By kyle,

Back in 2018 I did a show about how cannibalism is being heavily promoted by the jewish mainstream media. Things have only been accelerating since then, with the New York Times now getting in on the act.

“We’ve never look so delicious – to one another.”

Speak for yourselves, you cannibalistic freaks! The average American has never had any desire to eat human flesh, and the few degenerates who are now fascinated by it have been programmed by all of the disgusting media they consume. It is not that the media is meeting some demand for cannibal content, but rather shoving the concept down our throats in every way possible.

While most pieces of fiction, such as “Raw,” “Fresh,” “Santa Clarita Diet,” and “Yellowjackets,” focus on people finding an urge for cannibalistic consumption, the reality could be that our ruling elite are trying to prime us for a future where people eat other people due to environmental concerns – much like in Soylent Green, where the titular food turns out to be made from euthanized people. Could this be part of the WEF’s agenda to “save” the world?

Not too long ago, the idea of eating people was at least seen as gruesome, as no one really wanted to emulate Hannibal Lecter or be tricked into consuming their friends.

Now, however, the jewish media has moved the Overton Window so far that they are putting out content to make cannibals seem sexy and cool.

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  1. Yes I agree they themselves eat human flesh and they are trying to get us to eat Bugs and further promote that to human flesh. I have no intentions of doing anything of the kind and frankly I view these wretches with the complete and utter contempt that they deserve.

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