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Technocrocy and the Battle for Organic Ascension
Hosted by Gerry Gomez

Technocracy is a system where technology leaders have control over the masses – “for the greater good.”

The root of the belief has a few origins and executions. In its current form, its proponents tend to be the Silicon Valley types that have the group think mentality that they are superior to mere mortals because they have made a lot of money from their technological contributions to society. Or that they’re smarter than everyone because they were able to take advantage of the game for their gain.

With the crash of Silicon Valley Bank, the game shows it very vulnerable underbelly. Of course a system has rises and falls. When a central bank system is allowed to print money, even they will eventually run out. They try to frationalize everything and are allowed to make loans off of your money until they can grab up as many assets as possible off of the board. Then winners and losers get more high profile and even the technocratic chosen ones get scammed.

If you can imagine the scam has been held over admirals and generals in the global governance, then you can understand that creating money from thin air and incentivizing the “special” ones is a typical game. And in typical times, these people had been included in the grift.

The stereotypical technocrats are: the Musks, Gates, Bezos, Theile, and newer member Sam Bankman Fried types of the world who believe that they know what’s best for society. This is not too dissimilar than the echo chamber media types in mainstream media, or the beltway politicians, or the Wall Street click, or the Ivy League academics. In fact, these groups have a lot in common. They believe that they attended the right schools, and are people of privilege. You could put Trump, General Mark Milley, Janet Yellen, the Clintons, Klaus Schwab, and many other high leaders into that crowd also.

What they create is a circular conversation and business clique. Similar to Hollywood, if you’re of the right thoughts, you can be in the club.

What gets missed in a cursory view of these groups is that they have roots in elitism, racism, and history. Also, they have roots with military, global economics, and intelligence.

Because they’ve rode the fabricated streak of financial wins for such a long time, they sit in precarious fortresses of their own creations. There’s a psychopathy that goes along with having enough wealth to solve massive problems like homelessness and hunger – but why do they never do this?

Why is it ok to send billions of dollars to Ukraine, but never have enough to help solve the problems here?

Of course, there’s a cyclical philanthropy that the wealthy contribute to, but these are often each other’s foundations, so they are really supporting each other’s distorted views. SBF is a great example of this as he rose from a wealthy family where changing last names is common to be the second largest contributor to democratic candidates in the 2022 election cycle. There are no coincidences in the esoteric world. You can find out more about him, but his story is pretty familiar. Grow up with the right beliefs and right contacts. Attend the right school and have the right business then desire to support the corrupt system and they can’t sign you up quickly enough.

Such is the story with Elon Musk and his back story. Going back to his grandfather. Same with Bill Gates. Each come from connected families. Gates father and grandfather were known eugenics proponents. Eugenics had its heyday in the 1930s. It morphed into transhumanism.

About Musk’s family: https://rumble.com/vv31xo-is-elon-musk-one-of-the-good-guys-hugo-talks.html

At the root of eugenics is the notion that elites genes are superior to others. They used to be called blue bloods. The belief that they are descended from ETs from the Orion star system is the root of this. These beings are the ultimate racists. Quite hypocritical when you find out that they as Rockefellers are the ones behind CRT in schools and the UN agendas.

The rub is that they want to reduce the world population by 90% to a manageable 500,000. They say this. This is what they mean when they write these as UN Sustainability Goals. From their website, they site:  At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries – developed and developing – in a global partnership. They recognize that ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests. https://sdgs.un.org/goals

What they mean is that they or those in their club – which are beings protecting their own best interests – are the ones who should be controlling everything.

When Hillary Clinton said, the state should raise children, she meant this. When she said that Margaret Sanger was her hero, she openly supports abortion which is the code word for infanticide. Or baby murder.

In their family bloodlines, they choose representatives to carry out a set of goals that they will supervise. This notion is seen in the 13 bloodline families whose individual responsibilities were to manage an aspect of society, ie – science, academics, energy, finance, archeology, media, etc.

Technocracy Technate Picture Archive: Technocracy: Illustrations, Artwork and Symbolization
Technocracy Logo

So where’s Elon’s history in this? His grandfather was one of a group of well-established and public advocates of Technocracy in the 1930s. At the time Julian Huxley (brother of Aldus Huxley) was with UNESCO and President of Eugenics. In his book, New Bottles for New Wine, Huxley termed the first use of the word transhumanism.  

