Its early spring the ground is defrosting and the snows melting this ensures that the trenches in which the Ukros and their NATO brethren hide are flooded. In many instances the Ukros need to dive within the trenches to gather the residual munitions. They have nowhere to hide, under such wet conditions many will be experiencing severe pneumonia.

The Ukrainians are running low on munitions it will take two to three years for NATO to replenish the supply. In the meantime, Prigozhin (PMC Wagner chief) says that the RF has used up much of the captured munitions. The Germans have sent into Ukraine not the promised Leopard II tanks but the antiquated Leopard I versions and their armour is thinner than Russia’s 65-model tanks.

The RF generally offers the option of surrender to the enemy in such circumstances. About 40% of the Ukros will drop their weapons and come forward. Most will request that they not be sent back to Ukraine for fear of being returned to the frontline. The current estimated ratio of dead RF vs Ukro/NATO are 1:6-7.

At Bakhmut there remains a passage roughly a kilometre wide (generally tracks that traverse open fields) and all other roads and access ways are under RF fire control. These access ways are mostly used at night. This span is also within RF reach, making it notoriously difficult for the Ukros to resupply. As soon as the Ukros bring out any kind of heavy equipment or poke their heads up above ground they are shelled. It is common knowledge that the Ukros deliver their munitions using Red Cross ambulances.

RF continues its ground attacks in and around Bakhmut. The Wagner group has crossed the Bakhmutka River in the east of Artyomovsk and are moving towards the city centre. They are about 1.5km from the city heart. Bakhmut holds the Ukrainian defence, once it falls, it will be easier for Russia to take vast territories beyond it, and Russia has the resources to hold them. Wagner launched an assault on the underground part of the metal processing plant. AZOM assault units have entered the subsurface systems under the Bakhmut Metal Processing Plant.

In Bakhmut the Ukros are losing one or two companies per day, an entire battalion per week this is unsustainable. Recently our lads hit twi large Ukro groupings south of Bakhmut. resulting in an estimated 82 dead and 20 wounded.

There are whispers that Putin has agreed to exchange senior PoW’s such as Ukro/NATO generals/colonels that were captured earlier for Russia oligarchs who are considered to have betrayed the motherland and are being targeted.

In Bakhmut the Ukros are consuming large amounts of reserves and the ongoing fighting is extreme. The closer we get to the centre the heavier the fighting. The lads inform us there are bodies in every yard within the city, bodies everywhere.

It is already clear that an organised withdrawal of all units from Bakhmut is impossible. We expected that the Ukrainians would run in a day or two but they are fighting for every house and they are a worthy enemy. The RF destroyed the long-range cannons being used by the Ukro/NATO to hit Donetsk civilians. They are abandoning short range weaponry as they flee. Bakhmut for all intents and purposes is the 21st century Stalingrad. Recently the RF handed over five British corpses to the Ukro side. Panic is setting in within the NATO hoard.

The Wagnerites have taken the entire eastern section of Bakhmut. The RF estimates that up to 20,000 AFU fighters remain in Bakhmut, heavy fighting continues. Zelensky continues to send thousands more to their deaths while the Ukrainians choose not to escape, they still have mountains of ammunition and weapons hidden within Bakhmut.

The Ukrainians are dying en-masse for Bakhmut and surrendering only as a last resort. We do not look upon them as cowards. “They are just like us, and the same blood flows in them,” says Prigozhin of Wagner. The RF applies new tactics for close combat street fighting, in this Wagner leads the way. Fighting between building structures the Wagner forces are able to expose fascist/merc positions and easily eliminate them. They are so effective that they are sending out truckloads of fascist bodies to the Ukrainian side. The Ukros’ lack the technical equipment and the physical will to collect their fallen perhaps they will be grateful for this gesture.

The RF is extremely skeptical when it comes to the so-called Ukrainian counter offensive. NATO equipment is heavier than Russia’s and boggy ground is a death sentence. No offensive will begin until the ground hardens perhaps in March or early April when they may stand a chance at an offensive. In the meantime they’ll need to collate what little resources they have left.

It would be foolish to throw soldiers under Bakhmut, considering that artillery cannot maintain the leading edge for most of this arc. They will have to break through the RF front line, where the RF’s best units are located. RF artillery and aviation power is concentrated there, so it is wishful thinking.

