By Michael,

If you are struggling to make it in this economy, you are not alone, because there are millions of other Americans in the exact same boat.  Needless to say, the cost of living has become extremely oppressive, and that has put a tremendous amount of financial stress on U.S. families.  Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve has chosen to fight inflation by aggressively hiking interest rates, and that is starting to cause massive problems.  The money supply is actually shrinking, the banking system has been thrown into a state of chaos, and we are witnessing a tsunami of layoffs that is unlike anything that we have seen since the Great Recession.

For most Americans, employment is the only thing standing between them and poverty.  In fact, one recent survey discovered that 44 percent of Americans actually work more than one job…

Forty-four percent of Americans work a second job, a 13 percent increase relative to the Trump administration, a LendingClub report revealed Tuesday.

The recent increase under President Joe Biden is highlighted by a survey from FlexJobs, which found 69 percent of employed professionals either have a side job or want one.

This is our economy now.

Tens of millions of Americans have to work multiple jobs just to survive.

And at this point more than 60 percent of the population is living paycheck to paycheck

The LendingClub report also revealed 62 percent of Americans, including 48 percent of high-income consumers, were living paycheck to paycheck in February, up two percentage points from the month prior.

But if you are able to find a way to scrape by from month to month, you should be quite happy, because according to author Matthew Desmond approximately 18 million Americans have been living in a state of “deep poverty”…

In his book, Desmond, analyzing data from the U.S. Census Bureau and other sources, reports that 1 in 18 people in the U.S. live in what’s considered “deep poverty,” or what he calls “a subterranean level of scarcity.”

In 2020, this category included people who make less than $6,380 a year, or families of four living on less than $13,100. In 2020, almost 18 million people in America lived in these conditions, including some 5 million children.

As I sit here, I am having a difficult time comprehending these numbers.

They are just so bad.

Unfortunately, economic conditions are rapidly getting worse.  On Thursday, we learned that Roku will be conducting a second round of layoffs

Streaming device company Roku is planning to lay off another 200 workers, just months after it cut the same number of positions in 2022.

In a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing this week, Roku, Inc. wrote that it has “approved a restructuring plan to lower the Company’s year-over-year operating expense growth and prioritize projects that the Company believes will have a higher return on investment, which is expected to impact approximately 200 employees, approximately 6% of the Company’s workforce, and result in the exit and sublease, or cease use, of certain office facilities that the Company does not currently occupy.”

And EA has just announced that it will “lay off about 6% of its workforce”

Video game publisher Electronic Arts said on Wednesday it will lay off about 6% of its workforce and reduce office space in an attempt to cut costs.

EA had about 12,900 staff as of March-end last year.

The Madden NFL publisher also said it will move away from projects that do not contribute to its strategy.

I was quite alarmed when I heard that.

I thought EA was doing well.

Burger King will also be giving the axe to large numbers of workers as it closes 26 locations

Burger King has announced it will lay off 424 members of staff as it gears up to close 26 restaurants through April.

Store closures began on 17 March and will continue through next month as the chain shuts doors due to ‘unforeseen business circumstance’.

And if Bed Bath & Beyond is unable to raise hundreds of millions of dollars, the entire company may soon go belly up…

Bed Bath & Beyond will sell up to $300 million of its stock to repay creditors and fund its business as it struggles to avoid bankruptcy.

If it’s not able to raise sufficient money from the offering, the home furnishings giant said Thursday it expects to “likely file for bankruptcy.”

There are going to be so many stories like this in the months ahead.

After years of super low interest rates and easy money, our leaders have thrown things into reverse.

At this point, our money supply is actually “falling at its fastest rate since the 1930s”

U.S. money supply is falling at its fastest rate since the 1930s, a red flag for the economy and financial markets. Money supply has now been shrinking year-on-year since December, an unprecedented development in modern times that should make investors sit up and take notice – growth, asset prices and inflation could all weaken.

