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Many websites that have alternative information are laced with what is known as ‘astral tagging.’ The ‘astral tagging’ is for the purpose of ensnaring people’s minds into negative thought matrices. I’ve found that 2012portal is among the websites that ensnare. Part of the ensnarement is to give guilt trips to those who dissent. Whether it is negative forces infesting 2012portal with ensnarement, or if it’s organic to 2012portal, or a combination, is irrelevant. The bottom line is to avoid ensnarement. This means stopping all thought process associated with 2012portal and other similar websites. Any website that preaches ‘love and light’ while abuse is continually allowed in the world is probably designed to ensnare, because ‘love and light’ in the current situation has become a source of extreme cognitive dissonance, which is another key ingredient in negative thought matrices. Yes, love and light positive, but no, love and light is not the solution to every problem.

I do not like giving future timeframes, and have had issues with others who gave future timeframes. This was because their timeframes were not based on common sense, but instead on claims that cannot be verified. I will give a timeframe for planetary liberation here though, but only because I’m using common sense:

It is my finding that the current timeline will not lead to planetary liberation for several years, if not longer. I’m stating this based on the patterns I’m seeing. Progress is, and has been, at a snail’s pace at best. Thus, priorities need to change. It’s up to the individual to set oneself free only, and to completely disassociate happiness and well-being with planetary liberation. The individual needs to stop caring about what happens in the world at large, and only focus on setting oneself free.

Part of self-liberation is avoiding the guilt trap for making personal liberation a priority. The guilt-trap is to feel selfish. Oneself is always condemned by ensnaring sites when no longer focusing on the ‘larger picture.’ Cobra spoke of ‘tending one’s own garden’ in a negative way. Yet, if everyone liberated themselves, there would be planetary liberation.

Self-liberation takes many forms. Some may find self-liberation though helping others. This is a highly individualized matter, so it can include altruism, but is certainly not limited to altruism.

For self-liberation, all forms of news must be avoided, both mainstream and alternative. The reason for this is because virtually all news is negative news. Even news that places a positive light on the situation, such as X22report, is negative, because X22report gives an extremely slow progression toward liberation, and has kept people waiting for several years while only being provided bread crumbs for ‘results’ at best.

Again, it must be very strongly stated that only misery and disappointment will be experienced when placing happiness and well-being on planetary liberation. The diagnosis based on all witnessed patterns for planetary liberation is: World affairs are going to seriously suck ass for a very, very long time before any breakthrough. Someone in their 20’s could very easily not experience planetary liberation in their lifetime. Therefore, the only true place happiness can be found is within personal improvement/liberation, creating a win-win ‘cup runeth over’ personal scenario.

I could be incorrect about the timeframe for planetary liberation in case something ultra-positive and unexpected happens, but nothing unexpected has ever happened thus far. With each action the negative elites take, grossly inadequate countermeasures are in place, and a huge amount of damage is done to countless innocent people in the process. That has never changed, and although something unexpected could happen, it’s destructive to keep expecting something unexpected when nothing unexpected has ever happened before.

Does Mindandmagick get involved in planetary liberation? No. Why? Because he’s probably ‘been there done that’ decades ago when similar claims were made back in the 80’s and so forth. He knows that one’s real life is found in self-improvement through taking charge of one’s own mind. This is why he places so much emphasis on choosing to accept or reject one’s thoughts as a life practice.

Happy self-liberation!

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  1. That sounds interesting…."being present in an undefined, yet focused state" Sounds like "letting go of mind-control by my own mind" HA! I believe, that after a 16-day-bronchitis, with restricted breath for 10 days, I've processed something that might be connected to my bronchitis experience at the age of 8. The strange thing with being ill, this was the 2nd part of April, is that I haven't been ill for over 45 years, not even a cold or a headache. I'm not used to being ill, and so for a while, by this unusual experience, slowing down much, I was withdrawn, taking care of my breath, moved in slow motion, and rested a lot (in between sea lion coughs 😉 that kept me awake at night).

    After the recovery, my condition is refreshed, and strong, with my body asking for movement, working in an oyster-mushroom nursery, also spending much time in nature, absorbing the sun like a sponge, with a renewed appreciation for my immune system, that is supporting me so well. And my very active brain can have a rest as well.

    When I'm working my body reminds me of how it feels to be healthy and fit. I'm much more aware of it and appreciative. By the way, Derek is going to publish a message by Lorie Ladd about how to move through the shadow world, personally and collectively, in this month of May. To me, it's clear, helpful and down to earth, pun intended.

  2. Thanks a bunch, Starry Light, for your rather daring and honest post, within this prepare-for-change "bubble", perceived as such by quite a number of people that I've come to know in the past decades. I'm losing interest myself in following the news here, and regarding the chanting of "Love and Light" plus the other well-known one with victory in it, I'm not joining those ranks AT ALL.