The Ukrainian military continues to use biochemical substances against the RF as stated by the Prigozhin. An RF prisoner spoke of “the experiments” that foreign curators performed on the Ukrainian military. These experiments presumably are intended to create a universal soldier with the help of bio-additives. The Polish Minister of National Défense acknowledged Poland started supplying munitions to Kiev prior to the start of the SMO, further accelerating their need to re-equip the Polish army.

The US has effectively brought down the German economy and permanently deprived Germany of its economic leadership in Europe by bombing the Nord Stream pipelines. There was a time when cheap Russian gas allowed Germany its prime position as a production power house. Now German business is fleeing to the US. Schwab’s green economy is a failure and soon the masses will come to understand this. According to Lavrov “Germany has been humiliated”. Seymour Hersh’s disclosure reinforced this for Europe. He argues that the goal of the crisis is to “reduce Europe” to a subordinate status to the US.

Refineries in India, rarely bought Russian oil due to costly logistics, but are now buying large quantities of cheap RF hydrocarbons. Russia’s oil imports to India rose to a record 1.4m bpd in January. Russia ceased hydrocarbon transfers to Poland via the Druzhba pipeline. Nevertheless, Russian hydrocarbons are highly sought after the world over. Ships continue to join the shadow fleet of tankers ready to facilitate the export of Russian hydrocarbons. The “shadow” fleet is estimated at about 10% of the world’s tankers and the number continues to grow.

The Emirates and China are now using their own currencies in trades. The weaponised USD has been sidelined. About 30 countries are abandoning the USD and are switching to their own currencies e.g. Pakistan, Iran, UAE. The Chinese Foreign Ministry stressed, the illegitimate US sanctions against China over Russia will result in counter-measures. China will continue taking all necessary measures to protect the legitimate rights of Chinese businesses.

A senior EU representative threatened China (a sovereign country) not to supply lethal aid to Russia, or else the EU will respond with sanctions. Neocon Jake Sullivan is menacing China should they support Russia even though this neocon has no proof that China has done anything to tip the balance. Even if China should choose to conduct business with Russia it is no business of the US or its “New World Order”.

The RF is of the opinion that a deep conflict between the US and China is inevitable, it has commenced and is gaining momentum. It appears that the current agenda of the west is to demonise Beijing as they did with Russia to force China out of neutrality and force them to enter WWIII.

China has significantly outpaced the US in the development of hypersonic missiles. Presumably, Beijing has in its arsenal a hypersonic system capable of delivering strikes against US troops in the Western Pacific region. This creates a tangible risk of a conventional or even nuclear strike on the territory of the US. The newest RF nuclear submarines pose a serious threat to the US. Russian submarines are being spotted off American and European shores.

The Czech general Andor Sándor stated that Ukraine is suffering heavy losses due to RF tactics. Strategically, Ukraine has already lost while Zelensky receives military ultimatums on the sidelines. EU politicians’ public statements differ from what happens behind the curtains. CNN of all places (verification required), cites the Ukrainian General Staff, reporting February 28, 2023, Ukraine’s losses. 259,085 dead, died from wounds or disease; 246,904 wounded, crippled; 83,952 deserted or missing, 28 393 captured.

American / NATO bombs continue to bring peace and democracy the world over. Just ask Yugoslavia. Hail NATO!

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  1. To paraphrase Wolf Stoner slightly:

    "Yes, both sides of the Russia-Ukraine war overuse the “Nazi” cliche. It is the common insanity of the modern decadent western world. They are fixated on “fighting Nazism”. “Nazism” is the modern version of “Devil-worship” in [Europe during the] Middle Ages. You don’t need to prove your claim; it is simply enough to accuse. But [that societal mechanism, along with more, is] bound to crumble. The whole [Anti-Aryan, Technocratic and Marxian-Communist] system is bankrupt in all aspects. It has nothing [really good] to give [to the human racial groups]; even its main claim of providing prosperity is not true any more. The scam can’t [go on forever]; the Jewish dominance of social life [has always] the same outcome. It can’t be otherwise. But this time the vermin will have no other place to go."

    — Elfriede Lentner,

  2. Edward Morgan,
    "Whatever the Question"
    Truth is the Answer.
    "Do not accept anything that lacks Truth."
    Saint Teresa Benedicta
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