According to Reuters, It is largely a consequence of the reversal of the liquidity generated by massive post-pandemic fiscal and monetary stimulus, the Federal Reserve shrinking its balance sheet via quantitative tightening, falling bank deposits, and weak demand for and provision of credit.

Needless to say, the 1930s were not a good time for our economy.

And as our historic banking crisis rolls on, small and mid-size banks all over the nation are going to get really tight with their money.

That means that they will be issuing fewer mortgages, fewer commercial real estate loans, fewer auto loans and fewer credit cards.

In other words, economic activity is really going to slow down.

The good news is that we can see what is happening in advance, and so those that are wise will be able to make preparations to weather the coming storm.

Unfortunately, most of the population still trusts our leaders when they say that everything is going to work out just fine somehow.

So many people have blind faith in the system, even though the system is now starting to crumble all around us.



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  1. Denise – interesting that you consider no nuking agree – the over seer's of this planet shall no longer allow "Any Detonation of any N.Device" Period. mystery is upon us in whats to happen next. A change in dynamics indicate we're entering into a new feature of 5D consciousness. This type of change will present challenge to its all vivid feature.
    This is a world beyond end. We are simply players living on this planet this time around. To learn experience record and behold.
    There is still trace of Magic here deeply suppressed from our grasp. Yet of the far greater to be known do hold greater of all things beyond our scope of imagination. This I share as Off world, our creators or ancestors of great and more. Some authors have shared this. Yesterdays conspiracy is today's now reality. We have so much yet the ones to whom think they have control and dominion of us. Only cheat themselves for their features are to be changed if not shall expire. Dark to full Light

    Things I believe are about to change maybe in that blinding flash and maybe in start of a new old face to behold. Be surprised. There are still yet other things to be fully revealed. One I'd say little is shared and known about Area51 51a 51b and 52 in all. emery smith an bob lazar have shared, yet so many disbelieve their word. Many have seen probes pills or tictac. see the us-navy story of the nimitz event. So what goes on in these terminals. Sharing of tech for human dna. Hybrids created merging other life forms with our own. Trading of DNA for Tech. which in turn is only turned into greater weapons of destruction used to control us by greater fear to use of such.
    Other advance race do live upon this planet. As well so much kept from our knowledge it even exists. Mantauk chair. Time Travel – time displacement, folding of space. Few things to learn. Probes entering our air space. And the lies of weather balloons Bull. Cover up of its reality less a manipulation of our all senses told to believe in the lie.
    Time will present as some indicate when the right alignment of universal star systems and a moment of being right. Holding 2 magnets N and S just far apart they wiggle to connect. Something like that is just in the tuning to create that one timing right. Time I believe in short is just that.
    could even be days of few. Time could stop just for a mechanical moment it is created by and for.
    Our planet rotation could reverse. Sure it will thrill the greater of mass.

  2. yes. Its their casino games played, Again I share to repeat the World is run like a casino and the house always wins. The World is their game Board, Their market facility is their port for robbery. Forex has been robbed numerous times winners do not get their real value to wins. Brokers do and change reverse entry so you lose many a time. As is everything else Rigged in some form to weaken rob and thieve the systems we think are so in of need or we're captivated by one slick liar telling us for 2500 or 5000 of training we teach you the secrets of trading. Run fast and hang up that call its a lie.
    Snake oil sales is at a rampage. Only for a gimmick of your loss to invest in.
    Disposable goods – buy one it breaks toss it and buy another. We trust what we are told when really its a bigger lie of the truths behind its slick worded presentations.
    A Trick played non stop. Because it works and they know how to rig all the games. Get out of the bigger picture and see it start to break down. We need to close down all the governments. Each and everyone has failed us numerous time over the history of its time. And we still put faith the next chap in seat is going to do a something. Another false faked out lie. They get chains and strings attached to every part of their position. Simply to Act as told. Rare there are onezee Twozee whom are. Only for a short time as it has shown to be.

