Talmudic Jews degrades non-Jews as animals that have to be enslaved to Jews. It seeks to destroy races that could object. It has no fear of war and murder.

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  1. The 'Hearsay Fairy Tale' of the "Chosen People" Bible Study=B.S.!! GOD-GOOD+DEVIL-Evil is a SYMBIOTIC Entity! That Entity resides in all of Us! God-Devil=ALMIGHTY we are an integral part of all that!! Almighty gave Us 'Free Will' it is up to Us to try to do 'good' when we act towards our Fellow Travelers Men, Women and Children and our Environment, while we are here on this beautiful-accommodating Planet of OURS! Be on alert, be attentive so as not letting the Evil-DEVIL gain the barbaric-bloody Upper Hand in your Soul?? Ther is no HELL nor HEAVEN, but WE could make PARADISE here on Earth for Ourselves, right now! Why don't We?? That IS the Question!

  2. Talmudic Jew = Hasidic Jews
    These are the same clowns that make there way to the White House in D.C. every time there is a new President sworn in the U.S.

  3. This sect use the word "jews" to mix and confuse their crime with the real Jews "Tora" which is by itself a crime. Sabbathean Frankist is the real name of this sect, created 250 years ago, weirdly at the same time where the vatican changed their calendar and imposed it to the world (gregorian calendar)

  4. Pardon me, my answer is in french.

    Comment savoir si un être humain, peu importe sa race ou sa religion, est un ange ou un animal ?

    Y'a qu'à le passer dans un gros hachoir et si ce qui en sort a des ailes et monte vers le ciel, alors c'est un ange, et si ce qui en sort n'est que de la viande hachée, alors c'est un animal.

    Très bonne idée, pourquoi alors ne pas commencer avec ceux qui prennent les autres êtres humains pour des animaux ?

    Au fait, qui sont les êtres humains qui ne considèrent les autres êtres humains que comme des animaux ?

    Y a-t-il quelqu'un qui ait une idée là-dessus ?


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