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Safe means tested in 50 people and nobody died and only 8% needed professional medical attention. Effective means there is NO evidence whatsoever of a clinical benefit. Got it?

Executive summary

The CDC now recommends updated Covid-19 vaccines for everyone 6 months and older. Here’s the CNN story on the CDC approval.

What is the evidence for safety and effectiveness?

  1. It was tested on 50 people and only 8% needed to see a doctor after the shot. And none of the 50 people died!
  2. There was no evidence whatsoever it had a clinically meaningful benefit for anyone.
  3. It wasn’t tested on anyone under 12, but was being recommended for 6 months and older. Only one CDC panel member had a problem with this. The rest of the ACIP committee members (outside committee of the CDC) didn’t seem to mind recommending it for people it was never tested on.

We now have clear evidence that the FDA simply ignores evidence which doesn’t support the narrative

Watch this video.

Basically, in a meeting with top FDA officials including Peter Marks that was secretly (but not illegally) recorded, the FDA experts admit that if the data doesn’t support their narrative (even if it is from a gold standard randomized controlled trial), they ignore it (listen starting at around the 4:00 minute mark).

And a huge failure of the VAERS system (a 7 year old dies shortly after the vax from cardiac arrest and there is no follow up) doesn’t shock the FDA officials. They said to send them an email about it.

Watch the video and read the entire thread


If you think that the CDC and FDA exist to protect you from unsafe medical products, you are very badly mistaken. The two examples provided in this very short article should make this very clear to anyone.

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  1. There are no safe vaccines. The CDC is a private company that owns vaccine patents. That tells you all you need to know. Why are listening to guidance from them anyway? Oh right, because the Globalist enabling media whores keep pushing the narrative. As far as the FDA, they along with all the other alphabet agencies need to be disbanded. The Big pharma whores at the FDA and the medical mafia are working humanity. The Globalists are the agents of the devil who comes to steal, kill and destroy and these agencies are doing everything to advance the globalist New World Order Madness genocidal agenda!


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