by Karen Kingston,

Here is NO contract or law that provides immunity to a manufacturer for producing a bioweapon for use on a civilian population. How does this not make sense?

With more and more young, healthy adults dying suddenly in front of the public eye, Americans are fed up with being lied to about the cause of death being due to SADS (sudden adult death syndrome) or due to climate change.

Americans know that the COVID-19 injections are the direct cause of recently diagnosed disabilities, disease and death for millions of adults and children and that the manufacturers, including Pfizer, promoted their COVID-19 injections as safe and effective vaccines knowing they would cause injury, harm, and death.

The conservative mainstream media outlets are now aware of these incriminating facts as well. On January 21, 2023, Laura Ingraham stated in an interview with Dr. Malhotra (4:03 time mark);

“I think it has to be a lot more than money, because they (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J) have a ton of money. I think there has to be criminal liability at some point if you knew that the ‘so-called medical intervention’ that your company was pushing was going to cause harm to people or could cause harm to a significant number of people without any measurable benefit. That’s where the rubber meets the road.” – Laura Ingraham, January 21, 2023


I could not agree more with Laura Ingraham when she stated that, “..there has to be criminal liability at some point if you knew that the ‘so-called medical intervention’ that your company was pushing was going to cause harm to people…that’s where the rubber meets the road.”

Per the October 22, 2020 manufacturers’ meeting with the FDA, Big Pharma (including Pfizerknew that the clinical outcomes of their COVID-19 injections did not prevent transmission or infection, but caused debilitating injuries, diseases and death.

By moving forward with FDA clinical trials, FDA authorizations and FDA approval, and then distributing the COVID-19 injections after the October 22, 2020, meeting, Pfizer not only knowingly “developed, produced, stockpiled, transferred (distributed) and promoted a bioweapon,” as a safe and effective vaccine, but the FDA knowingly assisted Pfizer in doing so.

Laura Ingraham was spot-on in stating that there has to be criminal liability for the manufacturers. Americans are fed up with being told that the manufacturers can not be criminally charged, nor can they be sued in civil court, because;

  • Pfizer and Moderna have government contracts that provide them with iron-clad immunity against criminal and civil liability under emergency use authorization (EUA) laws.

“If this was true, that neither Pfizer nor Moderna could ever be sued because they are protected and protected as ‘part of the US military’ then why are Pfizer and Moderna currently suing each for over billions of dollars royalty payments owed from the sales of their COVID-19 injections?” – Karen Kingston, January 21, 2023

In 2021, the NIH brought a lawsuit against Moderna; Moderna then brought a lawsuit against Pfizer and in December 2022, Pfizer countersued Moderna. According to Reuters, Pfizer appears to admits to having Moderna’s patents licensed to Pfizer, but claims that Moderna’s inventions have had virtually no significant contribution to the mRNA ‘vaccine’ category, as if Pfizer is claiming they created an entirely new category of product.

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“Pfizer and BioNTech said in their Monday filing that they developed their vaccine independently, calling Moderna’s lawsuit ‘revisionist history’ and arguing its patents ‘far exceed its actual contributions to the field.’” – REUTERS

In recent Courageous Discourse article by John Leake, John Leak summarizes some of the work of, “the great Katherine Watt and Sasha Latypova.”…

A distressing movie about thousands of vaxx sufferers



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  1. Even this video is nothing, but more theater. Those of you still thinking "peer-reviewed" studies are trustworthy, have been sleeping for a long time. Big Pharma produce the products and then "order the peer-reviewed studies" to prove their safety and efficacy. We can't get the truth from mainstream media, and even the "pretend" alternative media has long been infiltrated. We had one ex FDA commissioner stating he was surprised that the general public actually thinks the FDA works to protect them, when in fact, the FDA colludes with Big Pharma. You can check on the records of Big Pharma employees having also worked for the FDA. They are buddies in their evil deeds. Our young people who barely read are quick to jump to "Wicked"pedia to double check the veracity of just about anything, as if "Wicked"pedia is the paragon of truth-telling. Remember what Vladimir Lenin said about controlling the opposition "by running it themselves". They also own most "sources" of information, so if you don't read massively, you won't even notice you are being lied to. Too many charlatans with PhDs. They put up "geniuses", "experts" and even "seers" for you to look up to in complete awe and unquestioning belief.

  2. Vaccines have saved no lives but they have killed and maimed lots of people. Just because a bunch of lying criminals who want to control you and have world dominance telly vaccines work does not make it true. They make a lot of money out of this lie and they bring down the population levels and weaken us all. There you have what is obvious perfectly healthy people were tricked into getting a vaccine they did not need and now millions are dead or maimed for life and many are living with a ticking time bomb which is destroying their immune system and they are dropping dead up the line. Many have clotting problems. My vaccinated Niece has just had a 16 day period with huge clots that she has never experienced before and I can not convince her to go to the doctor and get a D-Dimer test for blood clotting because she simply does not believe me despite her huge clots pouring out of her for 16 days and what is more because I asked her to go get checked out she is not replying to my emails. They have done a good job of programming people. Frankly this whole thing is driving me mad it is so insane. People must see that there will be no remedy in law with this beast system which is created by The Satanic Order of the black Sun and the Dragon family covenants. They made a plan to kill us all for world Dominance they have told us how much they hate us all are calling us a plague now and the like of Don Lemon is working for them and against us in their owned propaganda news programming system. They declared war on us in the most cowardly covert way. Wake to hell up! These criminals must be forcibly rounded up now and their entire plan stopped. ACTION MUST BE TAKEN TO TAKE THEM ALL OUT! They are killing us. it is obvious what needs to be done!


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