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Saturday, July 23, 2022
8 am Pacific, 10 am Central, US/Canada – 4pm UK – BST
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Clearing Your Energy Field
With guest speaker Helen Basinger, Master Clinical Hypnotherapist

Please welcome Helen Basinger, Master Clinical Hypnotherapist as our guest speaker for this week’s healing offering.

Helen will be talking about the various kinds of entities and their hierarchies, the effect they can have on us, how they attach, and how to get them out of our field.

A hundred years ago, if you were to ask anyone in the Western World if Demons existed, they would have said yes. If you were to ask any tribal person anywhere in the world today, if demons exist, they would say yes of course. If you ask most so called ‘educated’ people in the Western world, the attendees of the Unity Church, scientists, or many of the New Age movement people if they exist, they would say no. And that right there is the greatest trick ever pulled on humanity.

If you don’t know you have an adversary, how can you protect yourself?  How would you know where to look? What to look for?  The less you know about this topic, the more you may be susceptible to both demons within the shadows, and doctors who openly distribute psychotropic drugs, should the right circumstances occur.

On top of that deception, there is the issue of false light.  Everyone can spot goodness, and would run a mile from obvious evil; But what about the things that pretend to be light but are not?

Men going to war often do it under the banner of God, but which god is it in fact?  Nurses inject people with poison but are fooled by the great deceiver into thinking they are doing good.  People send their children to school thinking they will be educated but instead they get corrupted and mind controlled. Nothing in this world is as it seems. Everything has been inverted. Some examples of ‘false light’ people  are Oprah, Obama, the Dalai Lama, the Pope and SadhGuru, Dr Oz, John of God, as well as numerous politicians and ‘philanthropists’ publicly projecting as good, but dark as pitch on the inside. It’s why we have Satan and Lucifer in Christian teaching. You would recognize Satan easily but would you see though the beauty and light of Lucifer? After all he was the most beautiful angel!

Anyway, my point is, we all need to understand what we are up against because dark forces are at war with us whether we like it or not. If there was ever a time that showed that, it is now!  Om’ing, ignoring it, and thinking happy thoughts is not enough.  The word demon is mentioned many times in the Bible and Jesus of course was healing by casting out demons, and we all need to be able to do that too, and we can!  It is especially important to openly discuss and bring this topic to light.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”.     Ephesians 6:12(KJV)

Helen’s mission is to bring more light, health, and joy to humanity and the planet by transmuting addictions, negative emotions, blocks, beliefs, energies and entities; using guided trance, transformational hypnosis, regression, past life regression, spiritual healing, life coaching, and emotional freedom technique (EFT).

You can learn more about Helen’s work via helenbasinger.com  or www.spiritrelease.info 

To can email Helen directly h[email protected]


Thank you Helen for this wonderful article! On behalf of the healing team, we look forward to sharing space with you on Saturday.

Sincerest blessings,

Rev. Danielle Dufour

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