Andrew Bridgen MP presented to Parliament the extremely important evidence regarding the serious harms and deaths as a result of the experimental mRNA Covid 19 ‘vaccines’.   We see the MPs scurrying out, akin to rats deserting the sinking ship, frightened by the truth maybe? Or ordered by their masters to leave?

In the wake of this presentation, there has been a public announcement for the case of misfeasance and misconduct in public office to be reopened in light of this new information.

We are calling for the above case to be reopened after MP Andrew Bridgen’s speech in Parliament on 17th March 2023, where he cited government data proving beyond doubt that the MRNA Covid 19 vaccines and boosters are causing more harm than benefit.

“The data is clear, for all healthy people and all those considered at risk under 70, there is a greater risk of harm and chance of adverse effects from taking the experimental vaccine/ boosters than there is of dying from covid”.

The case was lodged on 20th Dec 2021, and the complaint alleges (amongst other things) misfeasance and misconduct in public office, gross negligence manslaughter, corporate manslaughter, murder, conspiracy to murder, genocide and crimes against humanity.

The police ‘reviewed’ the 1000’s of pieces of evidence until February 2022, they issued a statement to say they had found no evidence to support the complaint. They didn’t even contact one of the many internationally acclaimed scientists and lawyers who all assisted with gathering the evidence (Robert F Kennedy Jr and Dr Michael Yeadon an ex-CSO of Pfizer, to name only two of them). Nor did they contact any victims that have been injured from the covid vaccine.

It is clear to see that a colossal cover-up has been perpetrated against the people of the UK. If the police had done their job as the people asked, it would have certainly saved lives and a great deal of money. Many millions of pounds of taxpayer’s money has been used to buy these vaccines and boosters, they are not effective in preventing Covid, do not stop transmission, nor are they ‘safe’.

Source: Rumble

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  1. Apart from the obvious horrors regarding death and injury of the population who were harassed and tricked into taking this shot Shouldn't we be asking for a refund for these vaccines as they have not done what they were supposed to do and they were not safe as supposed to be. We have our statutory rights for that surely. So let us get our money back and use it to compensate the families of the injured and dead. But of course we also want them arrested and made accountable and the roll out of these vaccines stopped and also we want our countries to get rid of their involvement with the WHO and to delete the treaty that are all getting ready to sign which makes the WHO the centralised One world government using that treaty to terrorise the people of the world. We need action on all that from governments not corrupt cowards who can't face up to what they have done to their citizens. Only by removing these WEF operatives who have infiltrated everything after the Queen signed up for it instead of dissolving parliament to remove that organisation which is at war with humanity and seeking world dominance and after achieving this power there will much worse tyranny. This must be stopped and these people must be removed from our Monarchy our government our banks our food sources and so on and arrested and made accountable.


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