We’ve recently completed a tremendous energetic journey down the Nile, through the ancient grounds of the Intervention on our planet referred to as “Atlantis”, where Homo Sapiens was hybridised to fit within a humungous control system. An intrepid group worked to unleash the Flower of Life, the Toroidal Flow, to uplift consciousness around the planet. My heart is greatly warmed at the conclusion therefore to witness the popular uprising in China against the globalists’ agenda. Just how pivotal is this?

Manipulation of Human Genetics

Manipulating human genetics to impose control (as in the recent bogus pandemic) is nothing new. You can trace clear manipulation – engineering – right back to the inception of Homo Sapiens more than 200 thousand years ago. It’s clearly visible in how humans mysteriously went from 48 chromosomes in Original Humans to 46 in Homo Sapiens. It’s not one single-step mutation as Darwin’s theory requires, but several, all at once, in at least one breeding male AND female in the same time and place.

I’ve shared the evidence and explanation of how it happened in the book DIVINICUS. The odds of it occurring by chance are as likely as a Tornado tearing through a multi story apartment block and rendering a bungalow!

Through genetic manipulation, humanity was disconnected from natural multidimensionality with the divine – the carrier signals of the soul were interrupted so that other control frequencies could intervene. Similar was done on a global scale to Gaia, where energetic implants, such as those under the pyramids, were applied to alter the base frequency of the planet. It shut down the natural toroidal flow of Gaia.

Well now, due to tremendous energetic work by quiet energy workers around the planet, and with Star Being support, these implants are being removed; the planet’s natural Stargates are reopening; the Torus Flower of Life is re-establishing, and this is causing an upliftment of consciousness by people across the planet determined to reclaim their sovereignty and aligned soul path. In short, to reclaim their God-given freedom and destiny. Hallelujah!

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To see the people of China rising up against an outrageous authoritarian state is a heart-warming blessing. They are risking all, including their lives, to challenge the extreme lockdown measures. Take a look at this video below. And bare in mind, what happens in China is certain to ripple through human consciousness around the globe. Watch the video, then continue reading to explore the energetic impact…

Energetic Shockwaves through the Old Paradigm

I’d say the video represents powerful testimony and insight to a new phase of unravelling and unwinding in this great planetary shift to 5D consciousness. The human soul is relatively young; it’s a tremendous challenge to emerge and forge coherency in this heftily derailing 3D construct with copious interdimensional intervention taking place. To witness the Chinese people rising up against the brutality of the tyrannical state I find tremendously motivational and empowering. Make no mistake, they are sending shockwaves to the globalists, and a tremendous invitation to populations around the world to continue to forge their freedom.

It is a highly timely development, and, I would reflect, wonderful testament to the work shift facilitators have been doing quietly around the globe for many years. Challenge to the Old Paradigm can only happen by an elevation of consciousness. Energy workers have been diligently levelling the energetic playing field, helping to reactivate the Stargates and 5D Crystalline Grid – which came fully online in the middle of the engineered pandemic.

Read about that here: Gaia’s 5D Crystalline Grid Comes Online

The two cycles go hand in hand: uplifting changes to the energetic planetary field which precipitates an elevation of human consciousness. That’s why it was so important for the Openhand group to travel through the ancient megaliths of Egypt because it’s clear, this was the pinnacle of the original intervention known as Atlantis, which was sunk under a deluge of water at the dramatic culmination of the last Ice Age around 11,700 years ago – precipitated by a solar micro nova event.

Explore the evidence: “The Event”, 11:11 Synchronicity & Galactic Superwave

Ancient Architects and The Flower of Life

If you know how to work, it’s actually not a herculean task to restore the natural Torus Flower of Life in a given location. The point is: the field positively WANTS to go that way. All you have to do is animate the Torus in yourself, or within a group, which then triggers the reactivation of the Torus in that given location. It does, however, require some serious preparation work to remove 4D energetic implants in the location – technology installed by the intervention.

The 3D/4D technology was originally engineered by the Annunaki, from Nibiru, in the Sirius Constellation. I’ve had personal direct experience of this in the field, but others too, who have, on successive pilgrimages to Egypt, regressed into past lives where it was possible to recount how it had been done. How, for example, the huge 200-tonne blocks forming parts of the Sphinx Temple were cut from the bedrock using lasers, made malleable and effortlessly lifted using sound, and then melded into place – even the most modern cranes could not lift the heavier blocks into some of the positions. And they are so accurately fitting, you cannot pass a piece of paper between them.

But even this was not the most advanced technology applied…

As recounted in pastlife regressions, and by direct connection with the Annunaki, it was the realignment of the crystalline structure within the granite stone that was the real challenge. It was necessary so the location would act as a Stargate for their kind to navigate across time and space. And to manipulate the field in that location to serve their controlling agenda.

It was made clear to us on the most recent pilgrimage that the Annunaki are now ready to reverse engineer their 4D construct to support the shift to 5D consciousness. Likewise, they are ready and willing to make reparations to humanity and the various Star Being Nations for whom so much density and difficulty has been caused. The Annunaki are leaving the past behind – several of their groups now refer to themselves as the “Anu” to mark this shift in consciousness.

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Beginning of the End for the Old Paradigm

Whenever such deeply energetic work has taken place, I always watch for synchronistic reflection onto the surface of the 3D. That’s why when the recent pilgrimage was completed, I was positively uplifted and enthused to learn of the uprisings in China on social media. To be clear: I am NOT saying the work we did was immediately responsible! What I’m saying is that it’s synchronistic timing. And that all of the past field energy work by facilitators around the globe is now having a liberating and escalating effect.

It’s a great cause for optimism in the shift. Despite the darkened veils of the intervention, the light is breaking through and the consciousness of the planet is elevating. This is not yet the end. Neither is it the end of the beginning. I strongly feel in my soul, it is rather the beginning of the end, for the Old 3D Paradigm.

So dear friends, let’s be positively uplifted, inspired and emboldened. The self-realisation and soul-development work you’re doing is bearing fruit. Let’s keep on digging deep and pushing through.

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