by David Lindfield,

A Canadian man is outraged after being forced to abandon his expensive electric truck during a family road trip.

Dalbir Bala, who lives in the Winnipeg area, is calling electric vehicles (EVs) the “biggest scam of modern times” after his frustrating experience with his Ford truck.

Bala bought a Ford F150 Lightning EV in January for $115,000, plus tax.

He told Fox Business he needed the vehicle for his work.

However, he also wanted a vehicle that would be suitable for recreational activities such as driving to his cabin or going fishing.

Bala admits that he was drawn to EVs as thought that owning an environmentally friendly vehicle is “responsible citizenship these days.”

But Bala was quickly hit with the reality of owning and operating an EV soon after the purchase.

The vehicle compelled him to install two chargers – one at work and one at home – for $10,000.

To accommodate the charger, he had to upgrade his home’s electric panel for $6,000.

In all, Bala spent more than $130,000 – plus tax.

Not long after the purchase, Bala got into a minor accident which, he said, required “light assembly” on the front bumper.

Bala took the vehicle to the body shop and did not get it back for six months.

He said no one from Ford answered his email or phone calls for help.

The limitations of the EV truck became even more apparent when Bala embarked on a 1,400-mile road trip to Chicago, which quickly turned to chaos.

Fast charging stations – which only charge EV’s up to 90% – cost more than gas for the same mileage.

On the family’s first stop in Fargo, North Dakota, it took two hours and $56 to charge his vehicle from 10% to 90%.

The charge was good for another 215 miles.

On the second stop, in Albertville, Minnesota, the free charger was faulty and the phone number on the charging station was of no help, he said.

The family drove to another charging station in Elk River, Minnesota, but the charger was faulty there as well.

“This sheer helplessness was mind-boggling,” Bala wrote in an online post.

“My kids and wife were really worried and stressed at this point.”

There were no other fast charging stations within range of Elk River and his vehicle only had 12 miles left.

“By now it was late afternoon,” Bala recalled.

“We were really stuck, hungry, and heartbroken.”

Bala ultimately had the vehicle towed to a Ford dealership in Elk River and rented a regular gas vehicle to complete the family’s trip to Chicago.

The family picked up the F150 on their way back to Winnipeg.

“It was in [the] shop for 6 months,” Bala said.

“I can’t take it to my lake cabin.

“I cannot take it for off-grid camping.

“I cannot even take it for a road trip,” Bala wrote.

“I can only drive it in the city – biggest scam of modern times.”

Bala told Fox Business he believes the government needs to do more to “provide consumers with the right information.”

“People have to make the right choices,” he said.

“I want to tell everybody to read my story.

“Do your research before even thinking about it and make a wiser choice.

“The actual thing they promised is not even close.

“Not even 50%,” he asserted.

“And once you buy it, you’re stuck with it and you have to carry huge losses to get rid of that.

“And nobody is there to help you.”



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  1. 1 of the more to many SCAMS as to one might think let to learn to know. Not hard to actually finger this one out!.
    #1: Automotive industrial complex: Most Large Scams of them all.
    -1st off: new Purchase by most insurance. Car depreciation of close to 25% 1st being handed the keys on purchase and driving the car 45-150 ft from the Dealers Garage Door and hitting the Dealership curb to 1st drive it on Kings Roads. Wow paid $120,000 for truck – now its worth $89k as you hit the curb. (reality you just gave up freely $25-35 grand of hard earned to the scam of all scams.)
    -2nd off: worst news of the gained lie: – 25-50% increase in new and "used" cars since plandumbic "what on earth -ripOff- instant price-fixation"
    -3rd : older source of function "Auto Blackbook" and not sure if still is. "Lemon-Book" regardless they where insurance and resale common books to base all trade transfer and resale purchase reference of value by.
    What is this hunk of plastic and metal really worth?. Cart-Blanc pretty much status-quo. "What happened to the Real value in truths per"
    -4th: err ah EV's Great concept proof over years since 1st few on the road. You hear about Tesla all the time . Could unconditional battery ignition burn your rig at any unknown time of purchase to the "then to now instant Flash-Point to barbecue a Tesla!" – would not wish to own one in that unknown statement of issue. Shame to see the many occur as too to such a short ownership endings. ( why on earth does not the trunk compartment of each tesla come with pokers and free bag of marsh-mellows and wiener pkgs to celebrate such occassion on the road-side. Awaiting tow truck drive me home for another $250.
    Ops sorry EV owners could these cars really be the stake of km-mafia plans to incorporate the "we don't fix it -scrap it and purchase again" society like standards. "disposable society" Dirty tricks! Consider the ownership of $85k upwards into the $100,000 (100k)-plus value only to after 14months have to pay another $35k to just replace the now dead lithium battery packs. (remember now they have 5yr olds digging cobalt and cadmium to refresh your new battery pack). Shame to torch kids in line of duty.
    – Would not the thought to consider now or to regain that – made in, purchased in, live and driven in, – the all same country origin as it or a vehicle once considered as – own it for X-years! beyond 30 second or 30day warranties. ie: ford mustang chevy camero – some of these oldies are like a good war plane that can keep up the Rev's and purr like a good ol' Made in America, Made in Canada like older days some few still can honk at and still out live newer more plastic parts bumpers etc do not compare to these older built automobiles. Even some odd Model-T's are still historically driven around neighborhoods. Nice to keep and sharing these old beauties for those road side Wow's look at that!.
    Sorry to see/read such a value of cost to this vehicle being and costing such a person big to get so very little out of such. 6months in the shop. Bet much was replaced without him to notice and more set to cause the experienced reduction limits of such demise to operation.
    Oh yes missed one.
    -5th: =possibly the most grand of issues around this type of industry. Dealership sabotage as too, Take your car in for regular maintenance. Only to get the keys back after paying X-Large $$ on such repair work. Only to discover within the ride home or few odd day later as to – WHAT on Earth! A whole new issue that just popped up. Response take the car back and have Xyz issue now fixed, at what additional cost to the owner consumer of said Auto device. Where by the dirty shop tricks are place some e-tape on the positive side of a bulb or connection point, or pull one pin on an electrical harness to partially make contact where the key of pin is not in the locked in position. Now causing an intermittent problem, same goes for alittle paper tape over a vacuum hose etc.
    Hence its seen few days later. Take it 'back' in, the Crapper mech'c that performed such ditty simply pops the pin back in removes the e-tape and keep the car in 5hrs more and have the service desk complain. oh this was a faulty component where by the consumer once again pays for a Full newCost of this component whereby the shop replaces a perfect component with a Rebuild/Refurbished component places your good part on their inventory shelf. Yet another clamor to the pocket book and consciousness. Again as you scream .murder to cost and value Ripped Off once again. And you are ! almost every time.

