Catherine Austin Fitts and John Titus.

AIPAC is the “American Israel Public Affairs Committee”.

Source: Sol-leks

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  1. Nice, they will rebuild cities in Ukraine into NOAHIDE CITIES, TOTAL Ultra-Zionist soft prisons for the goyim. it would be great if they did this(SEND ARMS & millions of US taxpayer dollars or war) for Palestine….. Well, Russia and the world did nothing for 8 years, and 14,000 were murdered in Donbas… that is Ukraine, too. In Palestine… apartheid genocide is going on for 75+ years NO ONE HELPS. and they try to make you believe Azov are nazis, LOL… NO, THEY ARE the Sabbitian Frankish TEMPLE death cult and the Ultra-Zionists. The Roman Empire (Pax Romana) had been followed by the British Empire (Pax Britannica), which in turn had been superseded by the American Empire (Pax Americana) after World War Two. Since America had to all intents and purposes become an Israeli colony, completely under Jewish control, it was only a matter of time, I argued before the Jews would achieve world domination through America. They would then move their center of operations from Washington to Jerusalem. The new world power would be Pax Judaica, the Jewish Empire, stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates.

  2. Where is LOYALTY? Zionism=National Socialism=Fascism! But while Fascism as promoted, practiced by Herr Fuhrer and Il Duce, was just a 'Secular' experience, Zionism is a lot more Demonic, Evil, since the ROOT of Zionism, is in the Torah/Talmudic-Supremacist Religious 'Chosen People' Biblical Studies'=B.S. That is why there are tens of millions of Individuals, the brainwashed, primitive, 'Left Behind' Christian-Zionist ZOMBIES, who are promoting-supporting Zionism! Christian-Zionism is an OXYMORON! If JESUS would return, his first ACT would be, the kicking out of Palestine, the Zionist Zealots! AMEN!

    • Zionism = Hasidic jews, promoted by Hasidic jews from New York City, New York. You will always find the Hasidic jews congregating at the White House every time there is a change of U.S. Presidents.

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