    Pull your money out of the bank. Its actually being used against you. The Bankers use your money to gain higher block interests $$$ more for themselves $$$ less for you only your printed value at entry is returned. being played Around the world. and you get bare of 0.23% interest "Maybe".

    Pray more think in spirit good thought. Its proven many a time a unified meditation event joined by as many participant around the globe have magically fixed many a thing simply by thinking a good thing all at the same time. Look around this site P4C is a wonderful discovery and a blessing of in its diverse content with some posts in mention to all the similar – Join in to union meditations. Sure some is presented and need for filtering. Yet of one to discover daily many a post. Much is the readers venture to over turn rocks and seek what is holding under side. As in life nothing is found until ventured stepped and or rocks over turned to discover what lies under. Simply Step and use little effort.
    Some have even practiced Healing a cancerous tumor in one patient and the tumor scoped during process and viewed its decay and decrease in size to vanish within the duration of common minds seeing it not there before even starting their mind experience treatment. Start to end. Patient simply gets off the table walks away Cured. Tumor completely gone.
    So hold that thought and dwell more on it if you may share in a disease or suffer some ailment try this your self a friend etc. See that it does not exist "Convince yourself it does not exist".
    We all are with greater feature than we are held captive. the Ol -Chain around the elephants foot trick. Keep the chain on long enough the elephant eventually is defeated on attempt to move further than its chain length. Eventually the chain is removed and the elephant once wild is now tamed. and does not move further than its told to. So are we. Controlled and manipulated by strong or words set in a spell to control us. this is what MStream-Media does. first hand and secondary subliminal channeling that too is mk-ultra.
    We've been captured too long of this trick now. So free yourself and consider we all are in control of our own self and not one other can hold us victim to their methods of spells.
    Try this as another thought setting.. Fill in the Lines and see to believe it.
    I am …. !
    I Can ….. !
    I Will …… !
    use little imagination – I can quite this habit ! I will quit this habit – I am going to quit this habit. !
    try other phrase to all the same. Regain control of the self. Watch your daily life change.
    The Secret! – See in mind you already are in holding of that wish dream thought etc. Bring it to fruition. We can and we will change this world.

  3. You have good intentions but I want to state clearly that there need be no "nuking" or any taking down whatsoever. Just don't pay your taxes and don't use banks and don't participate. But that leaves you out in the cold doesn't it so you'll be looking for others who don't participate if you take this path. Then you and the others will start new ways that work based on sovereignty and freedom. Freedom comes with responsibility so that means we have to figure things out and not wait for a babysitter. Nothing needs to be taken down. In fact to do that, keeps one in the same primitive and barbaric mindset we are in right now. With digital technology, we have everything we need to make the decisions ourselves with each one having equal say on everything. This is the system that replaces government, the system of the new age where everything is issued by the sovereign and the system quantifies decision-making. No harebrained decision will make it through, it has its own checks and balances and no one has more say than anyone else. It's called the Egalitarian Proposal System, check it out and comment so it can become a thing:

  4. It's so simple to see once you see what the problem is. The money system is totally whacko from its very start. Only one agency issues it (which is centralized and a total no-no) and they charge for its issuance many times more than the amounts they issue. Nothing could be stupider. The stock market is stupid too – there is no rhyme or reason to it at all and it's been propped up for over a decade and longer. One thing we need to see is that all our systems in particular banking, are totally irrelevant in the digital age. We don't need to use third parties anymore esp banks. Money is just numbers, nothing more. We can shift numbers from our accounts directly to each other now. It's not like the old days when banks were needed, or when government was needed. Now we don't need them and they can be fired just like workers were with the heralding of this new tech.

  5. Stop the laws that allow CEO/Any greed and theft of rightful pay to all employee's be a start. Or simply dis-bar each and every CEO Alive. They are careless to their term and only care how much they can steal from the asset of what someone else created for their in place voted by thieves positions. Den of thieves should now end.

    Consider do not pay any 2022 tax period be another start as well going forward for it is wrongful to pay people for nothing that do nothing but cause chaos to hide their own in-ability to perform.

