This video hits some pretty good topics that will sync with another video i will post tomorrow.  Suggested start time at 9:00 minutes in.

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  1. Agree it/this is an abomination, As many ethical words/practices etc have been carried thru cast of time, hits, not just human form but many things in life.
    Simply put. The errors of mankind meddling with GODs Prime BluePrint Code. And that I will say covers the whole spectrum of all our lives in so many ways 'To the Now Times'.
    The Last Print provided reproductive organs to do just that – Retain the Prime Design that is so perfect in of its simple form. Yet wave 1 and 2 of angel assigned to keep this in check. Also fell to temptations of all things. Man an dark ones have tampered with this and well. The Current Circus Show never ends. 'quote' "Welcome back my Friends to the Show that Never Ends" Or so the ring leaders attempt to see this a value.
    Things you don't know will surely make one shake the knee if not blow your mind. Crisper Technologies have bled over many a silicon germanium junction. To create the circus actors. I love you for your ability to see in this an error and its failures by the hands that run its program by their irregular mind set to living result. AI intelligence also has this in feature by some thread of issue.
    We of self cannot save the world. Many have held to continue to keep their error we cannot change, but of them themselves can only do of this.
    I love and hold this verse to heart as it makes so much sense. Father grant me the "Serenity" to know of the things I Cannot Change. The Power within to know of the things I can change in of myself. And all the greater wisdom to know the Difference.
    This is that difference I hope to share as we do know of this. Our Ancestors and of Greater Delegate Creator "GODs" Godesses etc I believe in self to feel they're energies are all returning to make this correction and re-establish a new kingdom for us all in the Light. To only think Be in Most Knee dropped state of being in total Awe.
    Yet much of that can become too of ourselves for we are in creation structure by their Design. Source is but real all Pure Energy but gives to create all Forms.
    Life in duality has its checks and bounds hardship and most of all Challenge to know Right and Wrong and Keep those to our own growing within and with out – our Spirit core allow this to grow of all things. I feel to trust with faith the magic of the universe shall balance this out. a couple lads ago shared up a lyric of song "Let it Be".
    Its a Test!.

  2. Technically Tim, if the Lesbians & Gays were honest about what they proclaim, they would live by the rules of Nature, meaning for example, if we were to put all Lesbians on a deserted island and all Gay males on a different deserted island, no communication with each other or the outside world, both islands would become vacant within a Century. In other words, they would become extinct.
    Because God has made it Clear to Mankind.

  3. Is not there an old addy of point. One shall not judge a book of its cover! least it be judged of its own.
    Really in a form it does not matter its source of presentation. the Detail of this post is wide, far, far reaching and presents many things that one could resonate with. It to a thought is by the talents this one shares openly an willingly.

    Condition of a flipped coin is value all the same. Its the label you exhibit to the face of its Tail and or its Head.
    The option how the coin is what provides the greater value by choice as to how its used. add and subtract what is to ones own choices to accept filter and discard what may not be a field of knowledge. For the self and or for the many. Still think we need many more like This source of giving by reference of her contact points. Be of ground and or of space.
    She's already doing her best at replicating the same. Be Glad and happy for her.

    Its going to provide a far great level of new challenge as it does for all of us. Take it or leave it. Its quite a challenge to save the world. What can we do for our selves is what we may all share in now for how we can do by all for our world. lil dialect from another voice.
    or could, that it be many.

    Meat of a book read, does not always match its candy cover salty or spicy. Its how one divulges the meat and its chew to nourish its meal. You don't know until you Do.

    Life is like the marathon runner. You cannot feel to know until you "Dress like" Put on the shoes and run the Marathon to its end ribbon. Can you not know what it is to be all the same. Try and see to see the good things of its material!.. That is all.

    My self I thought listen absorb and reflect, as well by her knowledge to obtain such source material shared to Update and provide collection of news.
    smiles an all "wholly cow" let the veil of the clown show end.

    • She is a Hypocrite. She is married to a woman, which cannot produce children….
      Most likely where her argument with her "wife" came from in her dream, the Laws of Nature do Not Lie!


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