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  1. meant to say "Strings" of our 2 string design and build per current DNA Make Up. per double helix DNA strand of our construct.

  2. Question missed:? What was the origin of "Sex" at Birth, Can't totally remember Chromosome-X or actual chromosome #27/28? is the deciding unit re-building block of Male or Female, as too similar of binary code 1 or 0, chromosome turned On or Off, the Symbols defining such. But a curious question of info dots connecting. As too age and progression, influence as 1st video indicated "Talking too other trans {bad choice}…? " the 2nd identified as "Training" Training for what to become influenced to consider Trans {also bad choice}.
    Other Stress factors 'un-guided', aided by parents, society, now its school influence enforcing this harshness upon youngest decision in current times be left alone at personal issue concerns at age.
    An immediate thought would be why would such Conduct be. ?? Sick and sad. Splash mixed paint on a white wall and its messed up. As per other dot in embryo and gestation stages. Some science has shown "Segment of Tail growth part onto spine development. Dissolves as gestation matures to the full spinal development. So in another state of "Human" design is? based on 12-Strand "Reptilian" DNA, with 2 strand making up the Genetic function Double Helix DNA 1 of 12 strand we operate on, in of this environment. Similar apparently "Frogs" via environment status – less of sex to keep progress procreation, "Can" Also alter itself at age to "Change sex" to fill in the gap for.! "the Jurasic Park nature finds a way!". Which could also be as misunderstood let alone "maybe" Deliberate 'tampering' with a human new born taken from Birthing Mother, an Iced/gelatin/syrup gum smear, tampering needle of dissolving amino content could be an external application unbeknown to Parent(s). affecting said chromosome to age development waiver?, Thus at age of maturity to about and around – pre Puberty of some possibly both. Could be instead of that 51:49 its known to be carry on to development holding choice be un-altered. Affected maybe too in along the gestation stages of (tampering medicines) would possibly alter these chromsome/genes to waiver as another possibility. Setting the deliberate stage for one suffering under such tampering of self. All causing the 49:51 choice of Physical Identity. Another thought is when the soul enters the new born in womb Timings is another theory. {deliberately tampered to cause this decision deliberate to affecting gestation result}.
    Trans is simply the method to convert sex/change feeling of Absolute Confusion, re. instability ID! to a physical state change, sure medical science produced the method. "Why for what then as for now Times! give or take 50yrs of more!?. to such high numbers of "condition".

    Its real as all these "ones state self conviction" of acceptance and possibly higher influenced by condition. Yet this one Chap pronouncing this author issue is, all by right in concern for the higher death rates "Sky high in suicide". sounds same as some relating to get the inoculation and sorry for after wards.
    All as too conditions set met and after thought could lead one to also waiver in stable decisions to conditions changed from too once again either completing the circle of life Constructs.

    As by original design God given methods for such, Preserving the DNA intact as it was designed for. Such tampering is can be a statement of – Darkened Tampering for a state of result. Creating the Abomination as it was "Once" factored ages ago. With the new Trends of acceptance being also altered to also influence greater ease to accepting a thing that could also have been prevented. Don't mess with GODs Designs plans methods or feature. Better parenting better choice to parenting and better principles in youth guidance counseling and keeping busy!, Strength of Character, to altered such. Being the words of again, tampering Influence.
    Simply share of dots, express a learned details over time, as to another condition consideration and ground covering an issue presented when it was to whom may have started such within the sages of time mankind and will or lacking to follow Gods Rules. so very long ago! Possibly some Points/Dots outside the box example.


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