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Citizens in **MANY** areas of the U.S.A. are startled that tanks, troops, assault aircraft are BEING DEPLOYED on the streets throughout the U.S.A. today, Saturday, June 17.  Video below shows tanks on the highways of Idaho, Osprey Helicopters dropping Marines in California residential neighborhoods, and trainloads of military armor moving in Montreal, Quebec, CANADA.

We begin in Larksper, California where United States Marine Corps OSPREY aircraft are dropping troops into residential neighborhoods:

Larskper, CA is shown on the scalable map below, and gives the military direct control over the 101 Highway into/out-of San Francisco via Golden Gate Bridge, as well as the I-580 Highway:

Next, we received video from people living in Idaho, showing a group of M1A1 Abrams battle tanks, operating on the roads of Idaho Falls, ID.  NOT on flatbed trailers being moved, but instead actually operating ON THE PUBLIC ROADS:

Idaho Falls is shown on the scalable map below.   Idaho Falls puts the military in direct control of the I-15 Highway which is the main route for much of the northwestern USA:


Lastly (for now) we show video of a train full of military armor and other equipment, has moved into Montreal, Quebec, CANADA and stopped for unloading.

Why is Canada putting military hardware into one of its largest cities on a Saturday?

I have spoken to several military sources who tell me “this is not a drill.  Drills get advertised, these were not advertised.  This is war prep.”

Here.  In North America?

Something wicked this way comes.

Hope you have emergency food, water, medicine, generator for electric, fuel for that generator, communications gear like CB or HAM Radio.   Also, have some cash money from an ATM because if the SHTF, credit/debit cards may not work, ATM’s may be down, and without cash, you will be S.O.L. if you need food or fuel until this blows-over.

More if I get it.


More info is coming in.   Below, an image of part of a military convoy on the Freeway in Los Angeles:

I’ve been informed of buses being shuttled around with military escorts and black SUV caravans. Use your camera and make sure we all see it.

via Counter Analysis

Check it:

It will be very telling as to what extent the military is rolled out into civilian areas, and which areas are being guarded. True widespread deployment would seem like definite preparation for an imminent major event. Possibilities include: Bank holiday, nuclear war, coup or counter coup, incoming cosmic impact, etc…

A minor rollout may be a gentle way to break normalcy bias to prepare the populace for anticipated major upheavals to way of life.

For a military rollout like this, many people are in the know, and possibly many others lied to about the real intent. There may even be an event like a bank holiday to give a decoy reason, even while the true reason is concealed from all but the highest military ranks and cog people.

It will be interesting to see if the msm covers this and how they spin it. I wonder if the rollout is specifically conducted in a way to cut off major transport hubs to avoid evacuations. I’m certainly asking myself how the govt would prep for a certain nuclear war.

I’m guessing they would prefer that people just die in the affected areas rather than have mass migration. At the very least, someone is tipping us off by this rollout.

The purpose remains to be seen, but whatever it is must be very close if they would rather keep it a secret. A minor rollout that stays minor, may be more psychological to keep the populace sober and calm during a currency reset or mass high profile arrests at the highest levels of govt.

A truly serious situation will see the internet taken down to preserve a narrative and obfuscate what is truly happening.


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