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  1. Not very clear for even the lay-mans terms of a thing to build. Rough concept yes for sure.
    This is an experiment using EMF for the max consider only 30 or 40 min treatment at a time 2 or 3x a day might reach benefits.
    Each one of us are more exposed to more lethal forms of EMF than we care to understand, This is simply a device where by one will part of body 1-2 feet best, submerse into an EMF Field submersed into a variable acid wash brine of solution. Brilliant by its simplicity and make up let alone result to use.
    Having various wire size pig-tailed together both ends of same wound wiring inlay not necessary.
    Kirchoff would be proud to see theory to application. This is simply going to scramble the all nanoTech in the body, mostly the fascia and draw out the now brain scrambled programmed nano particles thru the breath of skin into solution.
    My own thought to description – 1 wire gauge is all that is needed (Larger the better).
    Having various wire gauge will only create its own EMF force by its wire size and may or may not enforce its strength to provide better response experiment at will.
    The body can only breath sweat out such by its own pours along with the various construction build by the nanotech in the blood and body skin layer. Greater tech not yet released, can and shall provide such as we may be enriched by its availability when ever?. (Med Beds).
    Until then this will provide one with a "Starter" program in the privacy of ones home to execute and aid damage/reverse affect "some" the intent to what such tech was inoculate/injected by the psi-trickery of its program. Towards its purpose to harm an murder death KILL you!. Best to have just said "NO" sad we all are vulnerable in unknown ways by the blackmail used.
    2 or 3 gal's of "White-Vinegar" could possibly be reduced to 1 full gal and 1 full gal of water 3/4 cup of "any Salt" would work "Epsom Salts might be much more easy of use.

    Again Experimentation such one might consider simple build as in such. Higher concentrations of the 2-4 gal of vinegar will still keep the budget to consumer base fairly low. (the body actually might respond 1st to a little and gradually increase acid content, choice and experimentation to feeling result.) The 1 treatment be okay, I'd not consider using same Brine solution each time, suggest highly replace each treatment makeup.
    We don't know how such clever nanotech is by this product. Spooky2 anyone with the Contact and blood cleanse would perform similar by its pattern exposures. Far IR sauna treatments can help. Wet Stone hot sauna treatments also very good to cleanse the skin fascia. "High Training Exercise "DO NOT USE THIS METHOD TO SWEAT OUT – THIS LEADS DIRECT TO THE MYCARDITIS HEART KILL"
    ( Myth brothers did an experiment with Music, Good o'l Geizer music 'LOUD' could help as a side catalyst. ) not sure if some of the other elder may hold value to such, less it cause a good foot action beat – be a good accomplice for the time sitting.
    Or simply scream in bursts " Get Out of my Body " be a hymn to order. As loud you care express. Neighbors might protest.
    ps: does not matter to wrap 2sided tape around the container as long as you take wire and wrap it top of pale leave 12 to 18 inch start wrap, wrap around 4 or 5times neatly fair tight and spot tape with next wind overlap the tape tail, tight and do another 6 or 8 wraps tape and continue, finish wrapping wire all the way around creating a coil in wire wrap around the bucket.
    EMF will still create its field-force. This should keep it "more neat" Ending with another 12-18inches of excess wire. these 2 ends are your battery pos/neg or 5 or 12volt DC power supply Connections. (those electronics and or have variable PowerSupplies. 5-24 volt will vary the EMF Field which could be more the better "Use" instead of many other coil sizes as this chap shows by his other works. (again make absolute sure you are ONLY SOURCING DC VOLTAGE TYPE OF ENERGY FOR THIS).
    or you will learn All To Quickly to see your body dance at the toe touch to solution, its not grounded but you are.
    Have this make any sense to those to whom "Might" consider experimenting with such. DC batteries in series might be the safest 18650's etc. – to the bottom of page, solution 1-2 cups of DMSO ? unsure what that terminology relates too per the authors mind set at time of publish. details details. Least it shall keep the mind and body busy building such easy experiment. Results too may all vary. Suspect on might a tad "more Lighter in feeling if to notice!"


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