And it’s time to read it all the way through; the punchline will emerge near the end.

Well, it’s a lot more than that: it’s a universal tool for data collection, depopulation, and crowd control


This is what we have seen


When my wife and I drove cross-country, one of the most prominent changes since my last such trip in 2014 was the proliferation of cell phone towers, many of which now contain 5G technology. Not that 3G or 4G, or even home Wi-Fi are not harmful, but 5G poses imminent and lethal danger.

A comprehensive summary of the dangers and the symptoms the towers cause is available at the following link:

While passing a 2-600-foot-tall tower every half a mile has become part of the landscape, we have also experienced their debilitating impact.

In Winslow, Arizona, we parked outside a Walmart, because the memory card in my wife’s camera was full, and I went in to pick up a new one. The whole transaction didn’t take longer than 10 minutes, but by the time I got back to the car, where my wife stayed behind to make sure nobody would break into it, she complained of a loud buzzing noise in her head that felt like wearing a vibrating helmet on the top half of her head, and pressure from the inside that gave her the feeling that her head was about to blow up. We looked around and, voila, only about 30 yards from the car, the following 5G tower was operating:




That night, we stayed at a motel in Holbrook, Arizona. By the time we settled down, the pressure in my wife’s head had subsided. We went to sleep, but both woke up around 1 AM; the buzzer in my wife’s head was turned up with a vengeance and she had an excruciating headache, both being her usual responses to extensive 5G exposure. Shooting in the army gave me a constant tinnitus 41 years ago, so I usually can’t hear such frequencies, except on rare occasions. In the last 6-8 months, we have both been experiencing two-hour windows even in our house in Kentucky, where no obvious 5G installation was visible until recently, usually between midnight and 2 AM, when we couldn’t sleep.* On that night in Holbrook, on the other hand, I woke up to a nosebleed. I hadn’t had one since I was a teenager and probably not more than four or five times in my life. We were wide awake, seriously contemplating the option of driving on in the middle of the night, but the symptoms got better and a couple of hours later, we were even able to sleep a bit more. In the morning, I checked and found a 5G tower behind the building, about 60 yards from us.**

We started wondering about the omnipresence of the insidious towers. Previously, I already posted an article about cities being denied the option to ban installations:

This time, what we have found suggests that the diabolical plan to exterminate humans with 60GHz radiation from the towers has been shaping up without anyone taking much notice.


Evidence of genocidal coverage


Radiation above 30GHz causes health damage and over 40-45GHz, it kills all life. The current towers can be remotely controlled, they have their own independent power supplies, and their output and the radiation frequencies can be adjusted “as needed.” Word says it the plan is to operate them at 60GHz. Notice that you cannot even buy an instrument that measures radiation above 10GHz.

For the time being, test runs are definitely conducted, but most of the time, the 5G networks are “only” feeding live data for the worldwide simulation that advises the technocrats on their next steps towards their goals. My impression is that the latest phones have 5G transmission capabilities even if their owners don’t pay for the “service,” which allows for genetic manipulation (while the mRNA red herring is used so often in order to divert attention from the real source of the damages) and, of course, the Kill Switch. Still, the Kill Switch is only a small part of the technology:


The shadow of Evil is spreading over the land


When we bumped into the following site, all it took to realize what’s going on was to read between the lines:


The site introduces itself by stating,

“Please click on each state listed below for custom cell tower location maps provided by Steel in the Air – a consultant on cell tower leases and development. We are constantly adding maps so if your state is not available, please try back as it should be available soon.”

Ouch, that hurt. So, apparently, there are “cell tower leases” and new (such) locations are constantly added.

We went searching further and found the following:

  • Cell Tower Zoning and Permitting

  • Lease your land to have a cell tower:

  • Got stuck with your lease and trying to get out of it?

There are companies out there for that.

acquisition, development and management of real estate and infrastructure:

cell tower lease buyout:


Killing Off Indians and Truckers?


It dawned upon us that we had driven by “For Sale” signs in the desert, where two completely barren and useless acres were advertised for $60k. Apparently, the only way to profit from such pieces of land can come from leasing it out to companies that install cell towers on the premises. Not surprisingly, these signs were next to Native American reservations… Are they already considered “useless eaters”? Well, there was also a huge tower right next to a truck rest area; truckers are meant to become obsolete soon, anyway, right?


We couldn’t drive fast on long stretches on a Sunday, because the road was full of trucks. To me, these drivers are heroes. Without them, America would cease to function. Okay, that is in the works.



To make a long story short, people are being used for killing people, including themselves, for money.


If you read the articles in the links above, you will find that people are approached by providers and are given offers that are hard to turn down. Some are selling themselves cheap and others think they are hitting the jackpot. Are they?

  1. They enter legally-binding contracts that they cannot cancel for a minimum of five years (or more, but that depends on the contract);
  2. If they live in the area, they soon experience health problems, but the contract remains valid and their property value, along with that of their neighbors’, along with their life expectancy, along with that of their neighbors’, suffer irreversible losses;
  3. Providers tend not to start up the “service” in the first 30 days, when the contract could still be canceled after health impacts are experienced, because health impacts are guaranteed;
  4. If the landowners don’t live in the area and are only leasing out the land, their neighbors are still harmed.




You can always trust human greed, even if the person’s life depends on it.


That’s not the end of the story


Here are more details that have been available for quite some time, but ignored most of the time:

The rabbit hole goes so deep that even conjecturing becomes nearly impossible:


*In the last 6-8 months, I have received similar accounts from friends and family from all over the country.

**This is what we found out about Holbrook:

In short, the coverage is poor. I can only imagine what it feels like in big cities.

From Ray Horvath, “The Source” 🙂

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