I have written about this recently, but it deserves extra attention at this point in the shift: why you might be experiencing a “bone crunching” period of super intensity on the path, where many things are coming up at once, in all aspects of your life. Whether it be in your relationships, career or general living circumstances and your guides and guidance seem to have deserted you.

Recognise this? What on earth is going on?

Critical Life Issues all coming up at Once

I’m hearing from a number of people in the Openhand spiritual community that they’re suffering intense periods of tremendous challenge on their path, where it seems everything has ground to a halt, and they’re having to deal with critical issues in all aspects of their lives, all coming up at once. If you’re experiencing anything like this, it’s highly likely you’re going through what’s known as an “initiation on the path”.

What exactly are spiritual initiations?

Life is all about the inner journey. The progressive infusion of soul, through the various inner densities, projects into your outer world and shapes your life circumstances. If you’re working diligently at this time, through meditation and the general inner inquiry, then you will be integrating soul, and progressively into different dimensions within.

Where you’re transitioning into one key density, integrating through it, like the heart chakra for example, then you will eventually come to a point where you’re breaking through and completing that dimensional integration. You’re completing a “Gateway” as we’ve termed it in the film 5GATEWAYS.

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Initiations on the Path: Expanding Your Consciousness “Pipe”

What you’re practically doing, is learning to live in the world, but from an elevated level of consciousness. For example: it could be having the wherewithal to hold multiple conflicting viewpoints by those around you, yet becoming able to deftly mediate a path between them all – honouring the truth of each. This is going to require you to process a lot of internal density to achieve, to raise vibration and open a wider internal “pipe”. You are shifting consciousness in a quantum leap and so the external has to crank through the gears to meet it.

If you’re still experiencing the path as all rosy love and light, then you’re not on the path!!

When you’re in the apex of this crunch-point pivotal shift, it’s going to be immensely challenging. Imagine yourself as the fuse in an electrical circuit where a sudden amplification of power downloads into the circuit. Wherever there’s some kind of internal fragmentation, will cause a bottle neck, and that’s going to trip something in your physical emotional state. Maybe you suddenly contract a debilitating illness or injury? Maybe you lose a job or key relationships start breaking down. Maybe you’ve got to move house in the midst of all of this? The intensity amplifies and you wonder what you ever did to deserve it! Not only that, but your guidance and guides seem to have evapourated into the ether.

Guidance diminishes at this point because you’re developing a different framework of multidimensional relationship. Your internal lens is focussing in a new way and your guides also have to adapt to this.

Spiritual Initiations: Times of Maximum Inconvenience

These key crunch-points are what are known as “initiations on the path”. When these happen, the tendency is for many give up and turn back. They do something, give themselves an excuse, to extract themselves from the intensity –

Maybe they compromise in that relationship or career they really know should end?
Maybe they don’t make that all important move?
Perhaps they decline to attend that life changing, integrational retreat, because they’re holding back for a more “convenient time”?

The point is, these crunch-point initiations come EXACTLY at the points of MAXIMUM inconvenience. That’s the only way the being can be stretched and urged to grow so that more consciousness can infuse. If you recognise this kind of dynamic in your life, my reflection is definitely NOT to turn back; NOT to withdraw in the shell. But rather to turn into it, and confront the situation with maximum courage and commitment.

At some point you will have to confront the issues facing you, because the soul is wanting to grow and your being elevate in consciousness. There’s simply no point in procrastinating. You only end up increasing the degree of suffering. By “making friends” with the challenging crunch-point, it becomes easier to bear and you more quickly work through.

If you work diligently in this way, if you work with whatever presents and comes up, then you WILL progressively unravel and integrate through. Your soul will forge and the internal “pipe” will widen. You’ll complete that particular gateway and your consciousness will make a quantum leap. What’s more, a new form of guidance will embed, where you’re more greatly illuminated, informed and supported.

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New Installations of Consciousness

So, if you’re finding it particularly challenging on the path right now, it could well be that you’re going through an initiation. Watch for signs and synchronicity to reflect this. Personally, I’ve been going through an extremely intense period of super activity recently, involving moving to a new Openhand base amidst a full-on retreat program.

But it wasn’t untill a couple of identical vans parked next to me with “hire wire installations” written on the side that I realised I was in a higher dimensional integration – a gateway intiation. It made me chuckle and laugh out loud. I could embrace the pain and discomfort I’d been feeling with humour and grace.

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