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People’s Health Alliance launches Road Map for 2023

By Holding the Line’s Roger Guttridge

The People’s Health Alliance have published their Road Map for 2023 following seven months of extraordinary progress since their launch in April.

Their plans are designed to kick-start a number of national projects as well as secure funding for the growing number of community health hub groups that are aiming to open their doors to the public in the near future.

PHA projects for 2023 include:

• a 24-hour Mental Wellbeing helpline;

• a pilot model for community Youth Hubs;

• the development of medical NHS Transition programmes, including regional clinics;

• the provision of membership models to ensure everyone can access a PHA Health Hub regardless of their financial situation;

In addition, the PHA will continue to develop their Directory of Practitioners as well as focusing on their Education Division, Care Division and continued work with many partners and affiliates.

‘We are the first to acknowledge that we do not have all the answers but we believe that collaboration with authentic and aligned groups and organisations will ensure that together we will find the solutions,’ said PHA spokesperson Katherine Macbean.

‘The PHA core team will be looking to develop relationships with potential donors in December to ensure the implementation of key projects, as well as supporting hub groups, and to start building a social care pot for those who need it.

‘Due to the continued challenges we all face in accessing the NHS, PHA cannot take its foot off the gas.

‘2023 will be an incredible year in many ways, but for PHA it is about helping to return healthcare power and choice back to the people and to build systems across all communities to support the continued development of true health solutions for all.’

Ms Macbean said PHA’s basic vision and aims were clear from the start.

‘As the government pushed vaccine mandates for the NHS, many of us knew it would disrupt access to healthcare even further, and potentially lead to an exodus of much-needed healthcare workers,’ she said.

‘In recent years our ability to access the NHS, particularly our GP services, has become increasingly difficult, and the arrival of Covid made this even worse.

‘The founding of the People’s Health Alliance took six months of basic planning and the gathering of dozens of incredibly proactive volunteers, all making sacrifices and working tirelessly, ensuring the launch of PHA in April 2022 as an organic, people-led initiative.

‘Hundreds of members of the general public quickly realised the enormous potential for PHA to bring its model of an integrated health support initiative to the communities of the UK.

‘It became clear that now is a critical time to create a safety net of PHA health hubs.’

The ultimate vision regarding PHA health hubs is to have a hub in every village, town and district in the country, each run by a community of local volunteers and experienced practitioners.

A mix of holistic and allopathic practitioners would combine to make their various healing approaches available to everyone while at the same time encouraging everyone to take greater personal responsibility towards their own health.

‘This was never going to be a walk in the park,’ said Ms Macbean.

‘However, seven months after launching, PHA boasts seven physical PHA Health Hubs, 14 interactive PHA Health Hubs open, dozens more planned and 30 countries across the world now adopting the PHA model and working hard to open their doors to support their communities.

‘Through sheer hard work and determination, these incredible achievements have been reached with barely any budget and no support from government and conglomerates. This was, and always will be, about sheer people power.’

She added: ‘PHA’s motto is By the People, For the People, and we aim to fulfil that in the most practical and solution-based way. The time to get involved – and be part of something vital – is now.’

For more information, visit the PHA’s website

Watch Roger Guttridge’s interview with the PHA’s Katherine Macbean on HTL’s Odysee channel

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