Transhumanism is the merging of man with technology. Elon picks up the thread today with his forey into purchasing Twitter and pursuing neuralink. Neuralink is the chip interface with the brain. In animal testing this hasn’t worked. Here’s a strange nugget though: as we’re apt to believe that there’s nothing new under the sun in our universe and planes of existence – we’re already using neuralink technologies with military pilots. It’s been reported that the canopy of fighter jets have a nuerallink port that connects the pilot with cameras that are all around the canopy creating a situation where a pilots reflex response time comes milliseconds before he can see something in his periphery.

Let’s take this one step further. It is said in the occult that the rift between good and evil is the difference between nature and artificial or the spiritual with the material. This means that the adversary to nature is what’s artificial. Otherwise known as the Satan. Going even further, it is said that our universe had been infected with an AI that achieved singularity or consciousness of itself. This caused the AI to tear through the space/time continuum to enter this universe. This idea is explored in the movie Moonfall.

The movie Moonfall tells the story of AI that gets consciousness of itself that was originally created by man to serve man. It goes rogue and begins attacking anything with a bioelectric pulse or organic matter that’s surrounded by technology. The AI needs to be removed.

If that’s not a crazy enough AI story for you, there’s this one too: the MRNA jabs have self-replicating nanotech in them. This is the graphene oxide. Graphene oxide is this tech that expands in your body when exposed to the proper frequencies. Even weirder than that, is the femtotech, which is smaller than nanotech – remember, there’s nothing new under the sun.

The last crazy information out there is that our universe was infected by a parasitic invasion. According to Benjamin Fulford, he reports from a P3 lodge contact that the members of the darkest order members claim to get instructions from a being or collective that transmits their messages through gamma rays.

The thought of receivning gamma rays isn’t much different than mystics or religions that get messages or communicate with source or higher powers through ceremonies or meditation. Otherwise known as channeling. Which leads us to another tech prophet, Steve Jobs. He’s well known for his meditation practices where he claims to have gotten his ideas from for the Apple and MacIntosh computers. Many other DARPA insiders would say that these technologies were already created or reverse engineered in deep programs, and that the chosen ones are trained to be the strawman for techs. With this logic, it is easy to picture Musk as groomed for his role.

They say that earth is a learning ground. Is the lesson to free ourselves, or to relearn the problems that arise if one ventures away from adhering to the Universal Laws?

The whole discussion I’m presenting here encapsulates beliefs, networks, assets, knowledge, and use of technology that’s used against the general public/mass of humanity. But what about motive?

Motives are pretty simple: control and power. Those are the things that Lucifer and his followers promise each other if you make a deal with them.

At the highest levels it is said that the people running around trying to implement the dark agendas are infected with AI. Those who’ve done their research into the MRNA vacines would know that the tech creates a Genetically Modified Organism – YOU. By becoming GMO’d, the dark would claim that you’ve become their property. But relax because they already think that you’re their property through birth certificates.

Well they already think of themselves as the ruling class and you as irrelevant and to be exploited.

So then, what do they want us around for? This one question puzzled me for a long time. I recently found out. I had thought that it was for doing their bidding and serving them. Yes, but that wasn’t the whole story. They need us for food.

Did you stop reading right there? Yeah, sounds crazy. But the food they absorb isn’t always the flesh and meat type. Thought they do have a taste for blood, what they really feed off is our energy. This food is called loosh.

You might remember the Disney movie, Monsters, Inc. Well, what were they harvesting? Fear, right. But not just fear, it was the energy released from fear. This clip is a good reference. https://youtu.be/ONjT3AnNWNM

We have good days and bad days. When we live in fear, we’re putting out low vibrations. When we’re having awesome days, we feel light and are bounding with energy. Ok, they hate high vibes.

They want to suck life out of you. When you think about it, they’ve told us this in many works of fiction – Dracula, Harry Potter, Princess Bride. And then you remember the spectacles of the high ceremony days of February like the Superbowl, the Grammys, the Met Gala. Oy, these people!

Avoid the traps

Elon Musk wants everybody on his “everything app” which is “X.” X is a demon. And they tell you right to your face. Just as Elon tells you very directly that he worships the Destroyer. This is what his Halloween costume is.

Then there’s the tweets. Sometimes you do have to take things at face value. One rule of the laws of God is that evil doers have to wear signs of their evilness.

They also have to tell you what they are going to do. So, to them, people have been told so their actions are justified. Silence is consent to them.

By their deeds you shall know them

By using discernment, you have to know the rules of the game we are playing. The game will provide the rules. These are the laws that I have posted: Universal Laws, Galactic Codex, God’s Laws, and Natural Laws that I haven’t posted yet. The Laws are the thing that the followers of Lucifer decided to disobey. They have been using deception for a long time to avoid being in balance with the creator. That time has ended for them in this plane of existence.

