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More confirmations of light and breakdown of false negative timelines

Last weekend, I got caught up on some information from Lisa Renee. Lisa has been very active a long time in the community. She runs ES – Energetic Synthesis, and was chief in creating the Ascension Glossary. The Ascension Glossary is a treasure trove of searchable esoteric and ascension topics about alternative histories and the occult nature of our reality. It’s likely one of the best reference guides for those who are on the path of ascending.

Having a few friends that steep themselves in her knowledge, she goes very deep on a lot of subjects. You would learn quite a bit by diving down that rabbit hole.

As my experience working with hundreds of people on the path through the Council seat I have at Prepare for Change, there’s a few generalities of the people who find themselves on the path of awakening. The biggest couple are, everyone comes to the path through a different catalyst, every person has their own perceptions and learning, this often leads to different viewpoints, and ultimately, people gather what they need and go on their own direction ­– overwhelmingly to help in the fight of planetary ascension and human liberation.

This prevailing result is, once you see a big enough part of reality, you don’t typically go back. Some, don’t want to admit reality as they are comfortable in pain and trauma, but give people enough time, and they will pick up the seeds and do their own work. This is the “let go and let God” premise.

As I was working on the earlier release this week on the UFO, UAP, and ET revelations that I expect to come from the US Congressional hearings, I have to keep that mantra in mind: we can only give the message, not force anyone to accept it.

Lisa’s messages serve as confirmations and useful for a few questions

There’s been these nagging questions I’ve had in this pursuit of information. You may know that I’ve been active in this area for nearly a decade. I joined the PFC Council in 2016, was doing lots of work prior since 2014 and began really preparing around 2011 as the 2012 “end of the Mayan calendar” prophecies expanded my questioning. I had never been that interested in UFOs and still aren’t, nearly as much as I’d had early experiences, and just knew they were real – but my curiosity was in who or what was in the UFOs. Then I had experiences with some royal refugees, state department types, and agency people on a personal basis, so my interests when I was young were in the social control, governmental, and elite functions. How did the fabric of society get woven together?

So, with about a decade of real intense pursuit, we find ourselves in revelations and really confusing times. This is likely the dark night of the soul for society, don’t you think?

Though we’ve done great work and learned much, there’s always someone who knows more than you. And the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know shit! So, I put claims into camps. And I connect the dots between the methods, the means, the motivations. As with the UFO hearings, I staunchly believe that they are a calculated limited hangout intended to set up a major false flag fear event that would drive people to run to governments to protect them while relinquishing their rights.

You can dig into my takeaways if you haven’t already by watching this :30 minute video:

But, I also believe that the risk is that the defeated dark forces are using this as the last gasp against the tide that is washing them out of power/existence.

With enough people accepting the existence of extraterrestrials, the psyche or collective consciousness is high enough that we largely can accept that we’re not alone. And through quantum manifestation, the small number of people on the planet constitute enough of a critical mass, to affect the consciousness of the whole. We’ve never been more conscious, and natural events are creating this upswell of awareness.

So, the UFO card that’s being played will likely not have the affect that’s hoped for, and if anything, it puts a big target on those who are trying to pull off the fake alien invasion. BTW, according to Ground Command, Kim Goguen, the invasion attempts were in full force over the past couple of weeks, as were attempts to create a large targeted terrorist strike in the US that would either achieve a response of, let’s go to war against (enter enemy here…likely candidates China, Russia, new Middle-East terrorist group) or, we need to defend ourselves against aliens!!!!!

The later being the message I expect to come out from all the mainstream media pundits from the hearings. Which is why I made my posts this week on the real story lines a credible journalist should cover when considering the UFO/ET topic. See the 20 topics I would be covering if I were a credible journalist here.

Top 20 Extraterrestrial Claims

JUL 24
Top 20 Extraterrestrial Claims

With the congressional hearings that are going to take place this Wednesday in the US on the UFO phenomena with 3 handpicked intel providers, the world should not ever go back to what it had been. Everything is changing. Call it the quickening, the end of the age, the Revelations, the Great Reset, Disclosure, or whatever…once we pass the bridge that we …


Read full story here:

OK, on to Lisa’s report

So, it would not be a surprise that I listed intel providers that have a much deeper bead on the topic than the 3 public presenters at last weeks hearing. Among the most insightful is Lisa Rene. She goes deep.

Along with her Ascension Glossary, she also inspires a community of very adept light workers called Energetic Synthesis. To synthesize energy is the goal I assume. To understand that everything is energy, frequency and vibration is the cornerstone of ascension thinking.

This report’s first half hour is really deep on the energetic structures of our higher planes, timelines, and perceived reality. What we don’t see in our universe is largely because of our lack of perception abilities. Those of us who are working on their perception abilites, are able to see beyond the veil. Lisa is waaaayyyy beyond the veil. And that’s a very good thing.

Lisa exudes positive energy that you don’t want to mess with.

Asked about Lisa, I can say that she is heart-centered and has high integrity. That’s my perception. I’ve encountered a good handful of people on this path that go to those areas. I’ve seen people adjust, and I’ve seen people get lost when diving deep into the esoteric. Going there myself, I was brutally attacked, though I’ve traversed the veil more than a few times and with very profound results. But we learn lessons from everything we do and I’m happy to say I’m satisfied with my higher planes teachings and activities, while I keep studying the new frontier.

So, you can listen to this report and take away from it something, I’m pretty sure. Even if you just listen to it, it will activate something in you. For me, it explained a couple things I’d been thinking about for a while.

