and the Netherlands is seriously considering a meat tax. — And yet, there is a resurgence of regenerative agriculture and community victory gardens, as people realize it is UP TO US to feed our families going forward! Christian breaks down the latest developments in the Food Wars in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.


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  1. For people who have been paying attention, WE have been hearing this for YEARS!
    We left the city 3 YEARS ago and moved into an Organic Valley with nothing but farms and ranches.
    We also grow our own food, raise hens, bees and more.
    Most ppl cant live like we do because many ppl choose to live in HOAs
    I highly doubt this food situation is as dire as the alt media is screaming it is.
    I am a shareholder at many farms including a raw dairy farm.
    Get a grip people, this fear porn is to wake up the very asleep sheep
    Alot of Americans cant even keep a house plant alive so telling them to grow their own food is laughable really plus most Americans are just too lazy to do it even when they have the land.

    • Thank you for your comment. I am so sick of this fear mongering. I have yet to see this food shortage where I live. The prices have skyrocketed before they could manufacture the fake shortage. They are trying very hard.

      • Farms in my area are producing alot of food all year round in greenhouses.
        But seriously Cecille the fear porn over LACK is being used not only by the MSM but the ALT media too.
        They claim its just them trying to warn us but its obvious its all Baloney
        Stores in very densely populated areas like NYC are obviously in lack but that is an engineered crisis.
        Just look around stores are not in lack for the most part.
        We need to move on and I have all but stopped looking at news because of this Lying media.


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