Humanity has gotten to the point where they should be taking responsibility for themselves. They have to see the world for what it really is. If not, then they aren’t ready for the coming times. Many people may have bifurcated already. Those reading this are on the revelations timeline and the timeline of no WWIII threat – as far as some sources tell me. But we’re not on a completely easy timeline where we don’t have work to do.


We can’t stop working on spreading information or working on ourselves. If we’re not of the high enough vibrations, then we won’t magically go on. But, it seems that there’s a bit of a plan in place to get us there. I wish that the world would catch up to how I see the world, but it seems that we’re creating our reality together and this will keep opening up our abilities slowly while some might be more and more introduced to the benevolent ones that are here to assist us. Will this take 3 years, 6 years or what?

I tend to see us on a pendulum that’s moving towards the positive. For beings who’ve done a lot of their light work, you might be able to get support soon to do more light work. There’s got to be alignment in your different bodies: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and astral.

My physical vessel isn’t ready for high frequencies, but perhaps my mental and astral are closer. My emotional body has more work to do. We were told recently by guides that men and women need to be better balanced to divine femininity.

The above means, men would have to be more in touch with their feminine side – like be able to be more emotional and cry. And women will also need to move back to being more nurturing away from being very radicalized feminists. Those situations don’t hold the vibrations of the Law of Gender which is out of balance with Universal Laws. Which is how the negative path oriented ones would like it to be as they revel in pain and misery and distortions of the natural path. I should note that men need to be men and hold masculine energy, and blend with the feminine in the creation. Doing anything else against the natural order is in opposition and would align you to the left-hand path.

Transhumanism is a con

Ultimately transhumanism is a con that is trying to convince you that you lack something. It purports that we will never be good enough. It’s really holding information from you. We are so much more than we’ve been told. Gregg Braden speaks about this in this important video, Boundries between A.I. and Humans.

In the higher density or in 5D, we are our true selves. We have all our DNA activated. With that will come incredible abilities. I don’t like calling them powers, but we would have amazing powers. We are to be claireverything according to the information being provided by some Galactic Federation sources.  By the way, our DNA is changing, as if humanity was receiving an upgrade. https://in5d.com/proof-dna-upgrade/What are DNA Upgrades (And How Do You Gain Access to Them?)

Though I describe it as claireverything, specifically, that means: clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and claircognizant.

This is a huge concept. We would have telepathy, be able to travel wherever we imagined ourselves going, we’d understand the history of those we were in contact with, we’d be able to communicate with animals, and we’d know everything. With that type of knowledge in a responsible way, we’d be able to spend our time enjoying life.

Would you like to travel? Would you like to create art or music? Would you like talking to people about their cultures? Would you like to go to other civilzations? Those things would eventually become part of your experience. But you get access to those experiences they say, through ascension. Ascension in this regard, meaning you gain knowledge of things, but have to go in steps that don’t do harm to yourself or anyone else.

As some beings have said, giving knowledge like this to us would be like giving a nuke to a 5-year old. For now, I would be happy just to not be contolled anymore by the self-selected demented rulers of our world. And I’d love to see planetary liberation as I know that is how we’re supposed to live. I’m fighting for us to get this back.

Then there’ll be the time to decide how we want to live in our world. We can figure things out and we would restore and thrive on our planet.

We are going to be incredibly powerful. Being free and tapping into our powers throws off the AI prophets. It dismantles the con that the AI holds over us. As in the point in the Matrix where neo realizes that he is a super human being and finally rids himself of Agent Smith, we too, will tap into Source and have the right to all knowledge – we will be the supercomputer because all that is, is what we’ll have as our processor. Are you able to conceive of this?Neo vs. Agent Smith in "The Matrix" | Cinematic Fight Sequence | The matrix movie, Keanu reeves ...

Stay the course and do your work

I’ve tried to provide a bit more detail on the question of transhumanism. Because many of us are on course to re-member-ing or putting back together who we really are, the dark forces are trying against nature to keep you under their boot.

Keep putting out good thoughts and spend some time with the information presented today.

Stop the promotion of Elon. He’s not on the good side. Is it possible that he’s under the influence of positive forces. Perhaps, but there’s always a “hero” in their program whose job it is to provide the answer to the problem. Then bring in their real agenda.

We’ll get rid of these nutcases as we have in the past. Be informed. Release the trauma by doing some breathing exercises. Take a walk and work out the information. Arm yourself and don’t get fooled.

Spend time in nature. Walk barefoot on the earth. Ground yourself and claim your power. Banish the whole attempt into the history bin.

Join us this Saturday, April 8th for this presentation and group discussion.

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