Why is our planetary history steeped in mythology of Dragons? Does the metaphor have anything to say about the energetic dynamics of the Earth and how might it speak into the 5D Shift right now? Most importantly, how might a particular kind of Dragon energy support your evolutionary Ascension? That’s what Openhand encountered working with the Red and the White Dragon mythology of ancient Wales in the British Isles. Come explore the magical and mystical…

Dragon Energy Speaking into our Shift

The British Isles are steeped in mythology from Merlin to Arthur, demons to dragons. Recently on our annual DIVINICUS retreat, where we’re working with people to activate their Merkabah for 5D Ascension, the synchronicity of the Red Dragon of Wales spoke very strongly, and especially, some kind of reunification of the Red and the White Dragon. In Welsh folklore, there’s often a combative dynamic between them. But what if there is a metaphysical truth that speaks into the Shift right now?

In the beginning, on our DIVINICUS retreat, it seemed like just another wonderful collection of synchronicities that stir the soul – dragon figures here and there, dragons in the sky, dragon teeth appearing abundantly in surrounding rocks. But when our Sweat Lodge was completed and I was clearing up, afterward, the very last rock I took from the lodge fired in my consciousness – it looked just like a red Dragon’s egg! It was one of those “aha” moments that you just can’t ignore. It definitely wanted to be explored.

On a previous DIVINICUS retreat, I’d been drawn up to a huge volcanic crater in the vicinity of Mount Snowden, where I was very much shown a dissonant dynamic between Red and White stones, which clearly spoke into the dragon mythology. However, the pieces of the puzzle weren’t yet ready to land. Then I heard of a volcanic plug in the area, an ancient site called Dinas Emrys, way below the crater. Although known as a benevolent Merlin site, it was clear it has also been used for blocking Dark ceremony, that I could feel was constraining the free flow of energies from the crater. Upon further exploration on the astral planes, it had been used to harness ancient primal energies for malevolent purposes.

In recent times, much energetic clearing work has been done there by Eric, the creator of our retreat centre, so it seemed the perfect place to take the Red Dragon egg from the Lodge and conduct ceremony there. Could we help unleash some energies to support the wider shift?

Unhinging the Earth’s Crust in the Pole Shift

As I journeyed there with Openhand’s community connector, Tilly Bud, I was receiving much telepathic communication about the real meaning of the Red and the White Dragon mythology and why the dissonance? In fact, the Red Dragon metaphor was speaking into a red termodynamic layer connecting the earth’s crust to the mantle, and the White Dragon referring to the plane of mind.

What I was getting was that the Annunaki intervention of the planet has used megalithic structures, such as the pyramids to slow the Toroidal rotation a degree or two. They used it as a means to extract so called “free energy”, but it was clear it had another purpose too: to reduce the impact of the 12,000-year cycle of magnetic excursions in the regular Pole Shift cycle…

As Einstein and others realised, where the crust unhinges from the mantel during a pole shift, you get global devastation of life. It seems like the Annunaki had discovered a way of mitigating this effect, which is why the devastation of Atlantis was not complete, not absolute. Their intervention of life on earth quickly spawned once more, until we have the present day, where almost total control through omnipresent EMF technology is blocking the movement of primal, natural, earth energies in the Shift once more.

Check out this video which explains the crust unhinging mechanism discovered by Einstein

Grand Galactic Convergence

The Earth wants to move with the Grand Galactic Convergence to restore her natural Flower of Life, her Torus. She wants to cleanse the 3D and move into 5D consciousness. She wants to unhinge the machinations of the cancerous intervention here. But my feeling is that despite the tremendous work being conducted by energy workers around the planet, she’s currently being blocked from that.

For example, by the degree of pole shift diminishment of the magnetic field, you’d have expected more of the volcanoes to have triggered more powerfully by now.

What would it take then to unleash the power of the Red Dragon? Thereby to detach the earth’s crust in the upcoming Event, and generate a complete cleansing – a complete realigning, ascending mechanism?

Up at Dynas Emrys Tilly and I found the perfect location to release the Red Dragon in symbolic ceremony – a granite stone that looked just like a huge pelvic bone…

I broke the “egg” there, speaking into the heart of Gaia and the Red Dragon energy. Upon which I was clearly informed that the Red Dragon would rise once more, that Draconian energies here on the planet were steadily helping restore the Torus, as mirrored into the steadily increasing earth spin.

Hence, no matter what the machinations of the shadow, they’ll not be able to prevent the great purification of the earth in the upcoming Grand Galactic Convergence. It will be absolute. The intervention will be swept from the earth. Harmony and balance will be restored once more, but this time, in 5D, 6D and 7D.

What about the White Dragon – where does this fit into the story?

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Cleansing the Plane of Mind

It became abundantly clear through the Sweat Lodge ceremony that we were encountering a blocking intervention on the plane of mind – the plane of air, the plane of the White Dragon. Namely, Tall Whites were creating a derailing, doubting, blocking energy that we were having to work hard with. It prevents people from being embodied and also from expanding into higher 5D planes. The heat of the lodge helped confront the mental tethering of this energy and to break it open. The power of primal Red Dragon energy was helping us do this. The effect was absolutely amazing – totally liberational.

Clearly, the dynamic speaks into a highly important process for everyone in the Shift right now. The intervention is misdirecting human consciousness onto the plane of mind through distraction and derailment – through AI-manipulating programs and social media for example. It prevents the soul from integrating with the natural Toroidal flow.

We must apply, for example, primal Red Dragon energy in the physical to instigate rising kundalini from the base chakra. We must set the Red Dragon free to break open the plane of the intellect and blend one into the other. Wow, what a synchronicity, what a possibility!

Red Dragon Cleansing the Plane of Intellect

I’ll be exploring in follow-up the work each of us can be doing to break the controlling hegemony of the distorting Tall White intervention – the synthetics from Orion that had been created by the Annunaki to enact total control here. They will fail. The natural Torus of the Earth will be reinstigated. That spoke so clearly during this invigorating waterfall dip after our ceremony. It wasn’t until I saw the photo that I spotted the resurgent Red Dragon on the wall behind me…

Have no fear, have no doubt: the Red Dragon is rising once more. And on my way back from Wales on the empty roads at dawn, as I swept through the valleys in my silver dragon, the white mists of dragon’s breath were cleansing the mind with a sense of freedom and clarity. It was abundantly clear:

Red Dragon is rising once more. It will burst through the plane of water and sweep onto the plane of the intellect to completely cleanse it. I’m simply bowled over by the hidden truth within our ancient mythologies!

If you’re intrigued by my article and fascinated to work with the realignment of ancient energies on the planet to support the 5D shift, then get involved with the ground-breaking evolutionary work of Openhand…

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Bright Blessings

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