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In 2008, an article touting the benefits of world hunger for creating a cheap, motivated workforce was published on the United Nations’ website. The article resurfaced recently on Twitter and went viral; it was promptly taken down by the U.N. within 24 hours.

The crux of the article is that the elite class has a distinct motivation to not end world hunger, because if everyone is well-nourished, there may be no one willing to provide cheap labour and slave away at some of the most physically demanding and unpleasant jobs on the planet.

While the U.N. claimed the article was satire, its author denied that it was a satirical piece and said it was intended to raise awareness that some people benefit from the existence of hunger in the world.

What could be good about world hunger? Plenty, according to an article written by now-retired University of Hawaii professor of political science George Kent. The story first ran in 2008 and went largely unnoticed for more than a decade, even though it was, bizarrely, published on the United Nations’ website.1

It wasn’t until the article resurfaced on Twitter that it went viral — and was promptly taken down by the U.N. within 24 hours.2 In response, the UN Chronicle tweeted:3

“This article appeared in the UN Chronicle 14 years ago as an attempt at satire and was never meant to be taken literally. We have been made aware of its failures, even as satire, and have removed it from our site.”

Kent, however, who is now the deputy editor for World Nutrition magazine, told Newsbusters that this isn’t the case. “I never intended it as satire,” Kent said. “I did not hope that it would be read as praise for hunger. My main point was and still is that some people benefit from the existence of hunger in the world. That helps to explain why hunger is so persistent in many places.”4

‘No One Works Harder Than Hungry People’

The crux of Kent’s article — satire or not — is that the elite class has a distinct motivation to not end world hunger, because if everyone is well-nourished, there may be no one willing to provide cheap labour and slave away at some of the most physically demanding and unpleasant jobs on the planet.

“Hunger has great positive value to many people. Indeed, it is fundamental to the working of the world’s economy. Hungry people are the most productive people, especially where there is a need for manual labor,” Kent wrote, adding:5

“… For those who depend on the availability of cheap labor, hunger is the foundation of their wealth … Much of the hunger literature talks about how it is important to assure that people are well fed so that they can be more productive. That is nonsense. No one works harder than hungry people. Yes, people who are well nourished have greater capacity for productive physical activity, but well-nourished people are far less willing to do that work.”

Kent wrote that the NGO Free the Slaves estimates that 27 million people in the modern world could be defined as slaves, meaning they cannot walk away from their jobs. That was in 2008. In 2022, Free the Slaves states that 40 million men, women and children are forced to work against their will, generating $150 billion in profits annually for traffickers.6

Among them, about 50%, or 21 million, are stuck in forced labour slavery in industries that depend on manual labour, such as farming, ranching, logging, mining, fishing and brick making, and service industries, such as dish washers, janitors, gardeners and maids. However, these figures don’t include people who are “slaves to hunger,” Kent notes, which could, perhaps, apply to any of us:7

“They do not include people who might be described as slaves to hunger, that is, those who are free to walk away from their jobs but have nothing better to go to. Maybe most people who work are slaves to hunger?

For those of us at the high end of the social ladder, ending hunger globally would be a disaster. If there were no hunger in the world, who would plow the fields? Who would harvest our vegetables? Who would work in the rendering plants? Who would clean our toilets? We would have to produce our own food and clean our own toilets.”

I would contend that the number of slaves is actually exponentially higher due to debt. This is especially true for most physicians who have graduated in the last ten years. They are in debt up to their eyeballs from school loans and work in some large clinic where they have no control or autonomy and are forced to follow the narrative. Failure to comply results in loss of their job and inability to purchase food or pay for shelter.

UN Predicts Total Societal Collapse

In addition to advertising how to create a cheaper workforce by leveraging world hunger, the U.N. released its 2022 Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction (GAR2022), which paints a dismal picture of the future:8

“Risk creation is outstripping risk reduction. Disasters, economic loss and the underlying vulnerabilities that drive risk, such as poverty and inequality, are increasing just as ecosystems and biospheres are at risk of collapse. Global systems are becoming more connected and therefore more vulnerable in an uncertain risk landscape.”

The report warns that a perfect storm of disasters, economic vulnerability and ecosystem failures are occurring, which predict a coming global collapse if things don’t change — and fast. Noam Chomsky concurs, stating at the American Solar Energy Society’s 51st annual conference held June 21, 2022, “The challenge ahead is beyond anything humans have ever faced. The fate of life on the planet is now at hand.”9

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists introduced the Doomsday Clock in 1947. It represents a countdown to global nuclear annihilation. During the height of the Cold War, it came its closest to midnight — 2 minutes — then cooled, stretching to 17 minutes by 1991.

In 2015, around the time the film was released, increased instability had moved the clock back to 3 minutes to midnight, due to modernizations in global nuclear weapons and “outsized nuclear weapons arsenals,” with world leaders failing to “act with the speed or on the scale required to protect citizens from potential catastrophe.”10

In an update released January 20, 2022, however, the Bulletin reported that the world is “at doom’s doorstep,” with the clock moving to just 100 seconds to midnight.11

According to Counterpunch, “It will be set again in January [2023], and Chomsky believes a good case can be made to move the second hand even closer to midnight, which is the final hour when humanity self-destructs, either with a bang or suffocation.”12 Some of the concern centers on the deterioration of rational discourse, with censorship reaching unprecedented levels.