    Have everyone that holds of greater 25 million dollars in any type of account pony up. " 1 yes One Million " of these monies and pool into a country rebuild program that would standardize a rebuild program for each and every nation on Present Foot Ground and around the World.

    Consider there an equal process where all and everyone are treated as human beings "Equal" Prove to show that these groups will abolish and cure to heal all impoverished city block park bench and dirty side walk field roadway and airway. Release all those jailed, every person and rehabilitate each person to be of use to share equally for their crimes to labor unified jobs helping all. Release all Zoo/Caged animal and species, return each and every living to its own native lands and space where it was kidnapped from and simply post a picture and create volumes of better nature books as marks tools for reference. Change the commanding process of all AI to perform its required duty and change its primary purpose for the many civil and social AI mechanical products to be programmed to "TEACH" each and every child adult on the planet a something masterful and useful in home and business replacing 99.99% of all physical by human duty.
    Use the better equipped AI-Construct to provide a real Law Legal System and remove all current legal systems as there are none as to uphold its previous proper laws and see only to change a law or proper treatment to action to their own or paid benefit to hide such wrongful action. Cobra Kryon and the lot hope your reading. Your need is of great purpose now. Worship we only need to worship ourselves and our ability to be present of self. Along as to be joyful in presence of others. All the Same. We are human.

    Consider to round up and contain all unbalanced manufactured tampered organism that does not properly balance its own understanding. Balance is the base of all universal construct and this living Clown show of fake unreal and unreal constructs be changed only to befit improper realities.

    All Proper and correct standards place Man Women child Boy child Girl as common label and standards. Assigned by our all creators "Proper and Correct".
    Be a considered start of things.

    This Current Clown Show is going on too long with the mental and frustrating abuse anyone could long term suffer buy. Being this Unlawful lawless standard of anything goes – there is are no laws currently, there for there is no reason to charge or pay any" Type Taxes" and or giving up free money for thieves all to simply pocket for themselves. Screaming sucker to the bank every moment someone pays an unlawful illegal tax to a loser. Close down every government building church and school – they are basically useless here in all of North America bar none. Let alone other placement of the world. A facade'

    if this is too hard to many to understand – pray the over viewers of our life standards on this rock consider to nuke it and restart fresh. For we all come Free by a Creators design. We all Die Free by our own attrition of time evolved state of age, and feature expiry date and end of terms. Its the suffering and clause of remainder families and all to whom knows one that must pay for their death result. Which in the old days a Fagot of sticks collected stacked and person made lay on and one burns the dead to nourish the lands its expired by.

    Such replacing Ashes to ashes dust to dust earth to earth. Everything else is man made chaos to do such as its not far nor wide to simply look around and see the extreme damages that this current all worlds governments have done, to itself, its own lands, Peoples and its disgust to other country in believe it controls such. For No it does not, nor does anyone own anything of a land space or mass of space by 'any' ground rules. "they think in creations of such". : the Fake monarchy is dead : so are the wrongful peoples in belief they can now remove their stage clothing and return to street standards. The Stage show is ending. Curtain is about to be closed. So is their crappy wrongful rule. it no longer exists. There is no law of anyone holding upon anyone else. For the all power of the people is all of themselves and United We Stand And United we all Shall become to retain this of our selves.
    This world was created dragged into orbit and set with life on it for all living things simply to live on its base. PERIOD. No one owns nothing its a place of Earth we call – For the Human and living space sharing with all living of all things. Earth is Home our Play Ground and inside a "Building is simply to keep out of the rain snow and elements" – For the current is and has simply cause of chaos to all those surrounding such history of time one may lay memory to those along with all things. For it is this memory of time we hold to keeping such life after life a presence by. As one terms Life after Death!. Its simply a passing recycling of skin color and language. Repeat until almost perfect. Once Back in your Light Body your then able to review and retry next proxy position going out for another try. Least in aim to prove to oneself one can achieve 3D close to perfection. Simply Try more Hard!.

