Dr. Lee Vliet and Army whistleblower Lt. Mark Bashaw join me to shine the light of TRUTH on the vax bioweapon and the DOD and Biden administration’s conspiracy to harm, maim or kill our military members, and the general population with it.

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Whistleblower Report of Illegal DoD Activity

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  1. Administration of suspicious injections is not a new thing with the Department of Defense. I learned in the mid-’90’s that all of those shots that were administered to Desert Shield/Storm military personnel prior to going to southwestern Asia were not registered on their shot records. Unlike most things that I hear or read about the US government, this allegation was easy for me to check out. I am a Deserty Shield/Storm veteran, and I received my shot record after the end of my enlistment. Although I clearly remember getting nearly a dozen shots in Fort Carson, Colorado in December, 1990, I have no entries on my shot record later than 1988. Anyone who had ever been in the military at that time clearly understood that all shots are recorded on one’s shot record, and that no exceptions were even thinkable.

    Some people speculate that one or more of those injections had a causitive relationship to the Gulf War Syndrome. The veracity of that will probably forever remain a mystery. I am convinced that most of the Gulf War Sydrome effects were caused by weaponised mycoplasmas that had been provided to old Saddam by US manufacturers during Saddam’s war with Iran during the ’80’s.. Their export was licenced by the US Department of Commerce.

  2. Biden the front man; Trump the front and whatever man avatar clown clone holograph thing goes on that stage makes no difference they all have deep state handlers with corrupt agendas – The Order Of The Black Sun which is the cult of death has created the system and you do not count in it you are seen as cattle that they own. Politics are theatre for the people to make you think you have a say. There is no democracy in that system. The corporations are the world mafia factions and this madness is their control system. When you know that you know everything. If you check out a web site called Just Empower me – you can learn a lot from these posts on there. Especially about how the world is truly run. Such a lot to learn. The world is stranger and madder than you think. Empower yourself with education. Education is gold! I do not even look at that news anymore everything is and orchestrated programme and a bunch of BS. They are playing us all off against one another and sadly most people do not see that they are being set up . Make a start by learning how it all really works.

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