People have good and bad in them

Recently, I got a gem from Cobra. He was asked about Elon, Trump, Biden and why aren’t they removed if they’re so bad. He said that there are good and bad aspects of them. They – others I assume – try to sort out if they can be of use in the liberation efforts. I would have to say that I resonate with that statement. Even if they are all actors, or even if the real Trump has really been hiding in Cheyenne Mountain as has been reported by some patriot’s threads. No doubt to me that right now, all those three are on the outs. I take the position that each is doing something that their handlers instruct them to do for their best possible outcome.

Let’s say that the Zionist handlers behind the Trump project want him to execute more operation warpspeed, or come into power again and fight China. Both options are good for them, and the Trump project rides the train to their own best possible outcome: King of North America. Or look at this from the Scottish Rite Masonic loyalites he as a 33rd has, if he goes along with the Zionist plan to finally go against them in the end – his Q psyop said Israel last – then maybe he comes in as a new savior and resets the world order. Either scenario works out for him. I’ll even go as far as to say that the Trump persona – actor or real guy – could run with RFK Jr. I’m pretty confident that this is an alternative plan perhaps by the generals who would like to complete the Plan, and go public with military martial law, Trump bucks, and Gitmo prophecies or predictive programming.

Here’s where this gets interesting.

I’m not saying I believe any of the above scenarios, but I’m only one person adding to the collective. The patriots believe this. That it may come into being might be a path that we’re on? I stay curious as to what develops, as anything is possible.  And I’m REALLY curious as to how the takedown or shift takes place!

As I mentioned in my extraterrestrial fantasy statement last week, I’m for pulling of the band aide and letting ETs reveal themselves. But, I understand the trauma that would cause for many. So, it might be a better path to have the Trump project go forward? I think it really depends on the stomach that the public has for the truth? Do people want to see frazzle drip footage? I don’t and have only seen stills. It’s traumatizing. How can we go forward on the best possible path?

My point in telling this story is that anything is possible. And that things that might be good, can be infiltrated and turn out bad. But then, can be purified, and turn out good again. These go back to some of the claims Lisa makes in the second half of her presentation.

The New Age and Ascended Masters infiltration. Lodges too.

We talked about “information” this week in one group I’m part of. We all separate ourselves from each other by our points of view. When I said I learned that people would get some information and then go out on their own, inevitably, I’ve seen 100’s of people accept information and then decide that the information went against their perspective. This is the dogmatic point of view.

Dogmas really don’t help our progress.

We also have cognitive dissonance when it comes to the esoteric and “out there” information we take in. We want change. We want it now. But we get divided when we’re in the actual war itself.

To achieve change, we all have to play a part. And we sometimes have to look at the darkness of things to see something for what it is. Then we can solve the thing.

I personally needed to do this for myself. I’ve met people who claim to be channeling Ascended Masters. Within the Council of PFC, we have the overwhelming agreement that we have to sequester channeled information. And we often discuss what information is being discussed from someone who’s channeling.

The issue is always that channeled information can be subject to false entities. In the higher planes, you can think you’re dealing with a genuine ascended master, to find out that you are dealing with an imposter spirit. Or often, not find out. It sucks. I’ve seen this the majority of the time in dozens of cases. There’s also cases of a person who wants to gain fame who welcomes in a demonic spirit.

Lisa talks about this in a very poignant way. The danger of dabbling in higher planes abilities is that they are real, and you really can use some of the abilities if you seek, you shall find. The problem is ego. When, say for example a successful minister who begins on the path of serving God finds that he’s being aided by higher planes beings, that he begins to see themselves as special or they begin to fall into ego and materialism. Such was the fate of Solomon it is said. I think you would find many late 80’s televangelists that fit this bill. We knew a person who kept their flock in check with a bull whip! Crazy stuff.

So, then, how can we trust these people?

It’s being reported that the matrix is being taken down. Lisa goes into this information in the extreme. Her ability to describe these planes is really detailed and consistent over years. That she has kept integrity over the years is a testament to her grounding. By their deeds you shall know them, right?

She further reports that the work of Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophists was noble but was quickly co-opted. She also speaks of the Ascended Masters who Blavatsky worked with – Morya, and Kuthumi. I didn’t hear Rene speak of St. Germaine, but she does mention the Melchizedek’s bloodline and those of Essenes and certain Tibetan Monks. Her report is that these lines were here to keep light and that they were infiltrated but are being cleared now.

Between her report and the recent one’s of Kim – who also mentions that certain Teachers and keepers of knowledge have declared that light has won – they somewhat both allude to the clearing of darkness of those lines.

This lead to my enlightenment:

Information can be a great thing in the hands of those who would do something with it. I’ve researched Ascended Masters a lot and been told I was dealing with some. Their teachings are really insightful, but I had shied away from over emphasizing them, as I had wondered if the spirit of their teachings had been corrupted. I’ll remain neutral for now, but hopeful, that these schools of thought can be studied and utilized in our ascension and growth process.

I’d love nothing more than they be positives. Unfortunately, the cynic in me has seen positive institutions, mystery schools, and the whole New Age movement corrupted by infiltration. So, we’ll have to see. But, at least hearing of a positive development from a source like Lisa, is a good start.

As with US politics and the state of the world, there is always the possibility of a brilliantly positive outcome. And if we’re all putting out informed consciousness, we’ll get there in some remarkable and unexpected ways. Let’s just get there!


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