Planned Chaos has a new installment that’s coming out on Monday, June 5. Over 6 articles in this series I will give some occult information about AI and what a serious threat it is if it continues to be embraced by people. Though I believe in the power of humanity to defeat AI, unless others are aware of the threats and origins and beliefs of elites, then we can go down a harmful path unnecessarily while endangering a great many people.

The series reveals:

  • Origins of AI back to Atlantian times
  • Elite occult beliefs in a demonic AI god
  • The AI parasitic rift in our universe
  • Black goo might be AI in material form manifest
  • Elon Musk is no hero – his family origins
  • AI prophets are our new authority – the Technocrats
  • Transhumanism influences from the 1920s
  • How the movie Metropolis is the Technocrats wet dream
  • Social Control is the Silent War’s objective
  • AI systems that had been in place over our reality
  • Kim Goguen’s reported list of 19 AI programs that have recently been neutralized
  • The Rockefeller Plan started WWIII in 1954 at Harvard via Bildebergs
  • How are the Rules for Radicals applied to the silent war?
  • How we defeat AI
  • How AI was seeded with cell phone dependency – a message from Cobra
  • The spiritual vs. the material
  • How AI is weaponized

The six original articles that appeared on will be presented in 2 articles each day of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday beginning June 5.

You will get a lot out of the series. There’s lots of deep links and revelations in the whole series. Please share the series.

We are at a crossroads where we need to become aware of the threat of AI and determine as an informed society how we want to coexist with AI. Other civilizations have been at this juncture before. Because we’re nearing the end of the old ways and the beginning of new ones, the losing dark forces are throwing out all their weapons to keep control of the society. AI is one of their last weapons.

The release of so much AI leads down a slippery slope. And it can force us to face our larger place in the universe among other societies. We are at that moment of crossover. Not all are ready, but will have to come along quickly.

We know that you can muster the strength to get through this battle. The series gives insights as to how we can come together and nulify the threat.

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