    It's exactly as you wrote, "love and light is not the solution to every problem". I'm not addressing all PFC members and the group in the PFC council, but I believe that there are too many using those slogans as a form of escape from the reality we're living in. Not suggesting that trying times should be the norm, just pointing at the mundane part of living on planet Earth, experiencing life and our expressions in it, while remembering that we're attracting what our self-image dictates.

    The most frequent remark I've heard, about the PFC site, is that the content is too often focused on negative news and drama and that there's more of the same, in general, resulting in the decision to leave when enough is enough and tiredness of the same old…. same old… shows up.

    Also, I've noticed that most comments are either negative, in denial of whatever the post contains, or placing a couple of spoonfuls of the same making as the post itself, without contributing much that makes sense from a fresh point of view, or from an original source. Sometimes, I find an attempt to promote news in a missionary fashion, even repeated, below a post unrelated to what's in the comment.

    A lively exchange, in discussions and an investment in communication between those who visit this site, seems to be missing. I remember that once upon a time a community existed here. Preparing for change isn't really about following the news, the drama, and moving through the troubled practicalities of daily life. It's as many others are saying, and have said "No doing, but being".

    To me, the bottom line is this conscious choice, described by you in a straightforward manner:
    "one’s real life is found in self-improvement through taking charge of one’s own mind". Maybe
    95% of the posts on these pages here, can't bring a person to the awareness of such a choice, make the choice, and act on it. I'm a work in progress, juggling with creativity, in order to try out new approaches, while communicating with those around me, and those of you present here.🍀

    • You make many excellent points. Thank you for the well-thought comment!

      I found that unfortunately, I couldn't stop looking at all the news. It's inescapable, but I then banish all negative thoughts that inevitably arise after seeing any news.

      There is this force at work that wants everyone to be in the same boat, regardless of what part of the spectrum of media they are exposed to – which is to be in a state of doom and misery. When I cashier customers, for example, people are always complaining about how bad prices are and how "everything is just going to keep getting worse" and so forth. The only way out that I've found is to break out of that matrix through self-direction, 'jumping ship.'

      Ironically, the flower of life meditations do still have a use for personal practice. There is great healing power in this, for example:

      It's in individualized matter though. There are many ways to gain the ability to not be 'blown where the wind blows.'

      I find that many people, myself included in the past, become obsessed with planetary affairs to avoid facing their own problems. All the hype becomes an escape for them. Even doom and gloom can be an escape from one's own personal affairs.

      • Yes, Starry Light, I agree with what you're saying. I'm a FOL-workshop attendee of 1996 and the Earth&Sky workshop one year later. These years were the most intense breakthrough years, where much more sprung to life within.

        A whole world opened up for me, and I began to watch the Zeitgeist documentaries of Peter Joseph, a German reporter who condensed a large number of what we now call "conspiracy theories" in one episode. I still remember how overwhelm took me over, in the beginning. I was equally curious and shocked, and gradually I began to feel that there was a whole world behind the world of daily life, the hustle and bustle of making a living.

        I've begun to feel, in those years, end of the 90s, that I accept more readily to be informed and make my choices based on it, as a warned person, than groping in the darkness of dungeons with hidden agendas. And I'm having fun in Sherlock Holmes-style antics, disclosing lies and deception, active in my younger years due to the urge to prove how clever I am, and how heroic, but gradually I'm growing out of that habit. But still, I need to remind myself not to go there… ha!

        Despite the challenge of keeping in mind that one shouldn't "become" what one pays attention to, I know how a chameleon adapts to his environment, by my ability to sense and become what's present around me, even the atmosphere in a room with people. I had to learn to be aware of it and received a very hard lesson about 12 years ago. The details aren't important, it was an event that triggered the cause, and reason for this ability of mine, wrapped in a mix of my need to control and a survival mode. This event was life-changing, teeth-gnashing, and a hot fire burning clean. A blessing in disguise!

        Now, that I know better about boundaries, awareness, observing, and paying attention, I can see how these words ring true: "where attention goes energy flows". Much of the drama showing up in our world at large, now, is like when a cauldron cooking on a fire is closed tight with a lid, and at some point, the lid flies off with a bang, the content flows over, and causes loud hissing, with clouds of steam.

        All abomination of life needs to come out in the open, but this doesn't mean we've got to follow it and watch it all of the time, consumed by it. I love Lorie Ladd's remark about navigating our perceptions in the experiences of news-collecting and watching dramatic footage online. The value of asking ourselves where we draw the line so that our presence throughout our days isn't spoilt by anxiety, fear, and insomnia.

        After a dreary wet and grey winter, I've never felt such an urge to start working outdoors, physically active, creating, and working together with other people, whose projects and goals are mine as well. It's what I've begun, from the end of February, and it pays off! Creating, by doing physical work is a joy forever, I've begun to value this so much more, as a balance with my active mind. To be totally empty-headed after some good work outdoors is the best remedy for me now 🧙‍♀️😂

        • Awesome! Yeah, not being consumed with negativity is extremely important.

          Maybe the work you do outside allows for the accessing of what I call the Undefined – being present in an undefined, yet focused state.


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