Mike Tyson said he has been vaccinated for COVID-19, but the legendary boxer sounded compelled to share something about his decision to get the shot.

“I didn’t do it willingly,” Tyson told USA TODAY Sports during an interview at his cannabis company. “I’m a little apprehensive of that. I was pretty much beaten into submission to do this because I travel internationally. And if I don’t travel, we don’t eat.

“So I decided to take the risk and take the shot. And people, they have their own choice. I never got sick.’’


Mike Tyson thinks he’s going to die ‘really soon’

. “Then, when I look in the mirror, I see those little spots on my face, I say, ‘Wow. That means my expiration date is coming close, really soon.’”

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The 56-year-old Tyson has become very philosophical and introspective, and before addressing his mortality he spoke about how money does not bring the happiness and security that those who have never had it might suspect.


Mike Tyson appears frail as heavyweight legend requires wheelchair at airport
Legendary heavyweight Tyson is now 56-years-old and has been talking about fears over his “expiration date” in recent weeks, and has now been spotted in a wheelchair looking a shadow of his former self

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    • How would you act if some drunk was in your face harassing you (verbally & physically) on a plane after you did everything he asked but still it wasn’t enough & started getting physical with you? You didn’t get the whole incident on video-only if you were there! Bet your reaction would have been the same if not worse

  3. Free will Mike , i'm sure you could have found some other way to make money rather than take the death jab , but as i said free will , you are in Gods hands now

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