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  1. Kind reply! Thank you Staunchone! One day at a time for the works being done. Praying the entire swamp is emptied cleansed and purified with loving intention all thru. And real Truths being shared with beneficial support for all living. May GOD provide the calm in hearts and minds while the chaos and confusion is sorted out. Sure all within due process. See the Love in all things! Even if it be just one simple point within. Then to move on to uncover another. Rocks love the turn over to "Sunny side Up!" they also reveal "Stuff" under side. Together we all stand united in love consciousness. !
    May the new steps forward shine true light. We all thrive in greatness.

  2. Trust in yourself. I am … ! I can …! I will …!?. David always presents an outside box collection of various points to current features of narrative. Have to see the pros and cons. Answer self? would you like 2 chips planted into your Skull? with by the developing Factory of nanoTech now in your veins to develop and change the You! to become What BORG! Resistance is Futile you shall be assimulated! Ops Too late for some!. For someone to control you like a robot. Good robot Bad robot. Sorry you now operate like a kite on a string life standard. What they really saying to mankind to present this 'Tech take-make over' on the GOD Source Human Design to contain Energy and a consciousness. These Fake 'umans' sure they are either Orion Group Minions elite BS donkey heads, on task to take over this World as Easy for them bc man is commonly stupid man can be made to believe in the anything he is Told!!.. Obey 'uman, you sure will be just a block of flesh and Plastic, sitting on a power pod for the rest of your life only to be activated to dance for their choir of command song. Return when task complete and sit doing nothing for you are and always have been useless. (Least by their terms to living existance). Why sitting on a couch is no different or jacking some chemical in your arm smoke to your lungs just to spend wow time spaced out. ! Get your wish ask and receive. What to become Jason borne for 2second command pulse and get rejected because what they now don't like your last foot print on their cake. Click Gone Next. They're making children now in birth pods no more sperm and egg combination to build a human by any original design. These pods are just building replacement for the Failed fault borg units or was is this just the failed experiment so far we can build this tiny and yet we after many an experiment eventually get it right!. Sure just ended inheritance to all siblings – children are now eugenically sterile as is all female species sterile by inoculation. God is out of the picture now by this format they are presenting. Think very carefully grasshopper and think what you are asking for. I was told in growing up – BE very careful as to what you ask for! for you will get this at the least moment in time expected. Ask and receive. These peoples are to think for you make your decisions for you think to demand to command by them to action you as their puppet. Dance baby Dance. Disco inferno. Ah Earth easy take over planet. Ah Really. I would think people can see to think they are in command of themselves by the GOD given freedom of all rights to live for and by his original Kernel of life and plan to do great things. This Matrix and box of control manipulation and non-stop war machine action. It is getting rather boring of the same repeat over and over again. Ah Gee even their TV Repeat of brain washing subconcious shows no – they can no longer imagine themselves to create a-new!. 4 item lunch menu. How about a full change of channels to view learn and live by. W/O TV! or "control a media in a box"!. They made a rather disgusting effect on all things. Can't see any beauty of this plan what so ever. Why accept to be again carpet pulled into their direction for master control on our being. What ! To now This ?
    WTF! wake right up people! Can people believe to think to consider this is a great idea. David Up one point. I Like to follow his many one pt. Time for the Light change now to become a far better reaching into an endless spectrum of universal thought – to me seems like a far better coin to toss and see that both sides are equal. No longer this unbalanced un-FAIR game of what you have is now mine. Thank you! its all mine, says schwab and those Losers of mindlessness STS type Service. They fake to share to be "look like 'uman' ", by action to this world they are not human by any logical thinking means. Even the side kick saying man kind is hack-able we can rob even a simple human and make them into our robots to command control. Monkeys on a chain begging for money for nothing tin can pulse of control! and how a little creature does this amazing robbery all for us, for single banana reward. Think carefully step carefully and think for all not just self!. I care not to have 2 chips a set of organ replacement with Pop-Machine mechanics built by nanoBots inside of me! oh No thank you how many more modules of booster shots to rebuild a human to become BORG!. oh you say another 600 over the next 8yrs. ! No Thank you! I'll take my existing Tinker Tonka Heart GOD Gave me as you say and I believe his Light of Life is for me my choice to live by his design for mankind to thrive in freedoms spectrums of light and all universal thought at my akashic suggestion. Free to Make. is a thought better than be converted to a temporary cardboard silver painted box of Robotic string. Buttons and plastic. My birthday suit works just as intended. now let us – Stop this air killing chem trail weather control activity. All poisoning of our foods water ways air ways mind education ways free to choose Choices!. For We the People shall no longer take this any more Mindless theft! I share to care to think Mother God shall properly renovate to clean up this rock and turn it back to its flowering honeysuckle breath of fresh air blue and green waters, Solid land and all this darkness cabal KMafia types and all evil satanist luciferian gobble de-gook evil shall all be rid of this planet once and for all. BeGone Evil. aWoken to know your sweet lies and BS word spells and wizards rule of unfair intent. Is coming to an end finally. For Ever and Ever Amen. GOD WINS!


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