    Sucker at every customer entrance to said dealership(s). Be wary complain lots ask for your parts back – ask for outside help before taking in – search internet – then search other groups that might have lots of lemon song listings per all the same likes and finds caused by. The main auto – industrial rip off complex. Mr Transmission liked to do this – lose belt or filter and they charge for a full transmission rebuild cost where by its a 15 min fix or less. 10 cent or $1500.00 later. That is the secret to more ripped off one might experience.

    Wait before following "ah honey look the Jones just got a nice White Car" We should too. Dumb and not so good idea. Wait then, pester the neighbors.. So "mr Bobby" How do you like ….. Hows the service… Wait for it.

    Bets in all much becomes similar in story where by too also less aware may be also missing the point of the more fine details to ownership. Check with lemon/black book and reports of groups and blogs for same idea of a new car to really learn to consider. You might discover such an item is not up to par.
    Check the call backs. So many now are in that regime of faulty components. Appliance industry is the possible next scammed additional to such process as with so many other day by day products made with a Porche body an a dinky toy engine inside. Road side testing per Car and auto reviews. This is a new change only mentioned on the 15 second news report. Cars and values per testing are on the Bench by example and postings for all new vehicles: X-Car can get 6.1litre per 100 km of travel. Real Rubber to Road results shows more like 9.6ltr per 100km. This too has been adjusted but is it really now reported correctly.
    Why did this chap have a super E-Truck now only set to drive within city limits after all his sufferings. Was he ki-boshed by all that is within this Reply .. Guess something might be in line per parts replaced and owner unknown to such dirty shop tricks. Again too why did the Automotive company not support him 'at all! ?? ' this is getting more common by so many, heard stories even of surbaru doing all the same. Purchase a lemon and no support no return no nothing response. Toyota went thru many brake issues and other parts. As does many other N/A manufactured actual show room product. European manufactures do no suffer the same calamity in their industry all the similar.

    ps: GM knew long before as did both US/Cda MOT knowingly! ' a $1.29 spring ' on the key mechanism caused well over 500+ deaths by additional weight of ownership keys being added to the auto key and hit a bump additional key weight on this spring ejected the movement turning off the engine. most deaths occurred in hwy conditions where Speed is in of excess 90km/hr. Steering lock cuts in and car is now an uncontrollable rocket projectile.
    Yet to cover it up both USA and CDA suffered death casualties and paid somewhat value to compensate. Once mutually decided "Ah think we killed enough yet?"
    No Value can compensate loss of family, let alone just one life caused by cheap faulty components. And yet we the people suffer at a poor excuse to cover up such "LIES" and mis-adventure. Do your homework.

    ask too why did resale cars also almost double in value after price fixation also thrusted upon the lands. heap of metal might get another 5yrs easy to road service. Depending on resale integrity. FYI Simple be aware. Consider a face to face with your insurance and do your diligence in pestering questions. His response should share fair bit of meat to learn by and make an appropriate decision on next purchase. They may share and pony up lots by experience in the industry.

    kill off one last point. Read this of a IT contractor, just purchased a VW product one state. Contracted for 6+ months in Germany. Decided to "rent" all the similar model car whilst time in duration of contract duty. Found this car obtained 35% more gas efficiency, same engine all etc. On time off went to explore and find out why. As in now odd lie of its hidden truth. All cars imported to N/A are deliberately set to consume all the greater of percent gas to mileage ratios than all cars in the hosted country of manufacture origin. Let that one sink in.
    Quite the quagmire of issue.


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