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  1. CRT was designed with the intent to heap guilt and shame on Whites to the point of destroying their psyches. Full Disclosure of ET interference in human development is needed so Whites can fully understand how Fallen Angels(FA) tricked them with the Manifest Destiny of Whites ideology and White Supremacy. The FA tricked Whites into believing that they needed to lead and organize the world and dissect its structure so that the FA could more efficiently destroy the world by oppressing and suppressing its people, and poisoning the air, water, soil and food; slowly over a long long period of time beyond the lifespan of the average human so that we would not notice or figure out their plan until it was too late. How can Whites be blamed for being victims of highly intelligent supernatural Fallen Angels? But the truth is hard for most Whites to acknowledge because they have fallen in love with the results of the trick which are materialism, ease, and comfort; all of which they mistakenly confused as real progress. For instance, the toilet makes them feel more "civilized" over the so called "savages", yet the Savage's method of squatting is more healthy to the colon and extends one's life. They feel more "civilized" sleeping on soft beds high off the floor, yet hard stiff flooring straightens the spine and neck which extends one's life. They feel smart and brilliant hybridizing plants yet hybridizing creates more sugar in the planet, contributing to diabetes, leaching calcium from the bones and shortening one's lifespan. In each case, the "civilized" action is deemed more desirable, yet it reduces the human lifespan and most are unable to see this cognitive dissonance because they are under the spell of the FA.

    Whites must wake up to how they have been used as a group. Stop their behavior and make right what was done wrong and deprogram themselves. Until they are fully deprogrammed they must cease trying to lead or instruct others as they are infected and damaged by FA programming which runs deep into generational DNA.


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