Another cycle in the shift and in our lives is upon us. In order to best sense and intuit the way forwards, it’s essential to reflect back. Because you see the building trends. And what shapes life on the surface of reality is the underlying field. Let’s take a look back at the key field shifts of 2022 so that we may discern the influencing field movements in 2023. Come join us here at Openhand. It’s going to be priceless. What do you see, sense and intuit?

One of the biggest questions for me in the shift during 2022, was if we could gain tangible support from the Star Being Nations down here in the 3D? Specifically, could they help weave together improved connections between evolving people and could they help quantum manifest the resources people need?

Bearing in mind that we need to have a broad perspective on the nature of “resources”. Resources are energy, that bends around what you are being. If there’s any kind of poverty consciousness internally based on doubt or unworthiness, then this will crystallise reflections in the field – you’ll manifest lack. But where you’ve processed that through, by confronting your fears, then your consciousness is liberated to create unreservedly. This is where support can gather around you in the field to amplify the creative effect.

Openhand’s Facilitator Work in the Field

Openhand’s annual facilitator gathering in Avebury has been evolving beautifully in content for several years now – we’re heightening and strengthening the connections with the Star Being Nations amongst the crop circles and sacred stones.

To be specific and crystal clear: they speak to us and through us. They communicate the challenges, but then work to amplify resonances of being that we can feel. They’re providing clearer insight into the nature of the field. They’re helping remove particularly 4D technology that has contracted the earth’s field. And they’re helping open and re-establish the natural Toroidal field – the flower of life.

I cannot begin to express how wonderful, magical and alchemical these connections are.

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The 9 Rays of Consciousness and Supporting Star Being Nations

Here are the different frequencies they’ve been coming in on. Below, I’ve aportioned approximate ideas of which group is acting particularly on which ray…

Ray 1: aligned Draconian nation and realigned reptilian earth beings
Ray 2: The Pleiadians
Ray 3: Aligned Orions and realigning Greys
Ray 4: The Anu and realigning Sirians
Ray 5: The Andromedans
Ray 6: The Arcturians
Ray 7: The Lyrans
Ray 8: Metatron
Ray 9: the Group of 9 Ascended Masters led by Quan Yin

Please Note: these are only approximate delineations; different groups will span and collaborate across different freqeuncies and densities. And there are other groups involved too. At this stage we’ve worked to connect up with the main ones offering benevolent support.

The Andromedans, Andrasta and the Crop Circles

We especially connected up with the Andromedans last summer and a particular leader called “Andrasta”…

They spoke to us through signs and synchronicity, through the stunning crop circles, but then right at the end of the facilitator gathering, she manifested as a palpable Star Being energy right there in the studio. Several of the group experienced it as breathtaking.

This is a tremendous development taking place. We gained the understanding that a round table of the different Star Being Nations was beginning to convene; that they were coming together to work in the upliftment of humanity and the planet. I do believe we’re now seeing the early signs of that collaboration work. I can definitely feel the strengthening presence that we’re able to do in this work, and the acceleration of the Torus which is already having a broad planetary effect – which we’ve witnessed in the various uprisings against the control system, such as recently in China and Iran.

Energy Cascading Down Through the Dimensions

I know this will likely sound as a big picture situation. But mark my words, where you work to tune into these energies, and call on the various aligned nations to support the activation of your natural soul frequencies, then that’s going to make all the difference in what you create and in a very practical way. The energies are going to cascade down through the dimensions in your life.

When we returned from Avebury this summer, a small group was guided to ground, anchor, and establish, this Round Table of Star Beings around the physical location of Wearyall in Glastonbury, as a starting point for a wider connection and rippling effect around the planet. A short while after, the new Openhand base manifested there, very close to the place we anchored the portal. I can tell you that leading up to the winter solstice, the skies, and the sense of presence there, have been nothing short of biblical!!

This all bodes extremely well as we move into 2023. I can assure you that the pinnacle of the Openhand work will be strengthening these Star Being connections and frequencies so that we may channel them into the retreats, seminars and gatherings, for the benefit of participants’ lives in the shift, and a wider upliftment of humanity and the planet. For this key reason, I’m feeling extremely enthusiastic and anticipatory as we turn the page into 2023.

Bright blessings to all

Open 💙🙏

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  1. Wow! A whole dozen people in a crop circle! that should get the attention of the "star beings." Hopium filled noobs will surely alter the course of the Earth's trajectory.

    Wake wake wake they all chant. When you do come to realize that each human is to Mother Gaia about like the microbiome in your gut is to you, and that the planet is likewise in proportion to a section of a spiral arm and thousand stars… then you'll get over yourself and all this newly-found "spirituality" which is just a baby's way of saying "please save me Daddy."
    Then they go home from their hand-clasping mantra muttering playpen, take out their iPhones made in murderous sweatshops and text their friends pretty emojis about Love and Peace on Earth. Vanity…all is vanity.
    No one, innocent or guilty, gets to escape the galactic superwave that periodically washes over planets (12,000 years, 6,000, and sub harmonics…like RIGHT NOW), and all the little look-at-me hit-the-Like-button humanoids.
    Star Beings aren't here to hold your hand cuz your "special." They're here to as Cosmic Gardeners to assist in the composting of the rotten Old Orders prevailing on this wounded planet.


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