Americans Are Being Kept in the Dark

Chomsky spoke with Counterpunch about the way Americans are being misled about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While stating that it “should be clear that … [it] has no (moral) justification,” it was not an unprovoked invasion.

“Of course, it was provoked. Otherwise, they wouldn’t refer to it all the time as an unprovoked invasion,” he said. The background of the war, which is missing in mainstream media coverage, that provoked the invasion is NATO expansion. Chomsky explained:13

“This is not just my opinion, it is the opinion of every high-level US official in the diplomatic services who has any familiarity with Russia and Eastern Europe.

This goes back to George Kennan and, in the 1990s, Reagan’s ambassador Jack Matlock, including the current director of the CIA; in fact, just everybody who knows anything has been warning Washington that it is reckless and provocative to ignore Russia’s very clear and explicit red lines.

That goes way before (Vladimir) Putin, it has nothing to do with him; (Mikhail) Gorbachev, all said the same thing. Ukraine and Georgia cannot join NATO, this is the geostrategic heartland of Russia.”

What is particularly chilling is that Americans haven’t been allowed to hear this side of the story — and most are unaware that they’re being kept in the dark and fed propaganda. Chomsky continued:14

“By now, censorship in the United States has reached such a level beyond anything in my lifetime. Such a level that you are not permitted to read the Russian position. Literally. Americans are not allowed to know what the Russians are saying. Except, selected things.

So, if Putin makes a speech to Russians with all kinds of outlandish claims about Peter the Great and so on, then, you see it on the front pages. If the Russians make an offer for a negotiation, you can’t find it. That’s suppressed. You’re not allowed to know what they are saying. I have never seen a level of censorship like this.”

Are We Beyond the Point of No Return?

The late astrophysicist Enrico Fermi was certain that conditions existed on many planets that would support higher intelligence. The Fermi Paradox is that we’ve never been able to find them. One explanation, Chomsky noted, is that whenever higher intelligence developed, perhaps it has proven to be lethal, with self-annihilation possibly inherent with higher intelligence, which hasn’t yet gained the moral capacity to save itself.

“We are now confronted with whether that principle holds for modern humans,” Chomsky said.15 The U.N.’s landmark report seems to lean in its favour. According to an investigative report by Byline Times, a senior adviser to the U.N. Office for Disaster Risk Reduction who contributed to GAR2022 stated that the world had already “passed a point of no return,” and this wasn’t being communicated in the report, which was watered down before being released to the public.16,17

The person said, “The GAR2022 is an eviscerated skeleton of what was included in earlier drafts.”18 With even the U.N. appearing to dilute its own findings, Byline Times noted, “Like the fictional film Don’t Look Up, we are more concerned with celebrity gossip and political scandals, seemingly unable — or unwilling — to confront the most important challenge that now faces us as a species.”19

The World Is Heading for a Reset

We’re at a pivotal point in history, with many sensing that society is already on edge, and rising inflation, food costs and product shortages threaten to push it over the line. While we’re told that looming food shortages are primarily the result of climate change and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the Rockefeller Foundation had already predicted this scenario in July 2020 and was calling for a revamp of the food system as a whole to address it.20

Their report, “Reset the Table,”21 was published just one month after the World Economic Forum (WEF) officially announced its plans for a “Great Reset,” and many of the contributors to the Foundation’s paper are WEF members.22 They intend for the current food system to fall apart, so they can then “solve” the problem by introducing a new system based on patented lab-grown synthetic and genetically engineered foods and massive insect farms.

Attacks are coming in from all sides, however, and the food supply isn’t all that they’re after. An influx of investors — including Wall Street — entered the housing market during the pandemic, drawn in by low mortgage rates, easy access to loans and enticing home appreciation.23

It’s now clear that not only did investors, including bigwigs like Blackstone and iBuyers — which make instant, cash offers online — dabble in the housing market during the pandemic, but their participation may have been instrumental in driving up prices and making it harder for the average American to achieve homeownership.24

If the average American is pushed out of the housing market, and most of the available housing is owned by investment groups and corporations, you become beholden to them as your landlord. This fulfils part of the Great Reset’s “new normal” dictum — the part where you will own nothing and be happy. This isn’t a conspiracy theory; it’s part of WEF’s 2030 agenda.25

In a world where natural foods are being threatened by lab-grown counterparts — Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, owns more farmland than anyone else in the U.S.26 — and mega asset management firms are buying up so many houses that some believe Wall Street investors could accomplish feudalism in 15 years,27 the concept of starvation driving labour takes on new meaning.

“No wonder people at the high end are not rushing to solve the hunger problem,” Kent wrote. “For many of us, hunger is not a problem, but an asset.”28

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