    Let life be as it be and consider stop tampering with recording brains of every person and start be
    more constructive to the abilities all for all of mankind and we should simply learn to help each other be and help each other be useful to help all and everyone along. In all manor of conduct. Those elite likes that believe to consider "Since they created the cheating monetary constructs where by they set the casino rules, push it out and make sure it all returns back to their own cheating pockets. "

    Others that believe they hold a purpose over others should all be put in a box and sent out into space with a do not return to sender. Stamped on the capsule that will jettison them off the rock!

    Something along these lines of thinking might be a start to consider. I be sure this imagined illusion and dis-illusion of a Mr Dress up Mr Potato head Clown Show, let alone the shock and awe in ept of trying to wake the some of mass peoples up.
    Enough is just getting if not ways past its already enough of this shameful construct and think these Off world Ancients Relatives far greater in sophistication and sage aged knowledge are being some what and highly entertained by our chaotic rat and ant show of not evolved enough as we should be, by our standards of humanity technologies and spiritual illusion and pour level of achievement.

    Those whom are here and have been here so very long over the 100's of years waiting to come active to helping us thru this. Could still consider being the go to leaders of wisdom. And be guides to Straighten out all things. Would be certainly appreciated.

    Well gee it seems as we come Free of the womb, Die Free of Heart and Mind, are to recycle all to do it over and over again. The many just care not to learn and understand we caught in an endless cycle of control over the strong vs weak the stupid over the dumb and nothing shall every become of this. Or So as it has been over the sages of time -or as its shown by its cycles of history repeatable offence.

    I'd again consider be a better solution – Nuke the planet and start fresh again and this time – Keep a closer proximity of guidance and provide better guidance so the more evolution of results be useful by rule of time and statement of achievement. This going into 5D consciousness and now having to be an earth standard of – Gee you have to pay to become right you have to pay to learn right you have to pay to live let alone live right by some catalog of standards. You have to pay to ascend – you have to pay to be born – Least the parents pay large.
    You have To Pay to Die or perish of this life by accident or circumstances. No the one dying is freed of all things you do take nothing at all with you, Other than a discovery that gee something is quite different right now and I'm all alone but gee this change in mind sense mind brilliance is just a passing phase.
    This is just a very short time as you see life reverse and pass the proto-plast of creation then into a blinding flash of light speed to return to sender!.
    This is simply the process of removing you from your 3D consciousness clothing of duality Lower Self and Higher Self. Simply return you back to already your own Light body in 5D whole consciousness or what ever spiritual less density level achieved, and singular entity of light. So why pay for anything when you Die Free and return to xD Free. God Source is Free and always has been in of Light omni-verse-Energies.
    Why on earth do we living have to pay for of anything or is it everything!. Why can not we actually learn to live together be together and care for each other daily, moment by moment and achieve what ever it is we are required by a life living standards as FREE. We the Free People of Earth live love and joyfully live free of all things. And the only taxing thing is to challenge ourselves to achieve further greatness for all and everyone "TOGETHER AS WE THE HUMAN RACE".
    As in one sentence of logic lyrics says. The happiness of pursuit or the pursuit of happiness. Thinking along these lines, Might Just provide some of the solutions we seek that are simply right in our own faces of discovery how we can do this. Time to Stand Up and Be Counted and state " I am human "

    And as Mary Poppins likes to share. A Spoon full of Sugar brings a smile to every face.! Swallow your pride put on a happy face, learn by your mistakes and stand up tall.!

    As a Man thinks so shall he become. Think good thoughts love yourself, Lover your next door neighbor as your self. Love your dog cat fish in a bowl and bird on a wire tree branch and all living things as they are. Love to see you can make a difference and love to see that you can also contribute to all life as it should be. Then we as 3D creatures can all live happy in a land called Earth "Together"
    Okay. !

    think dream act action on much of this and lets see what to how we can change the chaos the others have caused. And time to clean our act up. ITS YOUR CHALLENGE. DO YOU ACCEPT!.


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