Does the media ever wonder why so few Americans want the new Covid booster shot? Or why so few Americans wanted the last booster shot?

I know why.

It’s because almost everyone (who isn’t blind, deaf or really dumb) knows someone who got the Covid jab and died soon thereafter.

There’s even a name for it. Look for it in the headlines. All over America people are “dying suddenly.”

And almost everyone knows someone who got the Covid jab…had no health problems in their life…but now after the vaccine, they’re very sick…

They’ve had a heart attack…or stroke…or blood clots…or sudden fast-moving Stage 4 cancer…or a terrible outbreak of shingles (ask Democrat US Senator Diane Feinstein about that)…or neurological diseases like Parkinson’s Disease (ask Democrat US Congresswoman Jennifer Wexman about that). Out of the blue. But always after being vaccinated.

Or here’s the really obvious thing everyone is seeing…someone they know was never a sickly person…but after getting the Covid jab they get sick nonstop…they get every flu bug that comes around. Their immune system no longer works.


It’s happening all around us.

I’ve watched and studied this story closely from day one.

I believe we are at a stage where society will have serious trouble functioning soon. There won’t be enough cops…or fireman…or paramedics…or nurses…or doctors…or pilots…or military…or prison guards…or employees of any kind…for society to function properly.

If you pay attention, the die-off we experienced after the Covid jab was introduced, is now accelerating at breakneck speed. The media won’t tell you. They’re bribed. They’re bought off. They’re in the bag. They took the money from Big Pharma to stay silent. They were bribed by our own government to stay quiet. They’ve been ordered by the FBI to change the news feed.

But the biggest conflict of all is that Big Pharma pays the bills and salaries of the media with their billion-dollar ad campaigns. Take that Big Pharma advertising money away and half the newsroom gets fired. Half the hosts and anchormen get fired.

And how many of the top media executives and hosts own stock in Big Pharma?

Nothing like this has ever happened in world history. The entire American media is bought off. The entire media is owned by Big Pharma.

Think of this in terms of World War II. Can you imagine if Hitler and Nazi Germany had bought off the U.S. media? If everyone in the media was paid for silence. And so, no one ever reported on the Holocaust. Imagine that.

This is exactly what’s happening right now. Millions around the world have died, or are dying directing from the side effects of the Covid vaccine…and tens of millions have been injured, crippled, or disabled by the Covid jab.


But the media won’t report on it. The media refuses to connect the dots.

So, tell me…as more and more Americans die…as more and more become disabled…who will do the work? Who will protect our society with not enough cops, fireman, or military? Who will treat all the sick and dying if there aren’t enough doctors, or nurses? How will we pay for all the disabled? For all the orphans?

It’s happening right now. But this massive die-off is happening in total silence. It’s a complete media blackout.


Do you doubt what I’m saying? I have a simple solution. We can end this debate in a couple of weeks. 

Liberals in blue states demanded vaccine passports for everyone. They wanted you to declare your vaccine status to walk into restaurants, bars, nightclubs, sports stadiums, gyms. They wanted to ask 24/7, “Are you vaccinated?”

So, why would these same Big Brother government bureaucrats and liberal vaccine addicts hesitate or object now…when I suggest a simple solution to this debate that involves asking the same question…


“Are you vaccinated?”

We must ask every single family of anyone who “died suddenly” in the past two and a half years (since January 2021 when the vaccine program started) if their dead loved one got the Covid jab. In other words…


“Was he or she vaccinated?”

And we must ask everyone who is sick now…immune compromised…or suffering from major illnesses like heart attacks, myocarditis, strokes, blood clots, turbo cancer, shingles, Parkinson’s, etc. the same simple question…


“Are you vaccinated?”

I’m 100% certain we’ll find a pattern. The overwhelming majority of everyone who is sick, or dying, or dead in the past two and a half years was vaccinated.

The overwhelming majority of specifically heart attack and stroke victims were vaccinated.

And the overwhelming majority of the unvaccinated in America are completely healthy. Not everyone. But most of them.

You will find a pattern. A pattern that’s startling and shocking. A “death cluster.”


That’s called “SCIENCE.”

When you find that pattern is true (which it is), it’s time to end the debate and immediately stop the Covid vaccines. The vaccinated are sick, dying, or dead. The unvaxxed are healthy. This is no coincidence. We just need to ask the simple question.

And then we must immediately suspend and cancel the vaccine program.

And start indicting and arresting the people who lied to us, made a fortune based on the lie, and then covered it up.

This is fraud, mass murder and crimes against humanity on a scale rarely seen in world history.

So, let’s start asking this simple question of everyone dead, dying, sick, or disabled. “Were they vaccinated? Are you vaccinated?”

It’s like a “reverse vaccine passport.” We can settle this debate in two weeks.

Or maybe…just maybe…Big Pharma, the medical establishment, mainstream media and liberal politicians don’t want to know the answer to this simple question.

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  1. I belive the next appropriate question would be, who is funding Big Pharma? Is it the W.H.O., CDC, WEF, UN, etc….

    Which agency is putting out changes that would allow them to take over in an emergency via their Pandemic Treaty? I shouldn't have said "which" but WHO. ; )

  2. Also once you get the jab your a venom producing factory for life. Spreading disease everywhere you go.

    “Pfizer-Biontech Covid Vaccine produces the toxic Spike protein in Human Body Even after 2 Years”

    Then there are hideously harmful repercussion even after you physically die. marking your energy feild for many incarnations.

    Corona Vax from Spiritual Perspective. Consequences on Soul & Spirit & the Life after Death – Thomas Mayer


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